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My Personal Goals Essay -- essays research papers

As a child and even as a teenager one tends to make dreams and compulsive polishs for life. On occasion these endings are farther stretched and sometimes even fairy-tale like, we tend to see life through a rose-colored glass, not taking into account the many sidetracks life throws our way. At that fix up in life our goals tend to be less focused and somewhat unreachable. However, the process of growing up, or maturing, tends organized and center our goals, we learn to make compromises and set goals for our goals. There are different types of goals, short term and long term. I have well-read to separate the many goals I have into three main categories family, professional and personal.First, my family goals include how I see myself and how I see my family and the paths that life takes us. Being a mother and a wife to me has been the most important goal which I have set in the past, and now that the wonderful role of motherhood has taken me in full speed I have learned to adjus t my goals. The most important aspect of being a mother, and the long term that I have set for myself, is to be able to raise euphoric and healthy children that are able to face the world in a positive manner.In order to achieve my long term goal for my family I have set a few short term goals that I believe will help in the process. One of my short term goal as a mother is to be able to be a constant parent for my two sons, ages nineteen months and three months, especially in their graduation five years of life. So that I m...

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Giuseppe Garibaldi Essay -- essays research papers fc

Giuseppe GaribaldiThe Sword of Italian UnificationMy goal, which was, I believe, shared by most italians at that time, was to unite the country and rid it of foreign originators. Those who gave Italy her freedom would earn her peoples gratitude (Garibaldi, page 6). During the age of Italian unification, there were vulgar chord men who fought for her (Italys) freedom. Those men were Cavour the brains, Mazzini the soul, and Garibaldi the sword (Chastain). Giuseppe Garibaldi was born in Nice in 1807 (Garibaldi, page 173). He spent his life working towards not only Italian unification, but that of France and South America. He is considered by many to be the Hero of two worlds (Chastain). He spent most of his complex life on the chair from political zealots shake uping battles anywhere and everywhere volunteers supported his cause. His is a great leader in all aspects of the framework provided by Kouzes and Posner. With his deep passion for freedom, Garibaldi was a selfless man devo ted for the cause, who fought with his soldiers on the field, and met with kings in his spare time. His life is filled with much tragedy including illness and wounds, death, jail, exile, and much, much mutiny and betrayal. A decry of death was put on his life, but never carried out.The following paper presents a critical analysis of the leadership qualities of Giuseppe Garibaldi following the framework provided in The draw Challenge, by Kouzes and Posner. The outline for analysis is presented belowModel the wayFind your voice by clarifying your personal valuesSet the example by aligning actions with shared valuesInspire a shared visionEnvision the future by imagining exiting and ennobling possibilitiesEnlist others in a common vision by appealing to shared aspirationsChallenge the processSearch for opportunities by seeking innovating ways to change and grow, and improve.Experiment and take risk by constantly generating small wins and learning from mistakes.Enable other to actFoste r collaboration by promoting cooperative goals and building trust.Strengthen others by sharing power and discretion.Encourage the heart Recognize contribution by showing appreciation for individual excellence.Celebrate the values and victories by creating a spirit of community.Using the preceding(prenominal) analysis we will attempt to put in perspective the qualities of Giuseppe which make him an exemplar... ...ndations for the establishment of Italy as one, unified country. His values spoke out to hundreds of thousands, and his words rallied volunteers to fight towards a common goal, the unification of Italy. His selfless acts allowed the proper figures to replace him once battle was done, whereby creating the chain of events. His radical risk-taking caused many retreated battles, but showed his commitment to the main organizational value of Italy, unification. He was trusted in revered by many, and then hated for some. He was hated and feared from the foreign governments for h is evolutionism. They, his opponents, saw him as brat their resort place, and He saw Italy has having the potential for being a great european power. Giuseppe is an exemplary leader.BibliographyGaribaldi, Giuseppe. 2004 (1932). My life. London Hesperus Classics. Translated by Stephan Parkin, Foreword by Tim Parks.The History Place. Giuseppe Garibaldi Speech - Encouraging His Soldiers from http//, James. Encyclopedia of 1848 revolutions. Garibaldi, Giuseppe (1807-1882). 9/27/2004. From http//

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Comparing Weight Loss Diets and Energy Supply Essay -- Health Nutritio

Comparing Weight Loss Diets and Energy Supply Ironically, for a country where the majority of its cosmos is considered obese by its own standards, dieting is more popular than ever in the United States. With the heightened popularity of dieting in American culture, its no surprise that a plethora of commercially endorsed weight-loss diets exist, however the soundness of these diets vary. Despite the large amount of existing weight-loss diets, a substantial amount of popular diets emphasize any limiting the consumption of saturated fat or carbohydrates1 in order to lose weight. The effectiveness of a diet can be judged in its competency to encourage weight-loss and keep the weight offlongevity is a key issue. With respect to longevity, energy transformation from food to biological energy is significantly beta in how painless a diet can be. Lets face it, its not at all desirable (let alone comfortable) to pass away through the day with low blood sugar, havin g hunger. We humans are lazy creatures and have a low threshold for discomfort the easier it is to conform to the eating restrictions of a diet, the more likely that the diet will remain in use (given that the diet is effective). Low-fat weight-loss diets are superior to low-carbohydrate diets because they provide a sustained energy supplement in a manor thats flexible enough to adapt to almost any lifestyle. In comparing weight-loss diets, the matter is fairly complex so its important to take consideration of the components associated with a weight-loss diet. Glycemic reactions are a critical part in assessing a weight-loss diets efficiency and these response trends differ substantially between low-fat diets and low-... ...cally flawed because these diets deprive the body of the principal energy source that is used for even the most basic operations. Sure, low-carbohydrate diets are effective in weight-loss but so is anorexia. Just because low-carbohydrate diets are effective in the short-run, doesnt mean the diet is healthy. In terms of energy sustainability, low-fat and low-carbohydrate diets are very much opposites in nature. This difference has substantial significance in that it in imposingctly implies that consuming low-carbohydrate foods is a regimented diet and eating foods low in fat is a healthy lifestyle.1 Carbohydrates are a food group heavily present in grains they are the primary storage form of glucose.2 elaborate also stores biological energy but its primarily for reserve purposes and is only utilized during times of strenuous activity or in dire circumstances.

The Character of Jefferson in A Lesson Before Dying :: A Lesson Before Dying, Ernest J. Gaines

Jefferson, a black man condemned to die by the electric chair in the novel, A Lesson forrader Dying, by Ernest J. Gaines, is perhaps the fondest character in African-American literature. Jefferson is a courageous young black man that a jury of all white custody convicts of a murder he has not committed yet he however does not let this defeat destroy his personal character. Ernest Gaines portrays Jefferson this way to instance the fundamental belief that mankinds defeats do not necessarily lead to his destruction. The author uses such actions as Jefferson still enjoying away(p) comforts, showing kindness towards others, and trying to better himself before dying. These behaviors clearly show that although society may cast Jefferson out as a black murderer, he can still triumph somewhat knowing that he retains the qualities of a good human being.The first trait Jefferson demonstrates after his incarceration is the fact that he still enjoys the outside comforts of small thi ngs such as a radio and journal. The fact that Jefferson still wants these things shows his imprisonment does not defeat him. In one of his last diary entries, Jefferson says , shef guiry ax me what I want for my super an I tol him I want nanan to cook me som okra an rice an som pok chop an a conbred an som claba (232). Jefferson still enjoys his aunts cooking, an outside pleasure from prison. The fact that he can still take pleasure from these small outside things clearly demonstrates that Jefferson enjoys a small victory all over the world that has locked him away.The second characteristic that shows society does not defeat Jefferson is Jeffersons remaining strong compassion for everyone around him. This shows that through defeat, Jefferson remains a strong person by not holding any grudges against his incarcerators. A selection from his diary reads, This was the firs time I cry when they lok that door bahind me the very firs timeI was cryin cause of the bok an the marble he giv me and cause o the people that com to see me (231). Jefferson displays tenderness, which is an obvious sign that Jefferson has not let his imprisonment destroy him.The final pass judgment Gaines uses in A Lesson Before Dying to show Jeffersons lack of destruction is his trying to better himself before dying. Jefferson does this by repeatedly seeing return Wiggins and Reverend Ambrose in prison before his execution.

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Old Man And The Sea :: essays research papers

In life, one depart go through a number of stages in life. Infancy, Youth , Adulthood, and grey-headed Age are all key stages. As one grows, they mature through these various stages. When onereaches older age, there is often a draw of doubt surrounding their lives. Serenity, and independenceare often the two most questioned. These are some questions that capital of Chile has to ask himself aswell.In the novel The mature Man And The Sea, Ernest Hemingway develops the concept ofman coming to the realization that as he ages, his dependency on others will increase. The use ofmetaphor is key in demo how this is indeed true. The struggle with the Tiburon represents themental struggle that Santiago is having with himself. The Tiburon is also used as a metaphor forSantiago&8217s life. The boy in the yarn parallels what Santiago&8217s life once was.The struggle with the Tiburon represents the struggle that Santiago is having with himself. The constant struggle makes Santiago realize th at he is no longer as young as he thinks he is andhe must rely on the help of others. This is shown when Santiago is battling the Tiburon.&8220 &8216Bad news for you fish&8217, he give tongue to and shifted the line over the sacksthat covered his shoulders. He was comfortable, but suffering,although he did not admit to the suffering at all. &8216 I am notreligious...but I will say Ten Hail Marys that I should catch thisfish&8217... &8216Hail Mary full of Grace the Lord is with thee. Blessed artthou among women and smiling is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus. Holy Mary, Mother of God pray for us sinners now and at the hourof death, Amen.&8217 Then he added. &8216 Blessed Virgin, pray for thedeath of this fish, wondrous as he is.&8217 Hemingway 64-65This quote shows that the old man is forced to break the rules of sanity and talks tohimself as well as the fish which cannot hear him. The old man thinks to himself that the fish is a &8220&8220 God fearing fish and by saying the Hail Ma ry, the fish will give in and let himself be caught. after(prenominal) saying the Hail Mary the Old Man tries to convince himself that his previously hurt hand isokay, when really it is not.In another part of the story Santiago admits that he is losing his sanity. &8220He did not wantto look at the fish. He knew that half of him had been destroyed Hemingway 114.

Old Man And The Sea :: essays research papers

In life, one will go through a number of stages in life. Infancy, Youth , Adulthood, andOld Age are all find out stages. As one grows, they mature through these various stages. When onereaches old age, there is ofttimes a lot of doubt surrounding their lives. Serenity, and independenceare often the two most questioned. These are some questions that Santiago has to ask himself aswell.In the novel The Old Man And The Sea, Ernest Hemingway develops the concept ofman coming to the realization that as he ages, his dependency on others will increase. The use ofmetaphor is key in showing how this is indeed true. The struggle with the Tiburon represents themental struggle that Santiago is having with himself. The Tiburon is also used as a metaphor forSantiago&8217s life. The male child in the story parallels what Santiago&8217s life once was.The struggle with the Tiburon represents the struggle that Santiago is having with himself. The constant struggle makes Santiago realize that he is n o longer as young as he thinks he is andhe must rely on the help of others. This is shown when Santiago is battling the Tiburon.&8220 &8216Bad news for you tip&8217, he said and shifted the line over the sacksthat covered his shoulders. He was comfortable, but suffering,although he did non admit to the suffering at all. &8216 I am notreligious...but I will say Ten Hail Marys that I should catch thisfish&8217... &8216Hail Mary full of Grace the Lord is with thee. Blessed artworkthou among women and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus. Holy Mary, Mother of God entreat for us sinners now and at the hourof death, Amen.&8217 Then he added. &8216 Blessed Virgin, pray for thedeath of this fish, wonderful as he is.&8217 Hemingway 64-65This quote shows that the old man is forced to break the rules of sanity and talks tohimself as well as the fish which cannot hear him. The old man thinks to himself that the fish is a &8220&8220 God fearing fish and by saying the Hail Mary, the fish will give in and let himself be caught. After saying the Hail Mary the Old Man tries to convince himself that his previously hurt hand isokay, when really it is not.In another pop of the story Santiago admits that he is losing his sanity. &8220He did not wantto look at the fish. He knew that half of him had been destroyed Hemingway 114.

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Crime and Punishment in Ancient Greece Essay

Today, feloniouss are punished for their crimes by going to jail or prison house or cosmos on probation. But what was it like in Ancient Greece? After the Dark Ages, about 1200-900 BC, the Ancient Greeks had no official laws or punishments. Murders were settled by the victims family putting to death the murderer, but this was difficult if they were elderly or female. This often began endless blood feuds. It was not until the seventh century BC that the Greeks began to establish laws. Around 620 BC, Draco wrote the commencement law for Greece.This law said that exile was the penalty for murder and was the only one of Dracos laws that Solon kept when he became law presenter in 594 BC. Foreign slaves were often employed as police men and women in Ancient Greece. After somebody reported a crime, if somebody was arrested, an witnesser would receive half of fine charged to the criminal. In Athens, criminals were tried before a jury of 200 or more citizens picked at random. Going to pr ison was not an usual punishment for the people of Greece.In cases involving rape, theft, adultery, and murder, the accused got a written summons that told them when they had to appear before the magistrate. Athenian law was divided into deuce things, public and private action. Public actions included the entire community. Private actions included an individual. In cases of murder, the victims family was required to prosecute the killer. Even though magistrates were at the trial, they werent judges. They uncomplete gave advice nor did they convict the felon. They just supervised the hearing.The jury in a trial was made up of 200-600 members over the age of thirty to make sure at that place was no risk or bribery. After the speeches had been delivered by the prosecution and the defense, the jurors voted without deliberation. In the 5th century BC, jurors cast their vote in secret. Each juror was provided with two tokens, one for conviction and the other for acquittal. The juror pu t one of these in a wooden urn whose tokens were disregarded, and the other in a bronze urn whose votes were counted. Judgement was passed on a majority verdict.In the 5th century B. C. , a tie meant an acquittal. In the following century, old-numbered juries were the norm and that is the custom today. In Ancient Rome the slaves had no rights at all. They were thought of and treated like merchandise. However, slaves did cost money to buy so m both of the punishments did not inflict lasting damage. The lash was the most everyday punishment. When slaves were beaten, they were suspended with a weight tied to their feet, so they wouldnt be able to move them. Another punishment was to be branded in the forehead.An utility(a) punishment included the slave being forced to carry a piece of wood around their necks wherever they went. This was called furca and whichever slave had had been punish with this was called furcifer all the m after that. Slaves were also, by way of punishment, oft en kept in a work-house, or house of correction, where they had to turn a mill for grinding corn. When punished for any capital offense, they were commonly crucified but this was eventually prohibited under the rule of the Emperor Constantine.In Rome, the punishments for death are beheading, strangling in prison, throwing a criminal from the Tarpeian rock, crucifixion, burying a person alive, or throwing a criminal in the river (patricide). Throwing a criminal in the river was inflicted for killing your father. The criminal was immediately blindfolded as unworthy of the light, and in the next place the person were taken to the field of Mars outside Rome, stripped of everything then whipped with rods. He was then sewed up in a sack, and thrown into the sea.Later in time, to add to the punishment for patricide, a serpent was put in the sack and still later, an ape, a domestic dog and a cock. The sack which held the criminal was called Culeus, on which account the punishment itself is often signified by the same name. There are eight kinds of punishments, fine, fetters, flogging, retaliation of kind, cultured disgrace, banishment, slavery, and death. Punishments in Ancient Rome were very harsh and violent and they are unlike the laws today.

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Ib Theatre Ri Noh Costume Essay

Noh is known as the classical lyrics drama of Japan. Noh is a gang of serveral dance and drama forms that came before it. (Noh and Kyogen) It embraces the peoples love for the religious and cultral traditions that involve the mix of Nipponese Dengaku and Sarugaku (which is a mix between a way of dance and mime). (Noh and Kyogen) Noh is fundamentally a symbolic theatre that focuses on the arrangeation and appreciation of ritual traditions and the appreciation of culture.A tradtitional romantic play in Noh plain is Hanjo (Lady Han). The story of Hanjo is about a yujo named Hanago that stimulates in an inn. A man named Yoshida no Shosho came into the inn for the night on his journey east. Hanago and Yoshida no Shosho fell in love and exchanged fans before he leaves for his journey. After Shosho is gone Hanago becomes nicknamed Hanjo becuase of her deranged and obsessive love for Shosho with the only memories of him being his fan.In this love story, the fans atomic number 18 a th eatrical of the giving of their hearts to one another (connecting to the plot of which this story was derived from) in which the only memory that the women has of her lost lover is the fan. Throughout the play Hanjo constantly has Shoshos fan in her posession and the to a greater extent she waves the fan in the play, the more deranged she becomes thoughout the play. (Keene) One of the main aspects of Noh theater is the use of masks and to a Noh pseud, the mask gives the actor behind the mask the responsibilty to be the living embodiment of the qualities he is called upon to represent. Toki)The masks in No theater that are commonly usedare the masks that were created between the fourteenth coulomb and the seventeenth century and are prefered to be used in a performance rather than modern mask for the modern mask lacking in origionality compared to the classic. (Toki) In Noh theater, generally the filth (main actor/ protagonist) actor is the only actor masked in the play, but in ce rtain instances the Shitez-zure (assistant of the Shite) will also acquit a mask but only when representing a female character. Toki) Even though the Shite is the only actor to be wearing a mask, the Shite will not wear a mask when representing a character in a earthly or a realistic piece of work and theatrical make-up is rerely and often not used during Noh performances. (Toki) The most common masks that are used are masks that represent female characters.The female mask are used to represent women of all ages and symbolize at times the beauty of the women or the ghost/ spirits of dead women. Toki) Different masks are used to represent the three main type of women, which are catagorized by age. (Toki) Young women are represented by ko-omote, magojiro, and waka-onna the middle-Aged women are represented by Shakumi, Fukai, and Zoh and finally the onetime(a) women are represented by uba and rojo. (Toki) Yet on occasion the Hannya mask is used in order to represent the vengeful wome n and conveys negative expressions and attitude. (Toki)When it comes to the costume trope for Noh performances there are four different catagorities that the costumes hind end be organized into costumes that are ill-defined as undergarments, those worn over the under garments, costumes resembling skirts, and costumes that divide the actors stop number section and the lower section of the body. (Toki) A Shite costume with five layers and outer garment of brocade creates an imposing figure on stage that can be even more imposing when a red or white wig is added. (Toki) A very typical gown agency worn by women is the Karaori, which is woven with threads of gold, silver and other colors. Toki) Like most costumes in Noh theater, the use of color is major in determining the characters in the play. (Toki) employ red in the color scheme of any of the costume is best fit for a youth character. (Toki) The most common costume for woman characters is the kinagashi (worn flowing), as well as the most common way of wearing kimono. (Toki) The outer robe over the under robe hanging from the shoulds to the ground and fix at the waist. (Toki) Another costume in Noh theater is the nuihaku (embroidery, foil) that can be used for both male and female characters. Komparu) A short-sleeved robed with a gold-foil or a silver- foil woven into the costume and embroidery, taking on the style of the satin-weave base. (Komparu)This costume is worn in the style of the koshimaki and includes the aslpects of being draped kill from the waist, also resembling the nugi-sage. (Komparu) The nugi-sage (removed and draped) is a costume that will often symbolize a women that is mad. The right sleeve of the outer robe is removed and draped down the back, representing the decaying creative thinker state of the women that is becoming mentally unfit. Komparu) Karaori (Chinese Weave), even though being influenced by the woven style of Chinese clothing is a good representation of Japanese Noh cos tumes. (Komparu) The robes can be manipulated in order to classify the different characters. It could either include the traditional color red in order to represent the small women characters or can be used without red in order to symbolise the middle-aged and older characters.In order to create the representation of a womens skin, resort to the surihaku (foil applique). Komparu) Using the same style of the short-sleeved nuihaku with the gold-foil or silver-foil being woven into the costume with red indicates that the character is a woman. (Komparu) Another critical representation of women characters are the styles of katsura (wigs) supported by the katsura obi (wig bands). (Komparu) The narrow bands are long strands that are tied around the outside of the wig and are leftfield hanging down the actors back. (Komparu) The bands still include the aspects of the gold-foil or silver-foil with the choice of red or not.The koshi obi (hip bands) can be used for both male and female chara cters. (Komparu) This resembles the mizu-goromo or is used with nuihaku in the style of koshimaki (draped from the waist). (Komparu) This costume is wrapped around the hips over a three quarter length. The tradtional styles of wigs that are used to indicate women character are the katsura, which is generally tied back or can be lengenthed to be the naga-katsura- (long wig) by attaching the long hair to a small square cloth and tied onto the actors head then rearranged for the performances.Other styles include the kasshiki-katsura (the religious wig), the midare-bin (untidy or disordered wig), and the uba-katsura (old womans wig). (Komparu) For the costume design for Hanjo there are certain aspects from each(prenominal) of the traditional costumes that could come together to create a beautiful costume along with conveying ,the character, Hanjo going mad without her lover, Shosho.The most fitting costume style would be the mugi-sage (removed and draped), which is generally known for symbolizing the concept of a mad woman with the disordanized and rugged look of the right sleeve of the outer robe slipped of and left to hang down the back of the character. The colors of the robe would include the same aspects of the nuihaku and the surihaku with the silver-foil woven into the fabric and the traditional red to indicate that the character is a young woman.The headress of Hanjo would include the idare-bin (disheveled tresses) style of wig in order to help convey the slow affect of Hanjo becoming mad without her lover and the traditional katsura obi (wig band) with a red trim will support the headress itself and the concept of a female character. For props, Hanjo will hold bamboo grass in her hand which symbolizes a mad women. along with the bamboo grass, Hanjo will hold a fan that will be a representation of Shoshos fan that she recieved and will be used to be waved more rapidly to symbolize Hanjos madness.

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Mobile phones Essay

Consumers have when choosing between different mobile recall brands. The study was built upon six key attributes (tele peal features, connection fee, access cost, mobile-to-mobile phone rates, direct rates and free calls) related to mobile phone purchasing respondents had to importance rate. The research showed that consumers with prior experience about a product merchantman look for their choices relatively well, although respondents tended to overestimate the importance of features, call rates and free calls and underestimate the importance of a monthly access fee, mobile-to-mobile phones rates and the connection fee.1.Demographic factors have an exercise on the evaluations of different attributes related to mobile phone choice. Specifically, gender and social class allow for impact on the evaluations of the attributes as men belonging to high social class seem to be more technology savvy.2.Consumers order personal time planning properties in the choice of new mobile phones . Consumers value in smart phones features that enhance their personal time planning (e.g., Jones, 2002). These high-rated features include calendar and e-mail work .However, while synchronization of calendar and e-mail services to PCs has become easy and fast, the importance of time planning in mobile phones becomes more and more important.3.New technical properties increase consumer willingness to acquire new phone models. other important aspect that has risen from different studies is that consumers purchase new phones due to the fact that their existing ones capacity is not appropriate referring to the predilection that new technology features such as built-in cameras, better memory, radio, more developed messaging services, and color displays are influencing consumer decisions to acquire new models. Thus it can be expected that new features will influence the intention to acquire new mobile phones.4.When choosing between different mobile phone models, consumers value bigger screen size of it but the whole phone should be small enough and light to carry in pocket.5.When choosing between different mobile phone models, consumers value familiar brands. Price of the phone has been identified as a critical factor in the choice of the mobile phone model, especially among young people. besides new technological advances price is the most influential factor affecting the choice of a new mobile phone model. In addition, it seems that size and brand play to some extent an important role in decision making.Liu (2002) for instance surveyed Asian mobile phone users and found that size of the phone had no impact on mobile phone choice, but this finding might be due to the fact that all competing brands have quite interchangeable sized phones that are small enough. Liu continues that the trend will actually be not towards smaller phones but towards phones with better capability and larger screens. While companies are advertising new models and services that do not yet exist, it according to the paper signals to the market that the company is at the cutting edge of technology and shows what will be available in the very near future. The sales of new phones will then be driven by replacement rather than adoption.

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Learning organization Essay

Marquardt (2002, p. 211) presented 16 steps necessary to build a learning organization. A closer look at our organization revealed that there is still so much to learn and change. Using Marquardts metaphor, our organization is still in the caterpillar stage, earthbound and nonlearning (p. 235). The major challenge forbiding our company in this precondition can be linked to only two things, attitude of employees and leading style. Unfortunately, the 16 steps proposed by Marquardt boil down to these two things.Employees have electronegative view about change. They are not willing to leave their comfort zones, take risks or commit to transforming the company. They lack the motivation to educate, improve and develop themselves professionally. The old, well-tried way of doing things remains the norm. However, the more disturbing fact is the lack of effort from the leaders. Based on Marquardts discussion, the main effort for change should come from the top, from the leaders.Presently, the leadership style in the company does not cater to the needs of a learning organization. The organizational culture does not empower the empoyees to express their creativity or explore their potentials. In short, our organization is 16 steps away from transformation. Based on the guidelines, to effect change, the leaders need to pull in their role as the agents of change. match to Marquardts book, The first step is for leadership to commit themselves to transforming the company into a learning organization (p. 210).Before that could happen, leaders should first of all need to recognize the need to transform our caterpillar ways to that of a butterfly. This step corresponds to the creation of an organizational vision. The company needs a more dynamic, interesting, inspiring vision to keep both leaders and employees stimulated into transforming and improving the company as well as creating an environment for continious learning.

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American Ethic History

In the onset of the year 1776 that a writer named doubting Thomas Jefferson conceived and drafted the firmness of Independence. Such eloquent phrasing made it to be such a masterpiece in the history of political writing. The declaration, in its fight for land and sovereignty as it was besieged by Great Britain that beat had constructed a way in which to breakaway and attain their freedom that is through the declaration of Independence.The Declaration of Independence consists of three parts one is about the grievances that Englands King, George III had initiated, the second is the legitimacy of the revolt and third is the statement of principles concerning the dutys of men. In which case, it was stated in the declaration that all men atomic number 18 created equal and has inherent right as endowed by the Creator to pursue a purport of happiness, life history and liberty.It illiterates that the political relation exists to protect these rights as give by the people but when th warted, it is the right of these people to obstruct and alter these by creating a new government that will be in accordance to the principles, that is their right. It was through this declaration that the people of America were able to express their desire for equality and freedom. Through this powerful stimulant as written by Jefferson that all men are created equal, that several race and nations alike were able to fight for their right as humans as it is inherently theirs.The phrase, not to mention the masterpiece itself has up to now, creates a great deal of impact to the people, especially to the oppressed so that they have something that they can assert on to in times of grievances and despair. Through these words, many people, countries and races suffering have been strengthened, as the words lit the fires for the battle ahead, for democracy and the right to be case-hardened as equals. It is then a contradiction that the Naturalization Act of 1790 was proclaimed with the discrimination against race and sex.Naturalization Act of 1790 Naturalization is a process in which a person who has other countries of origin or birth is given the right to become citizens of the country. In the Naturalization Act of 1790, the Congress passed an act stating that any alien, world a free, blanched person can be a citizen of the country after two years of stay. The Act came to be when the Congress realized that the newly independent country consists of many different races, African slaves, the French, Native Americans, and other immigrants from European countries.With the right of citizenship, the selected few have the capacity to vote and exercise their right to make decisions. The Issue It is such a contradiction to the part of the Congress to discriminate the people in means of color. The others who are not given the rights to citizenshp are treated as inferiors. This is also the time where trade of African slaves are afoot and wherein women are not given the ri ght to vote and work as they please.It is then to that aspect that the Naturalization Act even though there is no naming of gender, in particular it only states any free white alien but with the deprived right of women to vote, the Naturalization Act for women is of no use to them. This onslaught of discrimination through the creation of the Naturalization Act is a contradiction to the Declaration of Independence that was uphold in July 4 of 1776, that all men were created as equals by the Creator and therefore shoulf live a life that is just and meaningful.To treat the Africans not to mention other races with a color different from theirs in a way that is no different from the buying and change of an inanimate object is a violation of such constitution. To restrict women in doing household chores and caring for children without any priveledge to express their thoughts or without a means of independence such as freedom to work is also a violation to the constitution they once so pr oudly uphold. The Root Cause Slave job has been prevalent in the United States since the 17th century wherein natives from Africa are captured and sold as slaves.They served their purpose as they were forced to labor on productions crops that includes sugar, tobacco, coffee, and cotton. It was not until 1865 that they were given the rights to be a part of the country In the part of women suffrage, it took a longer time in front women were granted the right to vote (1920s). Women during that time are have no means to acquire education nor work. Like the slaves, they are treated as second-class citizen and not much was expected from them.It was a time where white male individuals were the only ones who was able to have the full grant of being citizens to the country. Conclusion In conclusion, one of the reasons that may come into consideration when opinion about the contradictions in American history maybe due to the influence of culture and strong tradition that occurred. During t hat time, their way of thinking was not that advanced and regenerate so as to free slaves and give women the right to vote because that is a situation wherein they are not used to.It took a lot of time before thay can accommodate that into their minds that not only male and white persons are Americans. Africans and women had long been with them and in such time have proven their right to be a part of the country. In the light of today, some problems are still in need of a solution, it cannot be said that we have attained truthful freedom. There is still many who suffer due to discrimination of their gender and their race and that is a challenge to attain the true equality we all apply for. References Foner, Eric, and John A. Garraty, eds.(1991) The Readers Companion to American History. Boston Houghton Mifflin. Gilje, Paul A. Declaration of Independence. Microsoft Encarta 2007 DVD. Redmond, WA Microsoft Corporation, 2006. Kerber, Linda K. (1998). No Constitutional Right to Be La dies Women and the Obligations ofCitizenship. New York Hill and Wang. Kettner, James H. The tuition of American Citizenship, 16081870. Chapel Hill University of North Carolina Press,. Smith, Rogers M. (1997). Civic Ideals Conflicting Visions of Citizenship in U. S. History. New Haven, CT Yale University Press.

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Decomposition of Hydrogen Peroxide Lab Essay

In conclusion it was found that the activation energy of the decomposition of henry peroxide with the help of the catalyst KI is . When compared to an actual prise there was a percent difference of 43%. In fact the actual value that was used is the activation energy of hydrogen peroxide in the absence of a catalyst. So in reality it is likely that a catalyst would stimulate the activation energy to be even smaller, and the percent difference would be even greater. The entirely reasonable explanation as to why the calculated activation energy is so much greater is that somewhere during the try out a random error occurred but since only two trials were done, it is impossible to pinpoint where it on the dot occurred.When looking at represents 1-4 it can be seen that as time went on the pressure plusd exponentially. This makes sense because over time the amount of gas increased, and so the pressure would increase too. In addition in graphs 1-4, if a curved line of best fit were to be plotted, than the y-intercept would show the pressure of the room at the moment the experiment was conducted.There were quite a few weaknesses and limitations in this lab. The biggest weakness in this lab was probably the fact that the experiment was conducted at only two diverse temperatures. This in mature only allowed for two points to be graphed on graph 5 (ln K vs 1/T). Having only two points on a graph is very inaccu outrank and imprecise. This is because if for some reason a random error occurred during the procedure, than it would be impossible to tell, as there are no other points to compare with. Two trials are not sufficient enough to collect results from a minimum of five trials should exact been done at several(predicate) temperature increments. Another limitation was the fact that the two different temperatures only had a difference of 10. As seen on graph 5, the slight change in temperature caused the face to be extremely steep.A weakness in the lab was the fact that the lab was conducted over a period of two days. This in turn caused the temperatures to be different for part two and part three of the experiment when the temperature should have been kept the like. This is seen in the results, during part two the temperature of the water bath was 21.5 and the initial estimate was 0.062kPa/s. But since the rate order of was determined to be one, if the molarity of the were to be halved, and the molarity of the catalyst KI were to be doubled, than ideally the initial rate should have remained the same.But it didnt, since part three was conducted at a different day, the temperature of the water bath that day was 22.7 and that slight change in temperature is what caused the initial rate to increase to 0.076kPa/s. Lastly, when the test tube was put in the water bath, the temperature of the water bath was constantly changing because the temperature of the water was relatively lower than the room temperature. This in turn is what caused flu ctuation in the temperature readings. This in turn could have also caused the initial rate to vary because as discussed earlier, even the slightest change in temperature causes the initial rate to change.This experiment can be improved in many ways. One of the main things that can be done is that the experiment should be conducted at different temperatures so that at least a minimum of 5 k values against 1/T can be plotted on graph 5. In addition, the temperature increments should have a relatively broad range, which in turn will make the data and the trends clearer. In addition, the experiment should be conducted on the same day so as the temperature can be kept constant for certain k values. In order to keep the temperature of the water bath constant, the experiment should be conducted in a closed environment so that less energy is lost to the environment.Works CitedThe Catalytic Decomposition of Hydrogen Peroxide. Purdue University College ofScience Welcome. Web. 12 Oct. 2009..

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Accounting treatment for capitalizing

Thank you for CA for accounting give-and-take in regards to your venture capital stake in Historiographers (Western). In our introductory meeting, you request this firm to research on the accounting treatment for capitalizing the accumulated Meatball marketing consultancy charges uncured and the lag salaries. I am able to confirm that the marketing consultancy charges and the staff salaries can be capitalized and amortized over more than one taxpayer.In reaching this conclusion, I referred to relevant authority from codifications from the Financial Accounting Standards Board. In addition, I have likewise reviewed the documents provided to this firm during our earlier meeting. Facts The facts as was provided to us are as go overs Western hired a high-priced marketing consultancy comp both, Medievalist, to come-up with an integrated marketing strategy for computing machine game Project. Medievalist was tasked to develop a very catchy slogan that Western will use in a multimillion dollar advertising campaign huge with other things.Before the winning slogan was developed, they had presented others that Western rejected as unsuitable for Projects image. Therefore, Western has Incurred a marketing expense of $750,000. Western wants to capitalize charges for the rejected phrases tho they reason that the rejected phrases were an integral part of developing the winning slogan. Western will also capitalize the costs of staff salaries of $300,000 for the time they spent in meetings with Medievalist. Western intends to amortize the capitalized amounts over the expected product-life f the game.Applicable Codifications The applicable codifications from Financial Accounting Standards Board (FAST) which addresses Westerns plans to capitalize the accumulated Medievalist charges and capitalize the staff salaries are as follows. Codification paragraph 720-15-55-3 The following costs that might be incurred in conjunction with start-up activities are subject to the provisio ns of this Subtopic a. Travel costs, employee salary-related costs, and consulting costs related to feasibility studies, accounting, legal, tax, and governmental affairs.Codification paragraph 720-15-45-1 Because is marketed to others, the expense shall be charged to cost of sales or a similar expense category. Codification paragraph 720-15-45-2 In an entitys residuum sheet, capitalized software costs having a life of more than one year or one operating cycle shall be presented as a nonher plus because the costs are an amortize intangible asset. Analysis Based on the provided facts of your venture stake in Western, it is clear that charges incurred through a consultancy contract with Medievalist is a part of the product placement under the implementation guidance paragraph.In addition, the staff salary is also a part of the implementation guidance paragraph as well. Recommendation Due to the shortness of time to turn this research project around, I suggest that we see the more de tailed invoices from Medievalist along with the billable hours of the staff salaries allocated to working on the marketing development of a catchy slogan. Please call me at (415) 297-8060 , if you have any further questions concerning these findings.I also suggest that a follow up meeting next week to discuss the additional accumulation which may be needed to better conclude this research into the accounting treatment of your situation. Sincerely, for Golden Gate & Associates, Spas IRS Circular 230 Disclosure To ensure compliance with requirements imposed by the IRS, we inform you that any tax advice contained in this communication (including any attachments) was not intended or written to be used, and cannot be used, for the purpose of (I) avoiding any tax penalty or promoting, marketing or recommending to another party any transaction or matter addressed herein.

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How far is Hamlet dominated by a Christian worldview? Essay

England during the 17th century was a Christian society and country. all(a) Children would most certainly have been baptised shortly after birth and once at a suitable age capable of understanding religion would be taught the essentials of Christian faith. Attendance at perform was compulsory failure to do so without a good medical reason or differently would lead to a hefty fine. During the 16th century in England those of Christian faith subsequently scorn former(a) races against that of Protestantism, and any other religion or paranormal existence that they did non understand.The persecution of Jews deep down Elizabethan England meant the state forbade them the rights to ownership of land or to engage in trade. Shakespe be ordered an incredible understanding and knowledge of issues and crises of his time, introducing anxious issues of today into his deeply Christian country that showed an inability of understanding and respecting other faiths and religions. Within the pre -Elizabethan period and frontward society was influenced heavily by the head of state, religion and new theoreticians ideas.A Theocentric humanity view stated that everything was circled around God, hence the Divine Right of Kings , which derived itself from this idea, proclaiming the head of state was put into billet due to the approval and justification of God. This idea generally became associated with the Christian faith during the Renaissance period of the tardy 16th and early 17th centuries which was spreading rapidly through europium settling much heathenish diversity.The Renaissance was a time of rebirth and massive cultural turmoil. Artists and performers of all kinds within Western Europe became more aware of the classical past and the world beyond the narrow boundaries of medieval mysticism and religion. poesy and writing was n bingletheless influenced heavily by the general acceptance to new ideas. Shakespeare shows that he was conscious of the feudal world within which he was raised, continuously questioning every aspect of society.Shakespeare would most definitely be considered to be a Renaissance or Modern Man. Aristotelian Tragedy would have had few impressionable moment upon Shakespeares ideas. He would adopt the idea that every tragedy must take aim a Tragic Hero, and that this soul has a fatal flaw that will lead to his eventual(prenominal) downfall (and death). Also Senecas tragedies which were finally published in England in 1581 would have had some effect upon the focal point in which Shakespeare would have composed his plays.He adopted many ideas including, a supernatural cosmos proposing revenge, characters driven to madness, embedded narratives within the play . etc. Christianity was not just a religion within 16th century England but a political pivot point for argument and debate. In 1559 sevens enacted the Act of Uniformity and the Oath of Supremacy. By the introduction of these two laws by Henry septenary and his heir Elizabeth I ensured the loyalty of their strongest political supporters and in bid condemning roman Catholics.The following is an choice taken from the Oath of Supremacy published in 1559 I do utterly testify and defend in my conscience that the Queens Highness is the only supreme g all overnor of this realm, and of all other her Highnesss dominions and countries, as well in all spiritual or ecclesiastical things or causes, as temporal, and that no foreign prince, person, prelate, state or potentate hath or ought to have any jurisdiction, power, superiority, pre-eminence or authority ecclesiastical or spiritual within this realm.. This quote fundamentally states the allegiance and sincerity of single towards the Head of State, swearing ones loyalty to them alone and not to another figure head or person of command. Despite political interventions within humanity and society, Shakespeare highlights issues which would then have been disregarded as being evil, such(prenominal) as apparitions and supernatural occurrences. galore(postnominal) examples could be identified however ones of relevance are plenty within juncture. Within Act I, Scene I an apparition of King juncture appears, which later on within the play urges Hamlet to avenge his death.This would heighten the sense of hearings suspense due to the turn involved. Shakespeare surprises both the audience and the characters within the play by introducing a ghost, creating a hugely effective atm of anxiety and fear throughout the scene. Elizabethan people misunderstood paranormal existences and this phantom would have heightened their (the audiences) suspicions and fears towards them (the ghosts) furthermore. Many people of Shakespeares time regarded ghosts as the devil himself. The play is very much written in a pro-Christian era and many aspects of Christianity show through.Hamlets voice comes through however, sceptical of this. Hamlet contemplates the idea of committing suicide within his solil oquy in Act I, Scene II as he cries, O that this too too solid flesh would melt, Thaw and resolve itself into a dew, Or that the arrant(a) had not fixed his canon gainst self-slaughter. O God, O God Here Shakespeare shows us that suicide is not favourably looked upon and even seen as an act that would leave you in purgatory (as is King Hamlets), waiting for ones sins to be forgiven and for redemption to commence itself. Quote King Hamlet,I was sent to my account with all the horrible imperfections on my head. O horrible, O horrible, most horrible However it must not be forgotten that Hamlet is first and foremost a play about revenge. Prince Hamlet was asked by his vex to pursue vengeance for this wrongdoing. An Elizabethan audience would understand the complication involved with the ideas of revenge. Shakespeare uses an allegory within the play, where Denmark represents England regarding views on Christian beliefs, such as suicide, death, redemption and paranormal beings . etc.W ithin the period of Hamlets composition there were many factors which Shakespeare commented upon by incorporating them within his plays. By understanding the structure of society and the role that Christianity and religion played within Shakespearean England we empathize why within a few scenarios Hamlet was deterred from undertaking certain actions immediately, the murder of Claudius at prayer for example. The audience that viewed this play would also have cogitate to Hamlets actions, his steadiness and composure with which he performed everything and acted.However to a modern day audience if Hamlet was a person living at present and was to act the way as Shakespeare intend him to then his actions would be heavily frowned upon by many as no longer do we (a majority not applicable to spectral followers ) regard religion as a major factor within our lives. delinquent to our secular society, despite somewhat of a Christian favouritism in schools for example, we fail to identify (b efore education) with the way in which Prince Hamlet thinks. We ask the following question, why does Hamlet abide by the conceptual ideas placed down by society?Hamlet had no other choice than to undertake his actions the way he did as Shakespeare, his creator, wrote from influences surrounding him. England like Denmark was a troubled country as it still feared the spread of Roman Catholicism by another incident such as the failed Spanish Armada of 1588. In modern times, spanning over the last two centuries, many wars have been studied by people and they have come to the recognition that our world too is a world of politics with underlying motives such as a involution of religion.Issues such as feminism regarding Hamlet have allowed various playwrights such as Heiner Muller, author of Hamletmachine to show the subordination of women within society. He gives a voice to two main characters, Prince Hamlet and Ophelia, so that they are able to speak their minds within this bizarre pr oduction. The oppression and victimization of Ophelia is shown to the audience. Ophelia is allowed to make moral thoughts and decisions where in turn she can find herself as a person not just a sexual object. She shows this hatred towards the patriarchal society within which Shakespeare wrote the original Hamlet.Ideas of feminist movements are highlighted within Hamletmachine in subscriber line to Hamlet, which shows women as objects controlled by men. (Ophelia controlled by her father Polonius. )(Gertrude controlled by her King, Claudius. ) And in turn it seems as though if women disobey their masters they face the consequence that destiny presents to them, death. thither are more things dreamt of in nirvana and earth than are dreamt of in your philosophy. What is philosophy? Philosophy is when there are no limits of exploration as to questioning underlying factors which makes this creation of life what it is.This is exactly what Hamlet says to Horatio in Act I, Scene VI, There are more things dreamt of in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in your philosophy. What Hamlet is basically maxim is never disbelieve. Anything is possible, never oppose, wrongfully criticize or demean an object never before witnessed or seen. A modern day audience would understand specific actions after having grasped what the 17th century religious influence within society was like. However the way in which the government intervenes itself regarding religion has greatly changed in that it is now no longer seen as a way to indoctrinate people and influence them.

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Background Study

This project explains and explores the role that students in plays for, triggering, fostering and creating a more working(a) ,usability, Ideal and modern- kneeled Grading System which can be use mainly by the students and teachers for more organised ways of listing, adding, deleting, Inserting and on updating the grades of the students. In this part it is tackled the ways and procedures on how to plan the project, analyze the problems to be encountered, designing, and mostly coding which is very necessary to be done.Aside from that, the reject is useless without the GUI which serves as the bring out of the program. In addition, Database which serves alternately as the storage of every Information and data which you are going to add, edit or update if necessary. However, all these cannot be possible without the help of every members in the group, that Is why the dominance for Interaction and MME- tings of the people involved In creating this said System Is highly recommended for this to be done In time. Therefore established a functional, reliable, and user-friendly Online Grading System, cooperation and contributions areWhy use of Online Grading System? If we can assuage use instead of the traditional way of updating the grades? Simple, because it organizes ones work ,hassle free and can optimize and present more time. By combining all the procedures above and the qualitative knowledge of every group members in this task, the paper aims to provide and create a better and usable Online Grading System for the benefits of all the authorised people involved in here. This findings suggests that the role of the students in this said project is very necessary for making it work in the right direction to be done.

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My Last Farewell by Joze Rizal Essay

1st Stanza* Rizals beautiful description of his Fatherland. He used the biblical Eden to describe the Pre-Hispanic Philippines which is an imaginary time of purity and innocence. He adores the beautiful country that he and others atomic number 18 fighting for. He said that he is glad to give his life sentence to Filipinas even though his life was brighter, fresher, or more blest than it is now pertaining to the time when he wrote the poem.2nd Stanza* The men who gave their life to his high-priced country. Rizal said that their dedication and patriotism to the country is without second thoughts. It doesnt matter how one struggles, that alone struggles, all deaths, are worth it if it is for the good of the country.3rd Stanza* It speaks of Rizals love of Liberty. The image of dawn that Rizal used in the first line signifies the fire that he adores. In the third and fourth line, he says that if the colour of liberation lacks his blood, he must die for the country to attain freedom .4th Stanza* Presents the flashback of Rizals love for Patricia that started when he was young. He was young when he saw the martyrdom of the GOMBURZA and promised that he would dedicate himself to avenge one day for those victims. His dreams were to turn back his country in eminent liberation, free from sorrow and grief.5th Stanza* Repeats Rizals dream of complete Liberation. in all Hail signifies that he is positively welcoming the dawn of freedom after his death. He also repeats what he has said in the third stanza that it is his desire to dedicate his life to the Patria.6th Stanza* Describes the image of Rizals solemn being forgotten someday. The grassy sod may represent the countrys development, the growth of liberty, and that with the salvation of the country, he becomes forgotten. Rizal does not say here that he wants monuments, streets, or schools in his name, just a loving kiss and a warm breath so he could feel he is not..

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Literary Criticism Paper

An archetype Is a reoccurring pattern of Images, symbols, or a situation. The hero archetype Is one who tries to action a necessary task and tries to restore Justice to a society. The hero will commonly go through the heros journey in search for truth and information on restoring Justice to a society. all in all archetypal heroes share certain characteristics. In 1984, by George Orwell, Winston follows the heros cycle because there is nothing told of his childhood, he looses raise with the Party, and Winston is not burled after all.Throughout the book We are told nothing of his holding (Garry 1 1 ) at any rate the few memories or dreams he shares with Julia or himself. After waking up crying one morning, Winston shares a memory of his childhood Tijuana he recalls the time him and his sis and mother spent most of their days in underground shelters, hiding from air raids. Many times, Winston and his family went without food. From starving one day, Winston steal chocolate from his mother and sister and ran away, never seeing them again.Winston constantly dreams about his mother and Is convinced he murdered her because he stole her chocolate and left her there to starve. However, his subconscious Is his only road to the truth. Although the reader is given small memories on his childhood nothing remained of his childhood except a series of bright-lit tableaux occurring against no background and mostly unintelligible (Orwell, 3). Implying, the reader is not really told anything of his childhood besides the subconscious memories and few unclear images In 1984, the god Is represented through Big Brother.This Is reliable because Big Brother Is perceived as the ruler of Oceania and he Is a very high figure to the people. Big Brothers award is constantly being broadcasted and he is as yet stamped on he coins. Thus, Winston Later loses favor with the gods and/or his subjects (11) by wanting to do many ill-affected acts and hateful thoughts. For example, Winston begins to have sex with Julia, which was only, a blow struck against the Party (126).Implying there was no true emotion towards Julia and Winston and Julia only had sex to rebel against the Party because having sex Is a major crime In Oceania. Also, Winston looses his support towards the Party shown when he wrote Down with Big Brother in his diary. Again, signifying his hatred towards the society and writes to question people of the better times in Oceania and writes about what it used to be and what it can still become. Towards the wind up of the book Winston and Julia are surrounded by troops of the Thought Police.From there Winston is taken to the horrid board 101 where he Is tortured. Room 101 holds the persons greatest fear and for Winston It Is rats. As the rats come closer to his face he yells, Do It to Julia Do It to Julia Not me Julia I dont care what you do to her. Tear her face mop up strip her to the bones. Not me Julia Not me (286). It is here Winston betrayals Jul ia and fully egging to believe and sleep together Big Brother and the Party. Winston did not only betrayal Julia, only if he also abandons himself.Winston follows the hero cycle because His body is not buried, except nevertheless (1 1 Meaning the Ministry of Love broke and tortured his mind and will and mentally killed him but Winston Is still physically living. Hang out with Julia. However, he is essentially a break ones back because he cannot sway any of his own feelings of rebellion, including to himself in the privacy of his mind. Winston was a very mentally strong character who understood the corrupt world he ivies in while nobody else does.During the beginning of the book he does not find any pleasure in Big Brother and as the story progresses he starts to love Big Brother. His goal is to change societys means and gain the freedom of thought back. However, he is a singular hero because he is middle-aged, has an average intelligence, and is very weak. He is a hero, altho ugh, with different heroic characteristics. Finally he is a hero because, Winston childhood is a mystery, his support for the Party is lost, and he becomes a walking slave for the Party and Big Brother.

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Email vs. Snail Mail

Throughout history people have communicated with each other in various counsels. For instance, several(prenominal) used birds to transfer their messages while others used the smoke of fire to signal their friend who were far from them. late postal put up was used as a mean for correspondence, which was referred to as escargot trip out afterword. And with the art of telegraph and development of civilization a new peter came in known as e-mail. in that location be significant discrepancies between snail mail and e-mail along with some leafy vegetable points.First of all, both tools are uses for communication in society, and they are both under risk in terms of confidentiality, still for different reasons. For instance, you cannot be secure that all post offices are safe enough to send your messages that are too personal or contain secret information about your work etc. E-mails defend from the same problem but for different reasons. For example your computer can become a du pe of hacking and a hacker can get your whole archive in a few seconds. Finally, one time they are delivered to the wanted place there is no way going back.Although they share some common points, snail mail and e-mail are tremendously different in many ways. Firstly, e-mail is way a lot faster than snail mail, it enables you to delivers your message in the blink of an eye, whereas it might take eld for a snail mail to receive the place you want. Secondly, for sending an e-mail all you need is an internet connection and you can send it to hundreds of people at once, nonetheless, you can send a snail mail once at a time and you have to pay for it respectively.Moreover, there are many options for redact an e-mail and sending different types of media files along with it, in contrast to snail mail with which you can nevertheless send text messages. In addition, nowadays people are very busy to memorize the yell of all of their acquaintance, e-mail solves this too, you can save all of those confusing addresses in your account without any effort, for snail mail this option is not present.The last and most important difference is that using snail mail we actually use up our natural resources like paper and ink, yet e-mail is a tool the encourages sustainability because you neither use resources nor throw it away after using it. As a conclusion, we can claim that although both e-mail and snail are similar to each other to some extent its clear that all ways lead to using e-mail and regarding snail mail as an obsolete way for communication.

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The ouster of Vikram Pandit, and what that means for big banks Research Paper

The ouster of Vikram Pandit, and what that means for big bevels - Research makeup ExampleThis paper will address Pandits ouster, and describe how this major event in Citigroup will influence the future operations of Citibank, as head as other banks in the same industry. Mr. Pandit took everywhere as the banks CEO in 2007 when the bank was in a financial turmoil, but slightly recovered the profitability of the bank in 2010. Under Pandits management, much of Citis resources were dedicate for future profitability. Expanding market to the developing countries was a prospective Pandit held (David, Suzanne, and Dan 1-2). The reasons offered for Pandits ouster emanate from struggles to recover from wherefore(prenominal) financial crises at the bank. Mr. Pandit was forced to resign after the board of Directors at Citi bank felt that he managed the bank poorly. The board also claimed lack of appropriate communication from the CEO on vital furrow matters. During the tenure of Pandit, the shares of Citigroup fell by 89%, which resulted in a revolt by shareholders over his decision maker pay. The Federal Reserve also rejected Citigroups plan to purchase back stock. In addition, in that location was a $2.9 million write-down by Morgan Stanley, of a brokerage joint venture. All these unfortunate happenings stinkpot be numerically represented, but most probably point to poor judgment, rather than day-to-day vigilance of specific business units (David 2). Michael Corbat, Pandits replacement, may not perform as Pandit, who was credited a well performer, who knew the positions of the bank inside out. Corbats strategic directions for future of the company are also still uncertain. many a(prenominal) challenges Corbat, as he will feel the pressure of impressing quickly, since the banks shareholders are now forestall about the banks uncertainty. Citigroup investment bank is a potential victim of shrinkage. It is enormous, but with testy revenue since the times of th e financial crisis. This continued decline has to be addressed in order to put on stability again. Mr. Corbat will also have to deal with the black box reputation of the bank. Observations show that the banks disclosures are not as comprehensive as those of other banks are. In order to repossess the confidence of investors, Corbat has to tackle this issue also. Consumers should expect to feel the difference between Citi managed by Pandit, and Citi managed by Michael Corbat, Pandits successor. This kind of transition at Citi may not positively influence on the financial health of the US banking industry, and the general US economy. This is because Citi is a bank that has been considered important by the regulators, amid financial crisis. It is a disturb bank, and still struggles to gain stability. Pandit was a CEO that had set out to turn around the case of Citi bank, and gibe its total economic recovery. However, by firing such a dedicated CEO, Citi bank risks continued vulner ability to financial crises. The shareholders of Citi bank continue to be adversely repaired by the banks protract stagnation in financial instability. However, more parties will feel the pinch of this as it will affect the whole banking industry as well as the national economy. Citi is in the process of repairing its balance sheet, it is then expected that it will cut down on customer lending, in a bid to lay aside more. Its customers will not access

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As a Sales Manager in today's difficult retail environment, what steps PowerPoint Presentation

As a sales Manager in todays difficult grass environment, what steps do you take to ensure your team members strain their sa - PowerPoint Presentation ExampleThe Australian sell sales manager has to focalization on the four major(ip) grocery strategy steps to succeed in the Australian sell market segment. First, the Australian retail sales manager has to focus on the product and service step of the companys marketing strategy. According to Ritz (2007), the Australian retail company essential implement some marketing changes to increase the clients petition for its products. The company must add additional shoe styles. The stores must offer the best service and sell high quality food, and other retail products based on the latest Australian retail market segment trends. The company must increase the store displays of the highly salable products in the food, grocery, and other retail products. The company must conduct a feasibility study to determine the current Australian r etail product trends to determine what products to sell in the retail outlets. Second, the Australian retail sales manager has to focus on the price step of the Australian retail companys marketing strategy. Czinkota (2007) insists that the company must institute reasonable prices to increase its client base. The reasonable price is not the same as the last-place price.

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Strategic Financial Management 2 Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

strategic Financial Management 2 - Coursework ExampleQuestion one. Calculate the adjusted present value (APV) for the project, correcting whatever errors made in the net present value estimate above, and conclude whether the project should be original or non. Show all relevant calculations. (25 marks)Before any attempt should be made to rear the adjusted present value of the proposed project, Rattle Co must carefully study how the given project cash flow statement for four years was made, to know where some should remain because they are already correct or whether they need further adjustments. When the needed adjustments are known, the framework is established to do the very(prenominal) with each item in the prepared cash flows, asking whether it should be adjusted or not. beginning with the revenue, it appears that one critical issue would be whether it should be presented with inflation or net of inflation. The answer would expect on what discount rate is used. If the discou nt rate is with inflation, thus the revenue must include the inflation. In the case facts, the inflation was given however, if the discount rate is used with the real rate, i.e. not the nominal one, then presenting the net of inflation of the inflation rate is the proper thing. The 8% inflation rate increase for revenues and 4% inflation rate increase for cost of gross revenue be observe irrelevant.Working capital requirements appear not to be reflected in the given cash flow. These need to be determined, as they are a fixings in any decision. A business cannot operate without working capital. Since the amount of working capital at the beginning of each year is 20% of the forecasted revenue per year, just multiply each given sales figure per year, then it is possible to generate a working capital requirement per year.As computed in the revised and adjusted projected cash flow in Appendix A, the working capital amounts come to 4,606,000, 7,320,000, 9,814,000 and 5,428,000 for

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Recommendations to Ford Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Recommendations to Ford - Essay ExampleThe organization is a dodge and thus the processes within it are attentively looked into either in a symptomatic or imperious manner the latter is likely to provide long lasting solutions. The Ford Company is a multinational automobile manufacturer (Ford 201). It derived its foundation on the need of its founder to provide a car for the customary the Statesn (Ford 201). Founded in 1903, the company has undergone major strides and setbacks to become one of the leading automotive companies within America and the whole world at large. The first model from Ford was the T-Model that sold almost fifteen meg units before the end of production nineteen years posterior for a cost of $ 950 specifically wretched the car industry from being a luxury item to a transportation means for the mean(a) citizenry (Bak 200). Henry Ford not only targeted improving his model alone, but also modify the payments he make to all his workers and trimming down the working hours for his employees. This resulted to the creation of a three hammock working regimen and efficaciously improving mass manufacturing that allowed the revolution of the motor industry. He also came up with the strategy to ensure task specialization by his workers thus improving efficiency in the industry. This made it possible to manufacture affordable cars allowing most Americans to own an automobile resulting to groundbreaking changes in the transport sphere of influence that brought about construction of highways and inception of the industrial revolution with the outset of the agrarian revolution. Henry Ford effectively run the company with profit margins amounting to billions of dollars seeing his company go through the economic crisis in 1929 and later the biggest automobile strike in 1941. He then supported the government during World War 1 by supplying the government with submarine chasers, automobiles as well as liberty airplanes. This endeared his company in a heartfelt way to the administration.Henry made it an obligation to pass

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Rhetorical Analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words - 7

Rhetorical Analysis - Essay utilizationThe author also dissuaded the participants to minimize checking their emails to reduce stress but found that habits are hard to break. The orgasm of this writing used several rhetorical devices to make the word persuasive, convincing and easy to understand without losing its scientific approach. First, the article attempted to get the readers attention by engaging them with an emotion which is the body politic of pathos that they truly concerned about which is stress and how email relates to it. The article then proceeded in using logos when it stated the scientific method of having a controlled experiment to answer the question of the article. Controlled experiment meant having a set of subjects or participants under a controlled condition to test a certain hypothesis which in this case is that frequently opening mail is inimical to our well-being or causes stress. Ethos or the background of the authors helped the article to become credibl e.According to article, the author designed an experiment that would measure how checking email behavior influence rafts pressure and this used the rhetorical device of logos. In the study, the experimenters hired 124 adults which included students, professors, and I.T workers. They divided the participants into deuce groups at random. The experiment took several weeks involving several process. One of the methods employed in the experiment is to illustrate how emails relate the stress levels of participants. Half of the group can check their emails anytime and half of the group were only to open their mails tether times twenty-four hours. The situation was reversed with the participants and after collecting the data to determine result, it yielded the same result that sculpture back on email might reduce stress as much as get word yourself swimming in the warm waters of a tropical island several times a day (Gray 1).It has to be

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The importance of creativity in children's development Essay

The splendour of creativity in childrens development - Essay ExampleThis building process is an ongoing, continuous and dynamic process. The come out is a directional step towards increasing autonomy of an individual from dependency. These transformational changes are strongly influenced by genetically determined factors equivalent overall growth, changes in proportion of body and brain parts, and mellowing certain tasks like vision and dietary needs. The specific characteristics occur in a particular sequence and within a specific period. The developmental process can be boosted or nurtured by manipulating various events during early childhood, and physical, social, cultural, instruction and emotional areas through environmental stimuli (Ashford et al., 2001). The developmental domains should be gazed and grasped carefully to understand the overall growth of the child. This helps in unfolding abilities of each child. Then, accordingly efforts should be made so that, the child is encouraged to learn and evolve. deliverance together all the development aspects, lead to flowering of a child. Holistic development of the child is the incorporate approach of nurturing childs all round developmental progress. Nature emphasises on the innate or inborn characteristics of human being based on the concept of the biology. Nurture emphasises on the modifying the innate features by various environmental stimuli or exposure.Human biology is the storehouse of diverse possibilities or the potential reputation of the individual which can be become splendid, normal or even abnormal by typeface of experiences available or made available (Pressley & McCormick, 2006, p.4). Most of the recent developmental psychologists accept the fact of bioecological reading material of human development. The inseparable disposition and complex interaction of nature and nurture makes the individual unique person with particular set of abilities. Human intelligence is the most fiercely

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Critically evaluate the idea that increasing self-esteem is associated Essay

Critically evaluate the idea that increasing self-esteem is associated with break in academic performance - Essay ExampleHowever the comparable holds true for adults who are under the protective cover of an educational institution. The paper has taken a deep and incisive look at the psychological aspects which set about both benefited and hampered the academic performance ranks of the students.Self-esteem and self-awareness are all important(predicate) tenets of an individual who is willing to gain an acumen as per his actions, behaviors and manifestations. Academic performance is the sole domain of a student who wants to achieve success at heart his educational curriculum so that his future life could be secured. This, he does in order to arrive at an educational pattern which is filled with success right from the outset of his acquiring the same. Therefore it is pretty important to suggest that academic performance depends a great deal on the way the students perceive their induce lives and see this within the contexts of their perceptional abilities and self-esteem issues. However these could easily be marred by the consistent willpower representations of the wrongs that hamper any student at a given time or even the misquoted ideals that welcome sprung up with the passage of time. All of these topics are deemed as significant when one tries to measure the righteousness of a students academic abilities and skills in the long run.Low self-esteem is indeed an epidemic, more so because it asks of the student to display a sense of negativity related with his own educational journey (Baumeister et al, 2003). When the same is measured from an academic performance yardstick, there are serious shortfalls which could easily be highlighted. These include the necessitate patterns as to how the student fell from a position of significance within the educational realms to one of an reach of inferiority. Also the exact rationale for his jealousy with regards to other students is ascertained and the logical conclusions are drawn up in the light of the same. There are other avenues where global and

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Exam 2 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 5

Exam 2 - search ExampleThrough criticism, scientists are able to conduct more research on the development of and this depart lead to more elaborate and clear understanding of the collect evolution. This can be clearly be seen from the research that lead to the understanding evolution of prokaryotic and eukaryotic as Marguli always needed to render the reality behind the growth of Flagella as opposed by most of the scientists at the start.The piecemeal bridal of the new theories was because of unclear defined evidences to the growth of the cell evolution. But the piece to piece acceptance excessively was contributed by criticizing scientists .For instance ,Margulis counterbalance book in 1970 on endosymbiosis although new to most of the scientist those who knew of it reject it making her to carefully again distinguish her ideas clearly from others comparable Ivan Wallin who first wrote of it.The only way to answer a problem between two parties is by producing clear and subst antial evidence that is used to pull off the evidence of the other. Controversial theories on the evolution between Marguli and other scientists for instance, her presenting a wide would only process the close competitive surmisal by F.J.R Taylor and well explained with touchable evidence on the evolution of the cells like Prokaryotic and eukaryotic, mitochondria, chloroplast and flagella.Due to the criticism and dismissal of her scientific theory. Margulis was encouraged to clearly do research in order to fully gain acceptance on the cell evolution theory. Thus, she based her cell evolution on the past study of Ivan Walliam .As a result, by the end of a decade after his first book on 1970 she came up with analogies that were greatly accepted worldwide. She ended up gaining popularity on the Set theory than the autogency theory that emphasized on the end symbiosis.For instance Margulis in her Set theory she confirmed that a few(prenominal) intermediates between prokaryotic and

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Medicare vs. Medicaid Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

Medi sell vs. Medicaid - Essay ExampleIt covers inpatient expenses such as rooms, meals and tests. function B, known as supplemental medical insurance pays for necessary doctor, laboratory and some outpatient medical costs. It is financed by premiums paid by enrollees. Part C is the Medicare Advantage Program through which private plans provide benefits to enrollees. Part D is a ethical drug drug plan that covers some costs of drug and is extended to anyone eligible for Medicare. Taxes collected through the federal insurance Contributions Act and Self employment Contributions fund the program. The government uses this to refund the services providers (Stanfield, Hui & peril 2011).On the other hand, Medicaid is the second largest health insurance program that serves low income citizens. Each state has its own Medicaid eligibility criteria. Recipients take children under 6years and family income is at or below 133% of Federal poverty level, adults, elderly (over 65 years) and dis abled persons who countenance no or no income and receive state assistance such as foster care assistance (Stanfield, Hui & Cross 2011). As mandated by the Federal government, Medicaid covers the cost of outpatient and inpatient care, family planning services, laboratory tests, X-rays, transportation, rehabilitation and physical therapy services.Payments by the State are made to the healthcare providers based on a tip for service terms or through health maintenance organizations. Then each state is reimbursed for a share of their Medicaid expenditure. Beneficiaries are exempted from copayments from family planning and emergency services.Both Medicaid and Medicare have had an impact on all interestingness holders. These programs have increased the number of citizens seeking medical and health services, therefore, is predicted growth in employment in the health sector. Demand for primary care is on the rise especially from physicians and nurses with advanced degrees.According to S tanfield, Hui & Cross (2011), as more

Director Moustapha Akkad Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Director Moustapha Akkad - act ExampleIn the year 1954, with the age of 18years, Akkad arrived at the airport for his departure. He attended the University of California at Los Angeles for 4 years and marked off in 1958. Upon graduation, he interned under the Sam Peckinaph an American director, period pursuing his Masters degree at the USC (University of S come out of the closethern California). The director of Los Angeles Sam Peckinaph contacted Akkad while looking for an Arab speaking advisor to assist him part a word picture about the revolution of Algeria for independence. Regrettably, the depiction was dropped by the end of this revolution by the end of this revolution, but the relation between the two remained. Akkad proceeded and formed the FIP (Falcon transnational Productions), to completely distribute and finance John Carpenters Halloween humbled budget spine cooler, scripted and produced by John. Carpenter, a hopeful film adjudger as well as the producer Irwin Yabla ns decided to make a low budget horror film on the babysitters being abducted and killed on Halloween. They went to Moustapha Akkad for the film backing and support. After a long discussion with Carpenter and an understanding of his passions and ideas for the film, Akkad accepted to finance and produced the movie. He emphatically understood that to be embraced, the movie would have to adhere to the life of Muhammed without throwing him or showing him his voice. Despite this, the movie generated bones of contention including financing among others, hence, the movie production was transferred from Libya to Morocco. However, the movie went on and became famous. It even surpassed the existing produced movies which were privately produced and distributed (Lancaster, 2011). After the prosperity of Halloween, Moustapha set his eyes on the next epic narrative of resistance. His next movie was the Lion on the Desert which enabled him reunite with Anthony Quinn in the topic role. Akkad co ntinued producing movies in the Halloween series as well as others in the horror type, however, they were evidently meant to be stepping stones to his true passion that was to produce a movie on Islam and heroic Semitic Arab heroes. Former prime minister of Jordan a friend to Moustapha pointed out that Akkad had a good rationale of what he intended to perform. He further stated that Akkad intended to develop an Arab film production company to produce more films about the Arab history as well as political figures. Generally, it is imperative to take into account this mission whenever an individual reflects upon the present budget and proper demonization Muslims, Islam and Semitic people, an individual is able to understand the way this would not concur with Zionist mechanizations. The defamation and traducement of Arabic peoples have frequently been the primary goal and focal point of post Israel Zionism. An individual besides requires examination of the Hollywood film and televis ion production from the aforementioned period to substantiate this preposition. In the present Hollywood, Mustaphas positive movies on Islam as well as its heroes would never see the reality of the twenty-four hour period such as financing, the resources to produce it as well as the associated distribution. The forces of deliberately infiltrated Zionist interests have substantial an infrastructure in place which only shows that the media need to advance their agenda. Mustapha Akkad was renown as a rattling intelligent

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The image analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

The image analysis - Essay ExampleThis paper will analyse exclusively the aspects of this bring up in relation to the charge hearing, the physical construction of the distinguish, and the significance of this analysis to the American society. verbal description The advert entails the image of a beautiful muliebrity with bright coloured clothes holding a red fruit. It also entails the image of Dasani branded water, and an equally bright coloured restaurant recipe with a portrait of a man. Also in the advert, we have image of the modern Macdonalds premium salad as served in different settings that include the Asian, Caesar, Bacon ranch, and Southwest settings. More so, there are readable texts defining the new MacDonalds premium salad. We also have an inscription asserting that somebody loves the MacDonalds premium salad. The advert is generally fascinating with the beautiful images and the bright coloration forming the ultimate attraction. More so, the image of the beautiful wo man in the advert derives a sweet feeling and making the advert eye-catching and irresistible. Indeed, the advert generates a relaxing mood and creates a fulfilling atmosphere. Actually, by just seeing it you feel enticed, your appetite aro utilise, and the desire to have it away the Macdonalds premium salad as advertised in the advert is keeps glowing. In addition, the advert has visible and interesting lighting, as it is at ease to the eye and calls for attention. The advert is seemingly at an angle of 90 degrees gum olibanum facing the audience for maximum clarity. Moreover, there is cropping in the advert and focus directs to the objective of the advert, which is to inform on the new MacDonalds product. Bright colours apply in the advert and the dark background of the advert serves a significant role of generating clarity, creating comfort to the eye, and balancing the effect of the bright colours and lighting. Furthermore, the language used in the advert is simple, clear, a nd understandable to the target audience and seeks to entice the audience to aim at enjoying a piece of the new product. It communicates a happy feeling, generates a festive mood, and defines the sweetness of the new product. Analysis The target audience for this advert is the fast-food lovers, MacDonalds customers, and battalion living in Southwest America, Bacon ranch, and Asians. Mostly the tenderness class, middle aged and working class is also target of this advert. Generally, although women form the largest customer base for salads, this advert targets people of all genders. The general significance of all features in the advert is to promote this product to its target audience. However, specifically the significance of the bright clothing, shiny accessories, bright coloured hair, lovely facial expressions, the relaxed posing positioning, and a comfortable gestures is to create an appealing effect to the audience. This draws the attention of the audience, encourages them to focus, and entices them to identify with the product. Indeed, the elements in the advert fascinates, creates a special interest, and tempts the audience to buy as they attract them, describes the sweetness of the product, and assures them they will love it. In addition, the images and words appeal to these individuals desires by generating a festive mood, encouraging them to eat the product

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Drug testing on welfare Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Drug testing on eudaemonia - Essay ExampleMost of the states, which passed this legislation, did so because of the belief that those who received welfare used it to get off drugs (Davidson). The legislation was therefore, introduced to deny them the means of getting drugs, something that was thought to be commendable at the time. However, this assumption was appoint to be untrue, because of all the welfare applicants tested for drugs, only two percent of them tested positive. This automatically confirm that this law was ineffective, due to the fact that its intended targets were found to be innocent of what they hadbeenaccused. It has now been confirmed that welfare recipients are not the majority drug users in the United States, and this makes the drug testing for welfare indemnity unconstitutional.The drug-testing program is an extremely expensive process for those states, which have instituted it into their welfare system. The welfare applicants are required to buy off for th eir own tests, and if they are found to be negative, then the state has the obligation to refund them. This procedure has off out to be extremely expensive because the majority of applicants have tested negative. The states, therefore, end up disbursal more than they normally would have if the program had not been put in place. Moreover, this program also has administrative be, such as paying the staff that run it as well as for the facilities. All these costs are footed by the states, an unnecessary expense the money would have been put in fall in use expanding the welfare program to cater for people who need it. These added costs to the state governments with little terminus have gibed ineffectiveness of this program.Thedrugtestingforwelfareprogramwasputinplacetoensurethedeterrence of peoplewhohaveappliedforwelfare. It was estimated that a large number of people who applied for welfare

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Premium Travel on the Way to Becoming a Better Serving Travel Agency Essay - 1

Premium live onling on the Way to Becoming a Better Serving Travel Agency - Essay representativeTravel is an activity of leisure and Premium cash in ones chips operates in this scenario. As such, provides similar services atomic number 18 also likely to face the problems associated with the current market. However, one of the advantages that some travel business enjoy immediately is the facility to book online. The cost of getting a website developed is quite simple today. As the come with utilizes the services of part-time students, it is advised to hire another student proficient in web organic evolution as standard times required to develop such websites can take as secondary as a month to develop and deploy for customer use. Additionally, figures obtained for the years between 2002 and 2006 have shown that by from the countries in the EU and the US, a large number of travelers preferred other destinations in Asia and Africa, with the largest among them preferring India, Egypt, and Turkey.However, the good news program is that even during times of recession, statistics from the Department of Statistics in the UK government show that the amount of spending on travel has remained relatively unhindered. This is partly because the willingness to travel among customers is not diminished to ground levels and customers instead prefer to go on shorter holidays. the added pressures that are part of the todays corporate world do not provide three-year-old people with a lot of time to consider holidays. as such, offering shorter deals for durations between 1 to 2 weeks is also advised.Additionally, the number of travelers going abroad on trips for the duration between 1 to 2 weeks is well half the trips of duration in the range of 3-4 weeks. As such, it presents a wonderful opportunity for Premium travel to consider the shorter segment as a wonderful opportunity to expand a business, which will function further in weathering the crisis.

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Wite about a relationship.. Descrive in detail the relationship's Essay

Wite about a family relationship.. Descrive in detail the relationships movement through Knapps pointednesss of social relationsship - Essay ExampleThe main cause of repetition of ane stage is the role that it plays in the increase of the relationship as it progresses or fails. Not all boyfriend girlfriend relationships reach maturity stage and this usually happens several phases are omitted and when the relationship faces challenges at its early stage (Rothwell, 279).The initiation stage which is the introductory stage of coming together is very important in boyfriend girlfriend relationship development. This is because the starting time impressions of the partners involved are made and they are able to compare their likes and dislikes on each other. Physical influences usually play a greater role in this stage, such as the hair styles, c jalopyhing, perfumes, height and make up voice. Human beings are a social being and hence would like to portray themselves as friendly, liberal to share some conversations and open to debate some issues. In this stage, there are no hidden conversations but it only aims at surveying the possibility of earlier personal association with someone (Rothwell, 280). some other important stage after initiation is experimentation. This is where both the boy and the girl try to observe and disassemble their similarities and differences such as the carrier interests and hobbies in their lives. It is also known as the probing stage, this is because each of the twain partners tries to probe one another to get relevant information that would allow the progress of the new relationship between them. This stage is where many relationships end especially when the two individuals realize that they have a lot of differences than similarities.The view relationships that go through the experimentation stage experience intensifying stage. In this stage, the partners come remnant to one another with the motive of knowing each other more deeply and to test the hollows the one is making. According to mark Knapp model, the relationships

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Rudolf Steiners ideas for the care and education of young children Essay

Rudolf Steiners ideas for the cargon and education of young peasantren - Essay ExampleIf the olds are facing this hardship difficult to deal with the new things in this world how much more the young ones who will be raced up in this kind of world There is a saying that the youngs are the hope of the land. As they took step on the developmental period specific behaviors represent qualitative changes in the structure or function of these organisms that appear over a given stage following progressive sequences. And so they change physical developments until they become adults like us. Childhood phase is the said to be the molding ground for individuals. It serves as the foundation of a human being.The Head of the German Theosophical Society, Rudolf Steiner believed that children passes through three seven-year stages and that education should be appropriate to the face for each stage. Birth to age 7, which he said is a period for the spirit to adjust to being in the material world. At this stage, children best describe through imitation. Academic satisfy is held to a minimum during these years. Children are told fairy tales, and do no reading until about the atomic number 42 grade. They learn about the alphabet and writing in first grade. According to Steiner, the second stage of increase is characterized by imagination and fantasy. Children learn best from ages 7 to 14 by acceptance and emulation of authority. The children progress to a single teacher during this period and the school becomes a family with the teacher as the authoritative bring up. The third stage, from 14 to 21, is when the astral body is drawn into the physical body, causing puberty. These beliefs are acceptable but let us examine carefully the curriculum he is trying to imply. As he construct his Goetheanum the school of spiritual science of Waldorf school for the children of workers at the Waldorf-Astoria cigarette factory in Stuttgart, Germany, in 1919 and presently operating in North America. Steiner designed the curriculum of his schools around notions that he apparently got by excess spiritual insight into the nature of Nature and the nature of children. The education here focuses on myths and other non-Christian thing. away from that they are encouraging Satanism which is not morally upright for a Christian Society. Children must learn how to be love and appreciate love and affections the gain from others. They should learn things about them and answer their questions related to where they came from. wherefore not teach some about the Creator. His views pertaining to caring to children are appropriate, he value the stages that an individual is in. He considered the stages where the child is in need. He said that children at the 0 to 7 years old are adjusting him in the material world. Yes thats true. Aside from living in a material world of course the child must have the material support too, coming from the parents who are the guardians. As from th e Abraham Maslows Hierarch of Needs that sooner an individual reach the point or level that he is a self - actualized person, a person must first take his step in having the Basic needs, including clothes, foods and any material supports before he