Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Consumer Decision Making Process for Purchasing Property in Spain Essay

This study has investigated the decision process of consumers purchasing quality in Spain. The report focused on the underlying reasons for purchasing a property in Spain, the methods used by the purchaser to gather information and the boilers suit satisfaction with the purchase process. The intention of the report was to link current theories on consumer purchasing behaviour to the purchase of property abroad.The methodology used was deductive research using a survey approach. The questionnaire was analysed by a agent of Chi square and variable comparisons. The results were collected using a postal and an email questionnaire.The investigation revealed a clear link between the direct of satisfaction of the purchase process and the level of information and advice sought.The report conclude that the majority of respondents from the questionnaire purchased their property abroad as a holiday cornerstone and purchased from an estate agent.The gathering of information and the seeking of advice was prevalent among most respondents this was reflected in satisfaction levels and the overall purchase experience.The majority of consumers were overall, satisfied with their purchase. However, if given the chance to repeat the purchase, most stated they would change something about the process they followed. many stated they would not use a Spanish agent again due to experiencing communication problems. This area gives scope for future research in order to establish why communication weaknesses are present in the supply of Spanish properties to British citizens.

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