Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Outline the Importance of the Land Rights Movement, Specifically Referring to the Wik Decision, Mabo Judgement and the Native Title.

define the importance of the following for the shoot down rights movement Native Title Mabo Wik Evidently, the land rights movement involves the ideas of the Wik, Mabo decision, as well as the Native Title. Aboriginal mess are able to rebuild connections with their spiritualism, through the land. Aspects of Indigenous Aboriginal spirituality such as ancestral spirit beings, totems, sacred duties and rituals are held within the land.Native title refers to individual or communal, rights or interests of Aboriginal mass or Torres Strait Islanders in relation to waters or land. This constellation of land title was considered to be of great signifi spatece to Aboriginal hatful because it allowed them to gain social and economic independence, and was a huge leap in their journey of self determination. It aimed to assist the psychiatric hospital of native title by organising the Mabo decision.In the end, Aboriginal people want to own their sacred sites, and this can only be achieved through the Native Title. Eddie Mabo was an Indigenous Aboriginal human race who established the Mabo decision of June 1992. This decision provided the recognition that Australia was under British resolve in 1788, hence going completely against the concept of Terra Nullius. It was this dramatic result, which contributed towards the establishment of the Native Title.Native Title became part of the known laws of Australia, which meant that Mabos placard provided all Aboriginal people with justice and equality. The Wik decision expresses the notion that native, leasehold and roughly other types of land titles can successfully co exist. This means that in that respect is great degree of fairness within this decision, as both the Aboriginals and the Australian government is pleased.

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