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Chaucer’s Pardoner’s tale Analysis on lines 520 through to 602

Chaucer's depiction of everyday life demonstrates the mockery, or even disregard for kindness, honesty and the other virtues that balance the sins prone to human error and judgment. With impiety being flaunted openly in society, this shows times of rebuke and alarm in the church, even man's faith in God's ruling. The connotation of the extract given is simply the ease of sin and how good men can without difficulty be undone by moments of weakness and foolery. He moulds the inner thoughts and desires of his characters intimately, summarising their nature rather than their movements and opinions. The rapidity of pace deciphers the verses as the tone strengthens the moral undertones. His anger shows through, particularly from lines 531 to 540 resulting in the highlighting of Chaucer's main frustration, – avoidable wickedness – whereby they lose themselves and everything they hold dear. The sins that cause the most damage to man are pride, wrath and gluttony. These sins, along with others, diminish souls and ultimately the prospect of eternal life and happiness in heaven. The narrative is in the first person, believed to be Chaucer's own voice and how he views people who openly sin. Chaucer's moralistic beliefs are being highlighted through the denotation of the pardoner's character's actions. The pardoner seems to be the puppet outlining the loneliness of transgressions gone awry. â€Å"Now lat us sitte and drynke, and make us merie, And afterward we wol his body berie. † The church was a place of redemption in those times, people turned to the followers of God as their moral compass but the pardoner openly flaunts his lack of guidance and even his lack of guilt for his actions. He acknowledges that good doing is rewarded in the end but then is the last one to learn from his own words. Irony is rife in the pardoner's tale as the young men all vowed to each other that they would protect and look after each other as brothers but the irony is that they have barely just sworn the oath when it is already falling apart after the first hurdle. â€Å"That oon of hem spak thus unto that oother, Thou woost wel, that oure felawe is agon, And heere is gold, and that ful greet plentee, That shal departed been among us thre. But nathelees, if I kan shape it so That it departed were among us two,† The irony of their being told that they would find death if they went the ‘crooked way' by the old man also demonstrates their behaviour being that of a morally crooked person. When the rioters all find the money, they all draw lots for who will go and find food and drink, and who will look after the money. In the end the youngest goes to the village and requests rat poison to get rid of vermin. This suggests that he believes his ‘brothers' to be moral vermin, which is ironic because he is already plotting the same crime as them. In each section of the passage there is a distinct expression of interaction between the two brothers and the third with the owner of the ‘pothecarie'. In both scenes they are talking about death but in different terms. The brothers are convincing one another that killing the third is appropriate, meanwhile the third brother has already convinced himself that the others must go and so is now explaining to the owner that he wants to buy poison and even refers to the brothers as vermin that bother him. This ironic turning from one brothers vow to the others as embracing them as blood, to plotting and acting out their demise. In both scenarios the link to loyalty and decency has altered to tie them together to fulfil the old mans promise of finding death. The pace is solid and rhyme continuous as it keeps the rigidity of poignant blows and references to death. The repetitiveness in mentioning death keeps it fresh and lingering in the foreground of the tale. The narrative voice morphs from character to character, expressing their views and opinions till the collective conclusion with the brothers lying deceased. The verse collects to form this imagery of shadows caressing their resting place, deep in the woods, hidden to outside man with no one to care for their wounds. References like â€Å"Arys, as though thou woldest with hym pleye, And I shal ryve hym thurgh the sydes tweye, Whil that thou strogelest with hym as in game, And with thy daggere looke thou do the same;† conjures up man wrestling for life, prehistoric society to find leaders, betrayal and dark tones. Each word strips the men of their innocence in the eyes of the reader, losing empathy and respect as Chaucer had intended. The main reason for Chaucer to react so fervently about gluttony is because it is a passage-way to sin, often prompting another sinful action. Sins are closely linked to one another, so one situation can easily escalate quickly, leading to other greater sins. â€Å"Ther is no man that lyveth under the trone Of God, that sholde lyve so murye as I. And atte laste the feend, oure enemy, Putte in his thought that he sholde poyson beye,† The seven deadly sins are pride, envy, anger, sloth, gluttony, avarice, and lechery. Geoffrey Chaucer's masterpiece, The Canterbury Tales, provides an excellent story about the deadly sins. Focusing mainly on the sins of pride, gluttony and greed, the characters found in The Canterbury Tales, particularly The Pardoner's Tale, are so overwhelmed by their earthly desires and ambitions that they fail to see the effects of their sinful actions, therefore depriving themselves of salvation. With the summary of the tale coming to a close, God's image is distorted by their immoral actions, with inebriation being the initial start to the deadly seven vices. This delivers the first of human failings, sin, thereby setting the tone of guilt, showing the listener the need for remorse. Chaucer reaches this with the opening to the studied passage ‘To gete a glotoun deyntee mete and drynke! Of this matiere, o paul, wel kanstow trete — Mete unto wombe, and wombe eek unto mete, Shal God destroyen bothe, as paulus seith. Showing the drink as an accompaniment to sin, gluttony reminds each individual that sins all lead to each other as they conjure up associated personal painful experiences. These brought up alongside the counterbalanced seven virtues gives great strength to salvation. Chaucer shows himself as the narrator, or man's conscience, as he personifies the voice of logic and reason, and so guides the reader to the inevitable conclusion. Gluttony is defined as the over-indulgence of food and drink. The pardoner said that gluttony was the sin that corrupted the world. The first form of gluttony is drunkenness. ‘o dronke manb, disfigured is thy face, sour is thy breeth, foul artow to embrace, and thurgh thy dronke nose semeth the soun as though though sedest as sampsoun, sampsoun! Drunkenness is sinful because man loses his ability to reason. The three men were guilty of gluttony when they over indulged in wine at the tavern that eventually led to swearing, lechery and the desire to harm one another, even unto death. The pardoner claimed that drunkenness played a big role when Lot committed incest with two of his daughters. Drunkenness influenced Herod's decision when he ordered John the Baptist beheaded. With gluttony unknowingly being the passage sin committed, these two examples lead both to incest, rape and murder. The pardoner, however, did not practice what he preached. He couldn't proceed with his exemplum until he had had something more to drink! The youngest brother is the one that most of the focal point for evil can be centred upon because he is alone in his convictions to murder. The other two have each other to coax each other on, and derive grave unfortunate conclusions but the youngest has set out, even being told by the owner â€Å"This poysoun is so strong and violent. This cursed man hath in his hond yhent†, meaning that he knows they shall suffer, feel the pain and have them know it was him that had ended their lives for his selfish gain, but still â€Å"To sleen hem bothe, and nevere to repente†. Lines 531 to 535 shows Chaucer's complete shock and disgust, connecting alcohol with promiscuity and fake idols, which leads to being corrupt enemies of Christ. ‘I seye it now wepyng, with pitous voys that they been enemys of cristes croys, of whiche the ende is deeth, wombe is hir god! O wombe! o bely! stynkyng cod, Fulfilled of dong and of corrupcioun! The sin of lust is introduced in this verse as the men favour the satisfactions of the flesh rather than the purity of their souls, showing that they have spiritually rejected heaven and Christ. Lines 542 to 550 depicts the gluttony of their characters as painted by Chaucer's narrative, ‘The Mary, for they caste noght awey that may go thurgh the golet softe and swoote. Of spicerie of leef, and bark, and roote shal been his sauce ymaked by delit, to make hym yet a newer appetite. But, certes, he that haunteth swiche delices is deed, whil that he lyveth in tho vices. A lecherous thyng is wyn, and dronkenesse is ful of stryvyng and of wrecchednesse. ‘ The verse portrays the men as selfish; the moral portrays their characters as turning from focused to sloth from the time they find the money. Each man believes he should have the money and so their pride and greed get in the way of their judgment, leading to wrath. The verses keep their symmetry in theme, rhythm and dark undertones. Each man set out on a different path but each with a similar goal in mind. Some plot together, â€Å"Thou knowest wel thou art my sworen brother; Thy profit wol I telle thee anon. † others convince themselves â€Å"O lorde,† quod he, â€Å"if so were that I myghte, Have al this tresor to my-self allone,† but all come to the same conclusion. The balance of good intent, to corrupt from sinful gains shadows the story that was told by a man so worthy of pity and hatred that the ironic twist is not lost, even though the men found their fate. The pardoner lives on to tell the tale and grasp his forgivable life of emotionless riches. The style carries their deceit and sins. They declare they are good but the narrative makes liars of them as their tongues no longer know what they speak. Each narrative voice shows the central characters as bad, if not misguided and foolish men, directed only by the pleasures of the material world rather than the spiritual. Their comparison of themselves to honourable men, which are good and noble, plays to their pride and make them almost boastful, if the text had been in, the first person. Alas, the raconteur continues to show the men up, following every prideful sin. For the verse to finish with the men still being wicked, deceitful, and even turning against each other, they are shown as doomed. This is the message that I believe Chaucer is trying to scream out at us; Love God, love thy neighbour. Unfortunately there is always temptation but if you follow it, it will never take you to where you thought you would end up; instead, evil will take over, strip you of your soul and leave you bare and alone. â€Å"To take the botel ther the poysoun was, And drank, and yaf his felawe drynke also, For which anon they storven bothe two. â€Å"

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Being a Man: Rhetorical Analysis

Being a Man, by Paul Theroux, delineates the negative effects of being a man According to himself. Theroux, in his piece, argues that a man is oppressed by gender expectations, despite living in a society where women are belittled in comparison to men. Theroux attempts to explain the gap between genders which cause bad marriages, social misfits, moral degenerates, sadists, and latent rapists. Theroux proposes that the idea of manhood in America has caused some men to feel like they dislike being a men, and caused them to reject part of their own identity deep down inside.His overall purpose it to bring awareness to both genders that an oppression is happening to American society due to gender. Theroux tries to create understanding between the two opposing genders and find common ground against the same type of oppression both genders face, â€Å"This version of masculinity is a little like having to wear an ill-fitting coat for one’s entire life (by contrast, I imagine femini nity to be an oppressive sense of nakedness)†.Theroux uses parenthetical comments in order to widen the range of theme to his essay. He not only writes about man, but about women to and how they both have become affected by the gender constructs put in place from living in an American society. This allows his target audience (both men and women) to become understanding of his purpose in the essay. Not only are men able to relate, but women to as they are remembered in the fact that they face the same oppression as the one described by Theroux.This rhetorical effect is repeated to reemphasize Theroux’s purpose, â€Å"(The paradox in American letters is that it has always been easier for a woman to write and for a man to be published)† Theroux is able to not only give the message that the gender constructs oppresses only men, but also women, gender in general for that matter. Theroux is able to successfully convey his message (to both genders) that this society is harmful to both genders. Theroux appeals to the audience’s sense of emotion as he applies his arguments soundly to gender oppression, an emotion felt with both members to his target audience.His argument is that gender constructs lead to an oppression that leaves one feeling a displeasure with their own identity. This feeling of self-loathing appeals to people’s sense of emotion. This appeal allows the readers to engage and relate, which captivates them into realizing Theroux’s message. Theroux is effective in his proper use of pathos without having to consult much with the author branches of persuasion, credibility and logic. Personally I am not able to relate much with the American gender construct. Seeing as I was raised in a more Mexican household, I was raised to believe in a stricter gender construct.One that doesn’t apply much to Theroux’s description of the male gender construct setup by American society. Mine has roots in a one that emphas izes absolute respect for women and realizing that her body is nothing less than sacred. You’d think that this would be a better way of thinking, but this kind of thinking still implies that a woman is in need of more respect, which creates a kind of sexual inequality. Although making sense and persuading me in his argument, I was not able to relate to his argument, which was part of his purpose.

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The Latifundia System in Rome

The latifunda system, which established first in ancient Rome around 2nd century BC, were large farms which were owned by the wealthy classes. The latifundia became common in the Roman Empire as a result of the decline of Roman moral values and the political corruption that resulted from the acquisition of wealth and power that the Empire brought. With the breakdown of the Pax Romana and the inability of Roman law to provide security, small landowners increasingly turned to larger, more powerful estates for security.Peasants turned over their land to the latifundia and formed a new class called the slaves. Slaves from conquered territory were bought and forced to manage and work. The abundant supply of slaves led to increase in worse labor condition and decrease in free laborers on these large estates. These estates turned plantation systems included a lot of working slaves, known as Latifundias, became popular and spread throughout many regions in the Roman. In my opinion, it is not ignorable that the latifundia led to huge increase in production and trade, so more profit and wealth. But these gains served only the wealthy landowners.Latifundia benefited the elite class greatly, because it provided freedom as merchant traders and they used cheap slave labour force to gain more agricultural or animal product. With the latifundia, instead of previous demands to grow grain, a new age of farming was introduced, producing olive oil and wine, and herding sheep and cattle for trade. In my opinion the increasing gap between lords and slaves was a negative effect of latifunda that lead to some social problems. For instance, only the wealthy could afford to lease this land they eventually began treating it as if it were their own and not the states.The small farmers and slaves became to depend on the wealthy class and lose their freedom. Sometimes there are several protests were all in attempt to lessen the power gap between the wealthy and poor, but, as the protests ke pt being overturned. However tension between the wealthy and peasants continued to increase. One of the important negative effects of latifundia system is â€Å"Over-farming†. As independent farmers were replaced by large slave-farmed estates the basis of farming became short-term profit; so there was little done in terms of conservation or properly fertilizing crops, so fertility  decreased quickly in these agricultural areas. Large areas of southern Italy became literal dust bowls, as they remain today.As a result, Italy could no longer feed itself. In sum, although the latifunda system raised the production and trade, it lead to negative social and environmental condition which would cause bigger problem in future in Rome.

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Organisations Design Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Organisations Design - Essay Example ctively silence criticism and concerns by the rank and file, a culture that mocked and ignored ethical compliance issues, and numerous other elements that reduced their effective impulse control, morality, concern over their actions and ability to perceive the inevitable consequences of their actions. Definition of Culture Schein defines culture thusly: â€Å"a pattern of basic assumptions...developed by a given group as it learns to cope with its problems of external adaptation and internal integration...considered valid and, therefore, to be taught to new members as the correct way to...think† (1985, p. 9). Culture can be considered to be separate from but clearly intertwined with institutional characteristics. Institutional decisions to scuttle external auditing and accounts is an institutional decision. The sentiments behind that decision that laugh at external controls and view them as unnecessary is a cultural trait of the organisation. ... . ethics – successful, driven, focused, philanthropic and responsible† (Sims and Brinkmann, 2003). Just as the company had seemed to be the darling of Wall Street and invulnerable to failure, it also seemed to be a truly responsible company. Of course, it is important to note that not everyone bought into Enron's golden story. Greg Palast, an investigative journalist for The Guardian, had been writing exposes on Enron for years (2004). Palast in a retrospective on Enron in 2002 argued that Enron's collapse was predictable due to a combination of lackluster media criticism that continued after the crisis, a culture of political irresponsibility and a sense of political entitlement, arrogance, and other factors: One tabloid...called Baxter a "hero"...[T]his is the Baxter who last year quietly crawled out of Enron...then dumped his stock on unsuspecting buyers... There have been a lot of misplaced tears in the Affair Enron. The employees were shafted, no doubt about it. But the shareholders? I didn't hear any of them moan when Enron stock shot up through the roof when the company, joined by a half dozen other power pirates, manipulated, monopolised and muscled the California electricity market a year ago...Enron and half a dozen others skinned purchasers for more than $12bn in excess charges....Enron sold 500 megawatts of power to the state for delivery over a 15-megawatt line...[T]he company knew darn well the juice couldn't make it over the line, causing panic in the state - customers would then pay 10 times the normal cost... The federal regulator caught that one. Within weeks of taking office, George Bush demoted the troublesome official. Lay boasted to one candidate expected to replace the sacked regulator that

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International Finance in USA Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

International Finance in USA - Assignment Example Last March 9, 2006, the US Census Bureau/US Bureau of Economic Analysis issued a press release outlining the state of the country’s economy. It announces that total January exports of $114.4Billion and imports of 182.9 billion resulted in a goods and services deficit of $68.5 billion, which is $ 3.4 billion, more than the 65.1 billion in December. January exports were 2.8 billion more than December exports of 111.6 billion. January imports were 62.2 billion more than December imports of 176.6 billion. (U.S. Department of Commerce, March 9, 2006). The balance of payments (or BOP) is a measure upon which a country traces how much money flows into or out of a given country or countries1. Factors involved in the determination of balance of payment is the country’s export2 and import3 of goods, services and financial capital4, including financial transfers. The need for some balance of payments statistics can be traced back to the Fourteenth century when the Bullionist Doctrine5 was developed in England which led to the prohibition of export of bullion. This is the early form of Mercantilism which seeks to achieve an equilibrium between the value of exports and imports (Soderstien 1980). The latter part of the Mercantilist period observed that there are also transactions which stem from trade relations outside of the country and should be taken into considerations in order to establish a state of economic equilibrium. The principle of balance of payment gives us an idea of how much money or wealth is flowing and how much is flowing out of the county. If the amount of wealth flowing out of the country is more than the amount flowing into such a country, we have a negative balance of payment or a deficit. In the same manner, where more wealth enters into the country than that which flows out, then we have a positive balance which we refer to as surplus.  


LEGAL IMPLICATIONS IN HUMAN RESOURCES SESSION LONG PROJECT 1 (USAA)EMPLOYMENT LAW - Essay Example The company has its head quarters in San Antonio Texas and it is one large single occupancy office building. The company is not a unionized company. USAA has a strong and well developed human resources team which deals with all the employee needs. The company currently is a home for almost twenty two thousand employees. The human resources team is well developed and well equipped to meet the needs of the employees. The company deals with a number of different products which are highly competitive in nature and are focused mainly for the military families. The company also offers a number of products to the general public as well. These include, investments, financial planning, life insurance and also other banking products like savings accounts, checking accounts and also CDs (USAA). The main aim of this organization however has solely been to provide financial strength and a strong foundation to the military families which depend on the company for higher and superior products and s ervices. USAA and Laws: The changes in the law and major court decisions leads to a few changes in the overall organization. USAA can be impacted by the changes in the law.

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Destruction Art of Yoko Ono Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Destruction Art of Yoko Ono - Research Paper Example The research paper "Destruction Art of Yoko Ono" highlights Yoko Ono’s work based on â€Å"destruction art†. The life of Ono and her work received misunderstanding from many people. The art was an ethical matter where the survivors tried exposing the violence and their histories. Most of the artists were both concerned with destruction of physical materials and objects and using media to address the issues of violence and destruction. In the entire career of Yoko Ono, she defied the usual contemporary of arts by making use of the concept power to convey the philosophical and aesthetic meaning. Yoko Ono’s work has since addressed the issues related to destruction through modification of objects, presentation of objects, conceptual instructions, and conceptual performance. Incorporating the issues of destruction in her work, promoted creative thinking, drawing the destruction reality hides in the social and physical body. Most of her works are an annexed with the u nusual experiences in the beginning of her life. Today, Yoko is an artist that was influential because he pushed the boundaries of film, art, and music and theatre media. Yoko Ono’s ideas and work had an enormous influence on a whole generation in 60s and early 70s. It has remained a crucial mark in the development of various forms of art in every part of the world today. Yoko Ono used intangible and ephemeral materials to draw the audience back to the philosophical and conceptual state. She plays with silence and noise and created temporary pieces from shadows and touch.

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Intro and conclusion for TVR journal entries Essay

Intro and conclusion for TVR journal entries - Essay Example ed to be completely objective as the nature of the term â€Å"journal entries† implies that I am given license to explore avenues of a personal kind as well. My journal entries for the book Mass Media in a Changing World by George Rodman are a personal account of my feelings about the Mass Media and how I feel it has affected the world around me. It is not an objective analysis of the chapters, rather a personal viewpoint with regard being given to latest issues and research. I have not tried to merely pick out scenarios from personal life, but have illustrated examples that most of the people can identify and relate with. Anyone reading the journal entries will not necessary get to know what the book itself contains, but rather s/he will gain an insight into how I, personally, feel about the Mass Media. I have enjoyed writing these journal entries a lot; they have made me learn new things along with reinforcing my beliefs about the Mass Media. Before reading the book and writing these entries, I believed Mass Media to be a two edged sword; not completely good or bad, engaging in these activities has reinforced these beliefs of mine. It is evident to me that the effect the Media has on us depends on the way it is used; when used for the good, it gives positive results and when used badly, it gives negative results. However, I also learned that there is no fine line between wrong and right in the Media and sometimes it is hard to establish what â€Å"ethical† exactly is in a given situation, however, I do hope that with the development of the Media, these ethical dilemmas can be solved and the Media can develop into a strong, positive factor in our lives. I have gained quite a bit of insight through writing these journal entries. I have learned that though the Mass Media is a positive tool when it comes to knowledge and information, it can, and often is, used negatively and focuses on the unusual and sensational. Mostly when corporations are involved, economic

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KIEU ESSAY-THEME 2 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

KIEU -THEME 2 - Essay Example He contradicts his position of morality as at one point he is immoral and some other point he is moral. The character Thuc Ky Tam portrays the theme of immorality in ‘the tales of Kieu’. It is evident throughout the old story narrated in the poem. Thuc Ky Tam is at first introduced in the story to be the top manager of a brothel. As known to the public at large, brothels are place where immorality is practiced at its highest levels. For such a person to be in charge of a brothel, more at the time this poem was publicized, he had to be immoral. In spite of Thuc Ky Tam’s actions later in the story, he carries on the shameful deeds of individuals who maintained visiting the brothel. Thuc is one person who was well bred and educated and was supposed to defend women rather than indulging in immoral acts with them. This defilement act portrays the character of Thuc to be obviously immoral man. The family of Thuc can be described to be well bred and well to do as they ha d a trading shop. Thuc at his early ages was a man of passion as sings of Kieu’s beauty from the moment he saw her. He made it his initiative to persuade and make her fall in love with him for which he accomplished (Nguyen, pp.69). He first saw Kieu in the brothel at her place of work and where Thuc was a manager. They went on to see each other on many instances and their relationship looked to be more intimate than being casual. Visible closeness existed between the two that portrayed to true lovers. Thuc expressed his emotions to Kieu who answered back by professing her love to him. Nevertheless, Kieu’s current and past job was a stumbling block as she knew it could not be ignored. Thuc was a married man and this was a challenge to their relationship with Kieu as they could not get into a union of marriage. It also barred them from carrying out their relationship outside the brothel. Kiev talked about the wife of Thuc, "But if the lady lords over you, I shall be toss ed to her, your lioness" This did not shake Thuc as their situations that grew worse rather made them stronger in love. The character of Thuc makes a turn at this juncture when what he feels for Kieu makes him liberate move away form the brothel. Thuc does this by paying Dame Tu, madam at the brothel which showed that he held to his words by honoring his promise. Kiev and Thuc continued in their relationship as married partners with Thuc looking after his wife and life became enjoyable. This is contrary to one’s expectation of an affair between a man who was frequent in brothels and a prostitute. One’s expectation may be that the two would at one time renounce the life they live and turn into a new leaf. Nevertheless, their relationship looked so comfortable and normal that there could be an end. The character of Thuc transforms to man of good deeds and one may attempt to deliver him from his past sins of prostitution and frequenting brothels. His father who has been a way is responsible for stereotyping the play in this love story of Thuc and Kieu. He warns them that Thuc should take Kieu back to where she worked as a prostitute or judgment awaits them for making a mistake of living together while Thuc was still in another union. The two opted for the worse by waiting for the judgment as they continued to live together. What trouble his father was that Thuc had chosen a prostitute for a wife and this tarnished the family name. Thuc and Kieu face judgment and at the start, the case was against Kieu who had

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If One Is Truly Serious About Achieving Essay Example for Free

If One Is Truly Serious About Achieving Essay If one is truly serious about achieving the ultimate goal of human life by perfecting his spiritual inquiry, he must adopt a life style that is conducive to the cultivation of self-realizing knowledge. This life style can be beautifully summarized in the phrase simple living and high thinking. Here simple living is in relation to maintenance of the body, and high thinking is in relation to the aim of ones intellectual pursuits. In order to exist in this world it is necessary to maintain ones bodily existence, but as will be shown in later lessons, maintenance of the body is not progress towards the goal of life. Maintenance just allows one to perform the activity of existing in a particular body, which does not denote any accomplishment of a goal. This maintenance of the body involving mainly our activities of eating, sleeping, mating and defending is not in itself any great feat opportunity achievement. Even the animals are engaging in these activities of bodily maintenance. The cows also eat, the birds also mate, the hogs also sleep and the dogs also defend. Simply engaging in these activities of maintenance does not actually make one human. For this reason, one who is interested in achieving the real, permanent goal of life does not focus solely on these activities of bodily maintenance, but he rather focuses primarily on the path of perfection. This is why he adopts the process of simple living. The basic principle of simple living is accepting whatever is necessary for maintaining the body, so that we can use the energized body for higher philosophical pursuits directed towards our pure self identity. One only accepts that which is necessary for existence and does not take anything that is an unnecessary complication to life. In this way, by the process of living simply, one will be able to, if properly directed, arrive at the point of high thinking, the actual human essence. What exactly is the meaning of high thinking? High thinking entils the [continues].

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Article Analysis on the Global Economic Crisis

Article Analysis on the Global Economic Crisis Table of Contents INTRODUCTION GLOBAL BANKS: A WORLD OF PAIN Citigroup: Citi never reaps Greece Economy: Running on Empty CONCLUSION Bibliography INTRODUCTION This paper is about the discussion on the recent the economist article based on global banks: a world of pain, Citi group: Citi never reaps and Greece economy: running on empty. GLOBAL BANKS: A WORLD OF PAIN[G1] Bail-out big banks: In my opinion, the bailout happens, when the money of the bank is in the struggling entity to prevent its complete collapse. The world largest banks are connected through a mesh of short term loans which provide credit guarantee and financial contracts of others. This connection is a risky one that can also be a cause for a big bank to bail out. The economic crisis may also happen because of the doubts aroused in the ability of a single financial firm to meet its prescribed responsibility and to repay their loan. The bank regulation can improve in requiring some reserve ratio during the thriving times. Another way is to limit the percentage funding which come from the short time money market. (Pettinger 2009) Giant Firms proved hard to manage subsidiaries and struggled to be built common system: In my opinion, the giant firm may fail to build a common system may be because of the disappointed employees of the firm which may be because of the rules. The big firm won’t be having enough time to check whether the highly talented employee is working for the good on-going project and to know whether he is comfortable with that or not. I also feel that good discussion is a well said example for the consistent growth of the firm. So these giant firms might have not followed the discussion process properly. Priority should also be given for the talented employees to work for the wellness of the firm. The mission and vision should be clearly set and the execution of the process for it should be done accordingly to make their work more easy and it will also pave way for building common system. Basel 3 and complicated regulation and increase the cost: In my opinion, the global and the liquidity rule (Basel 3) can be focussed better than they do now. All the banks will face a strict regulation because of the new liquidity standard, the risk coverage, and the new leverage ratio. Because of the bank capital will also decrease along with the increase in capital ratio for the upcoming years. This will cause problem for some banks. I feel that bank will experience the pressure on Return of Equity (ROE) because of the increase in the capital and the liquidity cost. For this bank have to work in a number of areas and have to work on Basel 3 issues and they have to set priority for the close, mid and for the longer term. Citigroup: Citi never reaps[G2][G3] In my opinion, I agree that the Citi bank had money but they are still in a question of knowing how the straggling financial firm turn out to be. It had a good growth. According to George Moore the chairman of new look committee said that they boost the development of the business till maximum. But the current head is controversy. It’s Michael Corbat[G4] who is the CEO of Citi group. All its branches are shrinking. Corbat(CEO of Citi group) itself[G5] had sold out nearly 60 businesses. Citi had already failed in the stress test in 2012 and 2014and it’s asked not to hike its share. At first the failure deceased Vikram Pandit, the former chief executive and how if this failure continues it will be hopefully Corbat who will be deceased from the Citi group. [G6]It made a mark in the market because of its strength and the responsibility. Certain activities of Citi group are glitches. Usage of property design instead of cash machine by Citi group is a well said example as bec ause it should be the only bank using it. Retail business reduction is uptight. At first they thought of reducing the operation in Dallas and Houston of Texas. But later it was in a stage to extinct the complete state. Its operation in the threat lying areas is also a risk. It will surely provide few or no return. Some rules are more complicated here which makes the customers to move away. Mr.Peabody share his view for this shrinking of Citi group is because of responsibility increased in taking many risky transaction for example bought deals. It is of consuming the seed corn and producing the profit at a later stage. City group comments that it is of helping their customers who are in a verge against drive in the currency and commodity. (Citigroup Citi never reaps 2015) Greece Economy: Running on Empty In my opinion, I am agree that the vital operation initiated by the new prime minister of Greece Mr.Alexis Tsipras asking for the reviled bond out extension of the country is misleading as an awaiting crack from the creditors made the government back and leaning to the close edge made the state economy as liquidation and might more worseness in the country. Unbearable process is only has been provided by the government for fleshing out very few restructurings. After 6 six years the Greek economy showed a little improvement. In the last three months of 2014 there was a fall by 0.2% because of the election. Battering the economy and public finance by political confusion can be of 3 ways as follows: Compulsory revision of bank accounts into less valuable drachmas Political disruption Political storm in public finance Compulsory revision of bank account into less valuable drachmas, some business and house hold are pulled out. Many withdrawals continued, deposit loss which leads to striking capital controls. Out of these some possible help is reined by ECB (European Central Bank). Political disruption is created ambiguity. Holding the domestic project frightened the foreign investors. This will not decrease until or otherwise confidence is created by the government to the investors. Political storm in public finance , it is bond market cut off made the government to struggle to pay the bill. I am agree with the author that the worsening of the finance is because the worse treating of the Greece government. A good among bad is it did not affect the tourism of that country. Mr.Trispas is also in a need to break most of his political promises (Greece’s economy Running on empty 2015) CONCLUSION A complete discussion of the global banks, their struggle in the competitive market because of the emerging local banks and the internal reason for the back struck has been discussed in the paper. [G7]The complication in the regulation made the banking tough. The Basel 3 norms are also complicated which made the banks to have the risk coverage and the liquidity standards. Continuous revision for the banks along with discussions can be made to maked their share in the market consistent. Bibliography Citigroup Citi never reaps. March 7 2015. Global banks A world of pain. 7 march 2015. Greece’s economy Running on empty. 7 March 2015. 1 [G1]You summarized the articles and did not provide your opinion, I break-down to sub-titles , for each write 150-200 words Search for ready made argument in the net and rephrase it and start in my opinion and I agree or disagree [G2] [G3]Re-write this para As similar what I did with Greece Economy below [G4]What his position [G5] [G6]It is not clear what you want to say , re-write the sentence [G7]Here make summary of the issues above in 4-7 lines

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Adidas and Reebok Marketing Communication Strategies

Adidas and Reebok Marketing Communication Strategies Introduction: This reported is presented with intent to draw would the comparison in the marketing communication strategies and mix adopted by the shoes brands Adidas and Reebok. The dual brands are functioning in a non-monopolistic global market environment which imposes the need to be market savvy and creative on the part of the business houses such as Adidas, Reebok and many other established brands to not only retain their existing market segment but also grow into new market on a local, national and international plane. There is a pre-existing need to modify strategies in context to pricing, advertising, product lines, product quality and marketing communication strategies. Failure to do so on the part of the business houses could adversely affect the sales of the product and lead the company and the product to an undesirable state of declination. The fact cannot be denied that the athletic shoe brand market has been emerging to be extremely competitive and a few brand names such as Adidas, Reebok, Nike, Puma have successfully captured certain market segments. These brands recognise the need to retain their market position and work towards market growth in the process. Adidas and Reebok, for the sake of exemplification have proven the fact that besides high quality products, a good market communication strategy and mix is vital for survival and simultaneous growth in a market which is constantly driven by a competitive atmosphere. I intent to utilize the following techniques to present a comparative analysis on the strategies adopted by Adidas and Reebok: Primary Research: Consumers would be interviewed and data compiled would be analyzed and inferences would be drawn on that basis. Secondary Research: Secondary Research would be gathering, analysing and segregation of data from websites, business journals and books. Business Analytical Tools: S.W.O.T. Analysis, Marketing Mix Market and Literature Review: Adidas: The German National Adolp Dassler could be credited with the creation of the phenomenal brand Adidas. His nickname Adi and the first syllable of his last name Das put together created the brand name Adidas. History states that Adolf was a shoe fanatic who spent several hours in his workshop designing shoes with intent to perfect it and to surpass anyone in this line of work. His dedication towards his cause led to the creation of this brand which in todays day and age is the second best global athletic shoe brand commanding a market position of 33% internationally after Nike. This brand came in to limelight with the 1926 Olympic Games wherein the sport star of the Games Jesse Owens wore Adidas shoes which performing at the Olympics. This led to instant recognition of this brand and soon the sales was reported to have gained huge momentum. The Olympic Games was the most crucial turning point in the history of the brand Adidas. From then on, Adidas, the Business house has been essentially sponsoring Global Sports Events, Olympic Games and many such events and has amassed mass popularity for their product lines. This strategy of the organization has helped the brand gain great worldwide media coverage for their product lines and the sales have been reported to grow in continuity. Zidane, Beckham and Kaka are the celebrities who wear Adidas shoes while performing at the games. The dual effect of high media coverage and the celebrity wearing Adidas creates a celebrity of sorts of the shoe brand Adidas. Today celebrity soccer players such as Kaka, Zinedine Zidane, David Beckham and many more are being sponsored by Adidas. Adidas has been successfully in existence for around 80 years being an integral part of the sports world providing hi-tech sports footwear, accessories and apparel. At the moment the business house takes pride in commanding a world position in the athletic shoe brand market. Adidas products especially shoes are sold all over the globe being available in almost every country of the world with multiple retail outlet wooing the consumers proving the fact that the business house has carved a distinctive niche for itself in the global market. Adidas has graduated from a small workshop in a little know German village to a world renowned global enterprise. ( The distinctive logo it possesses and the catchy advertising slogan Impossible is Nothing further consolidates the brand image and popularity. Reebok: Reeboks United Kingdom-based ancestor company was started off to cater to one basic need which was to help athletes run with speed of lightning. Joseph William Foster in 1890s created one of the first known running shoes with spikes in them. By the period of 1895, Foster was in business handmade shoes by hand for the countrys top runners; and not before much time his fledgling company, J.W. Foster and Sons, created success by catering to an international customer of highly known athletes. The family-owned business house with pride created the running shoes which were used by athletes in the 1924 Summer Games celebrated in the film Chariots of Fire. In 1958, Fosters grandsons commenced a companion company that was christened by them as Reebok, named for an African gazelle. In 1979, Paul Fireman, who was a partner in an outdoor sporting goods distributorship, noticed Reebok shoes at an international trade show. Later on, he went on to negotiate for the North American distribution license and made a grand introduction of three running shoes in the U.S. that year. At the selling price of $60, Reebok was the most expensive running shoes on the market. Currently, Reebok International is a highly marked player in the sports and fitness products market, with a particular emphasis on footwear. Its prime strengths lied in its size and massive brand awareness. While athletic shoes are clearly its core products, concerns are being brought up over its comparative lack of interest in the associated athletic apparel market, which is over double the dimensions of the footwear global market. ( Methodology: The methodology to execute this report successfully was primary and secondary method techniques. Primary method comprised of Consumer poll wherein a set of questions was asked to consumers of athletic shoes for their responses. The questionnaire comprised 10 questions based Reebok and Adidas drafted to draw answers which facilitated a comparative analysis While carrying out the secondary research, books and websites and learning modules were studied and comprehended. Employing the primary and secondary research techniques data compilation and analysis was carried out to draw inferences. Analysis and Discussion: Core Competencies (Jobber 2004) Adidas Core Competencies Technology Customer focus Brand recognition Supply chain Collaboratively competitive Reebok Core Competencies Trend Identification Ability to market to a niche segment Womens shoe design Design expertise Celebrity relationships S.W.O.T Analysis: (Belch 2004) A S.W.O.T Analysis in conducted of a business house helps us in understanding the strengths of the organization, the weaknesses it is confronted with, the opportunities the organization could avail of and the threats which present harm its growth, diversification and existence. Adidas Reebok Strength The prime strength of the organization is its 8 decades of existence in the global market. The employment of high end technology in the production process improves quality, precision and durability which are the most desired aspects by athletes. The organization has the largest international portfolio of celebrity sports ambassadors. The business house as a part of promotion sponsors football teams and has a high consumer brand loyalty mainly in U.S.A and India. Statistics and surveys indicate that Adidas has the maximum level of popularity and brand image in India. Reebok presents growing sales revenue. ON account of a part of a strategy to expand quality market share, the company indulged in the process of investing in three key products and marketing platforms: Performance, RBK and Classic. Reebok International happens to be the second largest producer of athletic shoes in the US, following Nike. The Reebok brand succeeds in accelerating sales pushing it closer to huge competitors such as Adidas. Reebok prides itself in being the number two or number three brand in most of its global markets. It dominates on 10% of the global market. The business house succeeds in increasing profits even though retail conditions are challenging. Weakness The pricing strategy of Adidas for all its products including athletic footwear lacks flexibility and is highly rigid and this proves to be a weakness in a general price conscious economy. Adidas is hovered over with a close competitor in the form of Nike, Puma and many more in the global market. The Indian subcontinent, which in now identified as a potentially growing market with high potential of revenue, the brand has not been showing good revenue results. The business has low market share in the apparel segment. Reebok has always focused on athletic shoes and not apparel. Here is where the business lags behind. The apparel market is twice as large as the footwear market and the competitors such as Adidas and Nike take advantage of this and sell their apparel products which add on heavily to their annual global turnover Opportunity Adidas should avail the opportunity to explore new world markets in the global arena. Health consciousness among the people in general is creating a good need for athletic shoes which should be skillfully tapped by Adidas. Creative advertising employed in continuity could open up opportunities of market growth and sustenance. The shoes are priced below average with a starting range of 45 dollars which is 15 dollars less than any other brand which sells at a basic 60 dollar price tag. Reebok could boost its price as it has a large consumer base worldwide and a price deviation is not expected to hinder sales but increase profitability. The organization could work on creating a better brand awareness in order to increase volume of sales. The brand could employ the best of technology to add quality and precision to its products. Threat Statistics show that Reebok, a competitor of Adidas has a good market share and employs a higher sum for market communication strategies. This presents a threat which is growing for Adidas. New entrant brands such as GAP, CAT prove to be a threat as they are eating in on the market share of Adidas which it has created over a period of time The brand is heavily reliant on footwear sales for its revenue input. This could pose a threat as there are continuous new entrants in the athletic footwear market. Reebok needs to diversify into other areas such as bags, sports equipments and fashion accessories to stay afloat in this highly competitive market which is unpredictable. Adidas commands a global share of 16% while Reebok stands at 6% Marketing Mix: (Pickton 2005) Product: ADIDAS: This brand has a huge product line of athletic footwear and apparels making it one of the most sought out brands besides Nike. The product is highly advertised through sports events where it gains good media coverage. Adidas uses cutting edge technology to offer comfort and style in their product which are light in weight. Undoubtedly, the products of Adidas have great value for money. Adidas shoes are known to have a grip which the sole provides and this is on account of good design and is useful especially in hiking. They go with ease on the legs and prevent any kind of twist or sprain. Reebok: The product line of Reebok is limited to footwear. Reebok has a good line of womens footwear. The brand has invested highly in technology to better its product lines. In the apparel sector the brand is lacking far behind from Adidas. Place: Adidas and Reebok have been selling in almost every nation of the world and they follows one level channel or an indirect channel to make their product reach out to the final consumer. The products are manufactured by the producer and it then reaches the retailer who in turn sells it to the final consumer. Price: Adidas shoes are priced higher than that of Reebok. Adidas can afford to charge higher than Reebok as Adidas is a far more established brand than Reebok. The quality of Adidas is known to be better than that of Reebok Promotion: Reebok: The promotional technique used by Reebok is basic advertising. The brand needs to develop better promotional strategies. New punch lines and slogan should be used by Reebok to create an impact on the consumers. It is observed that Reebok has the potential to closely compete with Adidas. Adidas: Sponsoring large scale sports events, adverting through different forms of media. Adidas have been constantly engaged in brand building programs. Adidas has joined in with the strategy of high fund allocation to boost sales and compete. Adidas with their innovative campaigns have proven to be at par and have to a large extent created the much desired impact which they set out to create at the onset of bringing about an improvisation of their promotional propaganda. Conclusion: It should be understood that footwear is no longer considered as a product that just offers a sense of protection for feet. What was hitherto taken as a Want is at the present day a basic Need. Today, the footwear business is a widespread and dynamic global business operation comprising of huge economies of scale. The athletic shoe segment is tremendously competitive in nature with the phenomenal players such as Nike, Adidas, Reebok and New Balance strategizing meticulously to retain their consumer market share and the small time players such as Puma attempting to gain large market share. The athletic footwear industry stresses branding more than any other competitive benefit. By the employment of advertisements, celebrity endorsements, varied promotions, and licensing agreements, the top enterprises or rather branded companies in this industry have allocated much of their resources to creating the much required brand recognition and loyalty. Significant features of this highly competitive market segment are expensive and continuous advertising, celebrity endorsements, brand awareness techniques etc. Nike, Adidas, Reebok and a few more brands are the market leaders in the world due to their market communication and mix innovative strategies. (Bovee 2003) Recommendations: It is recommended that Reebok work on improving its promotional strategies. Reebok should also focus on the apparel segment which is a large and promising market. The business house has developed a good consumer base and can work on increasing the prices of their products as this would bring in higher revenue, part of which could be employed for advertisement and promotion expenditure. Adidas should work towards improving market share and being at par with Nike which is currently the world leader in Athletic footwear. Adidas should focus on roping in more celebrities to endorse their products as celebrities are undoubtedly crowd pullers. It is also recommended that Adidas improve its product lines substantially as variation in products could lead to better and improved sales which form a major objective of any business organization. (Pettit 2003)

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Step into my Parlor… : Perceptions of Cultural Survival among the Kyapo and Yanomani :: Essays Papers

Step into my Parlor†¦ : Perceptions of Cultural Survival among the Kyapo and Yanomani When caught in the web of global media, the â€Å"cultural survival† of indigenous communities becomes a potent international issue. As affirmed in a 1997 UN declaration, international communities receive, â€Å"with gratitude, the message of harmony and respect for all life brought to us by ancient [indigenous] people whose culture may†¦make a worthy contribution to the world community† (Neizen 2). With the â€Å"politics of shame† winnowing away at the public integrity of Brazil, the two cultures of the Kayapo and Yanomami are strategically set in the international web as endangered peoples suffering â€Å"onslaught of civilization†, yet still worth some â€Å"contribution to the world†. Yet to what degree is their â€Å"worthy contribution† qualified by dominant international definitions of their ‘culture’? The global reception of "threatened" indigenous cultures is colored with pre-existing values and assumptions. In contrast to the dominant consumerist culture pulsing in global politics, indigenous groups are seen to offer elements of fantasy rather than diplomacy, and provide a kick-back to the â€Å"primitive† ideology of early man. As the general public enjoys indigenous romanticism like a favorite Hollywood movie, romanticizing indigenous cultures through media is quite common. Yet, romanticism creates an indigenous cultural dichotomy. Sustained interaction with governments broker change among indigenous people and elements of culture assimilate. Interaction provokes Kayapo demands for goods â€Å"from fish hooks to cooking pots† (Rabben 48). The Kayapo became dependent on whites â€Å"for goods they wanted but had no way of producing themselves† (47). Dominant society assumes that â€Å"cultural survival† is only achieved by preserving a static and untransformed people. To safe guard indigenous authenticity and exotic appeal, the common assumption is such that native ways of life must not be influenced or changed in anyway. However, to survive as a people in the modern world, indigenous cultures must be aware of their civil rights, for negotiations with imperialistic governments are essential. In 1981, the Kayapo were cheated out of 99.99% of their mining profits because they did not know â€Å"enough arithmetic to perceive the trick† in the white man’s contract (71). Only after years of litigation were they able to win 5% profit. The Yanomami are constantly pressured to â€Å"assimilate into Brazilian society as the poorest of the poor† rather than remain a fractioned culture (86). â€Å"Cultural survival† thus becomes a question of protecting the collective rights of an indigenous people from governmental abuse, while educating the people to the extent that they people may choose and protect their own future in a world of inescapable influence.

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Karma And Reincarnation :: essays research papers

KARMA and REINCARNATION Navigate: Ashram| Gurudeva | Newspaper | Church | Temple | Resources | HHE | Himalayan Academy Home Page The twin beliefs of karma and reincarnation are among Hinduism's many jewels of knowledge. Others include dharma or our pattern of religious conduct, worshipful communion with God and Gods, the necessary guidance of the Sat Guru, and finally enlightenment through personal realization of our identity in and with God. So the strong-shouldered and keen-minded rishis knew and stated in the Vedas. And these are not mere assumptions of probing, brilliant minds. They are laws of the cosmos. As God's force of gravity shapes cosmic order, karma shapes experiential order. Our long sequence of lives is a tapestry of creating and resolving karmas-positive, negative and an amalgam of the two. During the succession of a soul's lives-through the mysteries of our higher chakras and God's and Guru's Grace-no karmic situation will arise that exceeds an individual's ability to resolve it in love and understanding. Many people are very curious about their past lives and expend great time, effort and money to explore them. Actually, this curious probing into past lives is unnecessary. Indeed it is a natural protection from reliving past trauma or becoming infatuated more with our past lives that our present life that the inner recesses of the muladhara memory chakra are not easily accessed. For, as we exist now is a sum total of all our past lives. In our present moment, our mind and body state is the cumulative result of the entire spectrum of our past lives. So, no matter how great the intellectual knowing of these two key principles, it is how we currently live that positively shapes karma and unfolds us spiritually. Knowing the laws, we are responsible to resolve blossoming karmas from past lives and create karma that, projected into the future, will advance, not hinder, us. Karma literally means "deed or act," but more broadly describes the principle of cause and effect. Simply stated, karma is the law of action and reaction which governs consciousness. In physics-the study of energy and matter-Sir Isaac Newton postulated that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Push against a wall. Its material is molecularly pushing back with a force exactly equal to yours. In metaphysics, karma is the law that states that every mental, emotional and physical act, no matter how insignificant, is projected out into the psychic mind substance and eventually returns to the individual with equal impact.

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Impact of M-Commerce in Job Market

The advent of wireless and mobile technology has created both new opportunities and new challenges for the business community. In its present state, M-Commerce can be viewed as an extension of conventional, Internet-based E-Commerce, which adds a different mode of network and accommodates different end users’ characteristics. However, if the predictions stating that mobile and wireless computing will dominate the Internet industry in the future materialize, the E-Commerce and M-Commerce could become a singular blended entity. M-Commerce, as defined by Muller and Veerse, stands for conducting commercial transactions via a â€Å"mobile† telecommunications network using a communication, information, and payment (CIP) device such as a mobile phone or a palmtop unit. In a broader sense, M-Commerce can simply be defined as exchanging products, ideas and services between mobile users and providers. This paper will also give an overview of the characteristics of M-Commerce. We discuss the basic characteristics of M-Commerce that have the potential to influence the basic marketing orientation of both sellers and buyers, and, above all, alter the general dynamics of the market. There are many definitions of m-commerce with differing emphases. Keen and Mackintosh define m-commerce as the extension of electronic commerce from wired to wireless computers and telecommunications, and from fixed locations to anytime, anywhere, and anyone. when something is mobile it means that its primary usage environment is a mobile one. On the other hand, mobility in itself and mobile technology is not necessarily a value; the freedom created and supported with the technology is the key issue. Durlacher define m-commerce as â€Å"any transaction with a monetary value that is conducted via a mobile telecommunication network†. The focus in this definition lies on the exchange of products and services that is associated with a monetary value. They specifically list any kind of service that can be provided by the mobile device, thus expanding the mere commercial character through communicative and informative services. A mobile device is a small smart device. It can be a mobile phone, a communicator or a PDA. It communicates and transfers data (convenience). It is used only by its owner (personalization). It can provide information anytime, anywhere (ubiquity). Capturing the concept of mobility, a user can be contacted anywhere (reachability). A mobile device can provide users? locations (localization). Knowledge of users? precise geographical location allows customized, relevant content to be delivered to them when and where they need it. It can also be used to connect to the Internet (instant connectivity). Ubiquitous interactivity (figure 1) is what makes mobile devices unique. Wireless devices enable users to send, receive, and act on information in real-time, independent of their location. The western mobile and remote workforce is growing, driven by both business necessity and technological innovation. One explanation for increased work mobility is the emergence of service industry as a dominating occupation in the post-industrial society. Service work is often performed, where the customer is, and thus making many services mobile. It is not like manufacturing work; which takes place where the machinery is located. Another factor is the increased cooperation in and between organizations. Some forms of cooperation can take place remotely, but people still need to meet physically. A third important factor for increased mobility is the extensive adoption of mobile technologies. Mobile technologies enable people to be mobile and yet accessible. As people have become accessible independent of place, new ways of working have emerged in many organizations. To describe the mobile worker, new concepts have been coined. Mobile commerce may impact both mobile workers and their enterprises in the following dimensions. Location: The post-industrial workers work at various locations: in their office, at clients? office, at colleagues? office, in the train, hotel rooms, etc. We can thus imagine that during this extensive geographical movement, mobile workers are often away form the â€Å"benevolent dictator†, their desktop computers, which contain most of the information they need and impose rigid constraints on how and where they can be used. With m-commerce the user is put in the centre of information and communication. Information comes to the user instead of the user looking for it. This makes mobile workers able to receive actionable and useful information on demand at the moment of relevance and regardless of their location and extensive movement. Sales reps are examples of workers who are constantly on the road while their effectiveness depends to a large extent on their ability to have immediate access to account information, current prices, order status and market conditions. The importance of immediate access to information by salespeople is well recognized in the personnel selling literature. Salespeople? effectiveness can be enhanced by providing them with market research information and encouraging them to unitize information. With vast amount of relevant information about client’s orders, roduct’s profitability, promotions at their fingertips regardless of their locations, sales reps can adjust their call schedule to adequately target those customers with the highest potential at the right time. Additionally, receiving time-sensitive alerts about customers? latest orders, industry indicators and competitors? actions, may enable sales reps to tailor their sales messages to a specific customer, adapt to opportunities that arise during the sale call and overcome objections. Indeed, many empirical studies find a strong effect of adaptive selling on salesperson performance. Furthermore, M-commerce can enable mobile workers to use more efficiently their dead time. This time generally occurs between tasks and between meetings, in which workers usually have little control over the resources available to them. For instance, pharmaceutical sales reps often visit doctors to provide them with information on what is available as order brochures on products in which the doctor is interested. Frequently the doctor is not available and the representative wants to find a nearby alternative contact. If there is no alternative contact to visit, then the time for waiting for the doctor to become available may turn to be dead time for the sales representative. With m-commerce, the sales reps can turn this dead time into a productive one by performing non-selling tasks such as completing and sending expense reports to their company, preparing invoices or writing and sending thanks letters to customers. These reduce the time that sales reps have to spend in the office to perform routine tasks and thus allow them to spend more time selling. Indeed, McGraw Hill’s study of 239 salespeople across 198 different companies reveals that salespeople spend on the average about 25% of their time waiting for interviews with clients and travelling. Using dead time more efficiently may occur in a variety of locations (i. e. trains, airports, airplanes, hotels rooms, office buildings, etc). Additionally, mobile workers spend considerable portion of their time on the road, Awareness of their geographical position by the network can allow relevant support and alerts be sent to theme. Examples of such alerts are â€Å"there is a traffic jam two kilometers ahead, use the alternative highway†, â€Å"there is a restaurant offering 10% discount in avenue X â€Å", I have a breakdown, in nowhere, send me a tow truck†, †your client X is in the avenue ahead to you †. Interaction: Asynchronous communications enabled by emails has made co-workers interactions with others more flexible. However, asynchronous communication inevitably creates time lag. Until a receiver of an email actually goes to his computer and read the email, the communication does not come into effect in practice. Moreover, email communication requires a computer and software, which are mostly fixed to a certain location such as an office and home. M-commerce may enhance interaction among distributed workers and others by enabling them to have access to corporate resources, send and receive emails regardless of their location. For instance journalists on the move are often faced with situations in which they have to report events on topics on which they are not fully profound with. Also reporting is often conducted away from editorial staff and radio TV / station’s resources. In such a case M-commerce can provide support to journalists by enabling them, irrespective of their locations, to connect to their TV/Radio station’s intranet. The system can then provide them with the list of resources available on the topic they want to cover together with contact details of colleague who have expertise in such topics. The journalists can then either use the available resources to get an understanding of the topic or elect to contact their colleagues for more interaction. Additionally, ubiquitous access to e-mails and corporate data by mobile workers may enable them to make themselves readily available to address customer problems and questions. Reducing the time it takes to deal with a client’s concern or difficulty may have a positive impact on customer orientation, the degree to which the seller is perceived by the buyer to put customer’s need first. Indeed, customer orientation is a key enabler of buyer-seller relationship developments. Operations: we are witnessing the emergence of new forms of organization, in particular virtual Corporations. Virtual corporations could not exist without an effective information exchange and efficient coordination of the members. This applies also to other management initiatives such as project team or task force. But it is sometimes challenging for corporations to ensure fast coordination among co-workers while they are on the move even if they introduced Internet technologies such as email in their work practices. M-commerce can act as the â€Å"glue† among distributed members, by connecting them more tightly regardless of their locations. This may for instance make it possible for marketing managers to use real time data flowing from the field to evaluate the results of promotions and new product introductions more rapidly and communicate their reactions (i. e. promotions) to the field force. Manufacturing may also use real time field information to reduce overproduction and the incidence of stale products. Additionally, Top executives often need information on market and competitors issues before they make big decisions. Real time information flowing from the field would enable executives to make decisions based on accurate information, which may enhance the quality of their decisions. Indeed the best source for top executives with regard to both market and competition watch is the field force. Conclusion Thus we have discussed about M-Commerce and the challenges that they impose on workers while on the move. We have also explored how m-commerce with its unique attributes can provide mobile workers with more freedom and support through minimizing non-productive time, enhancing interaction with other members and improving the quality of decisions. It is worth mentioning that m-commerce may result in some consequences that workers may not welcome. Perhaps the most immediate drawback of extensive use of mobile technologies by workers is the problem of â€Å"interaction overload†. Anytime and anywhere connectivity may becomes everywhere/all-the-time connectivity; which may result in the danger of users becoming â€Å"too connected†. But in the other hand, access to information at the point of relevance may make it possible for mobile worker to work smarter and to minimize their unproductive time, which may enhance their life / work balance.

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The Hunters: Phantom Chapter 31

Knowing he couldn't perform the ritual on an empty stomach, Stefan hunted down several squirrels in Mrs. Flowers's backyard, then returned to the boardinghouse's garage. Meredith had parked Mrs. Flowers's antique Ford out in the drive, and there was more than enough room to set up everything they needed for the banishment ritual. Stefan cocked his head at a skittering noise in the shadows and identified the fast-beating heart of a little mouse. The atmosphere might not be a comfortable one, but the spaciousness of the room and its cement floor meant it would be an excel ent place to work the spel . â€Å"Hand me the tape measure, please,† Alaric said from his sprawled position in the middle of the garage floor. â€Å"I need to get this line just the right length.† Mrs. Flowers had dug up a box of multicolored chalk from somewhere in the boardinghouse, and Alaric had the book propped open and was careful y copying the circles, arcane symbols, parabolas, and el ipses from its pages onto the smooth cement. Stefan gave him the tool and watched as he measured careful y from the innermost circle to a row of strange runes near the outermost edge of his drawing. â€Å"It's important that everything be precise,† Alaric said, frowning and doublechecking the ends of the measuring tape. â€Å"The smal est error could lead to us accidental y setting this thing loose in Fel ‘s Church.† â€Å"But isn't it loose already?† asked Stefan. â€Å"No,† Alaric explained. â€Å"This ritual wil al ow the phantom to appear in its corporeal form, which is far more dangerous than the insubstantial thing it is now.† â€Å"Then you'd better get this right,† Stefan agreed grimly. â€Å"If this al goes as planned, the phantom wil be trapped in the innermost circle,† Alaric said, pointing. â€Å"We'l be at the outermost edge, over there past the runes. We ought to be safe out there.† He looked up and gave Stefan a rueful grin. â€Å"I hope. I'm afraid I've never done any kind of summoning in real life before, although I've read a lot about it.† Terrific, Stefan thought, but he returned Alaric's smile without comment. The man was doing the best he could. Al they could do was hope it would be enough to save Elena and the others. Meredith and Mrs. Flowers entered the garage, each carrying a plastic shopping bag. Celia trailed behind them. â€Å"Holy water,† Meredith said, lifting a plant mister out of her bag to show him. â€Å"It doesn't work on vampires,† Stefan reminded her. â€Å"We're not summoning a vampire,† she replied, and went off to mist the outer spaces in the diagram, careful not to disturb the chalk lines. Alaric stood and started very cautiously hopping out of the huge multicolored diagram, clutching the book in one hand. â€Å"I think we're about ready,† he said. Mrs. Flowers looked at Stefan. â€Å"We need the others,† she said. â€Å"Everyone affected by the phantom's powers has to be here.† â€Å"I'l help you carry them down,† Alaric offered. â€Å"Not necessary,† Stefan told him, and headed upstairs alone. Standing by the side of the bed in the little rose-andcream bedroom, he looked down at Elena, Matt, and Bonnie. None of them had moved since he had placed Matt there. He sighed and gathered Elena in his arms first. After a moment, he also picked up her pil ow and a blanket. At least he could try to make her comfortable. A few minutes later al three of the sleepers were lying in the front of the garage, wel outside the diagram, their heads supported by pil ows. â€Å"Now what?† Stefan asked. â€Å"Now we each choose a candle,† Mrs. Flowers said, opening her plastic bag. â€Å"One that you feel represents you in color. According to the book, they real y should be handdipped and special y scented, but this wil just have to do. I won't pick one myself,† Mrs. Flowers said, handing the bag to Stefan. â€Å"The phantom hasn't focused its powers on me, and I don't remember being jealous of anyone since 1943.† â€Å"What happened in 1943?† asked Meredith curiously. â€Å"I lost the Little Miss Fel ‘s Church crown to Nancy Sue Baker,† Mrs. Flowers answered. When Meredith gaped at her, she threw her hands up in the air. â€Å"Even I was a child once, you know. I was strikingly adorable, with Shirley Temple curls, and my mother liked to dress me in fril s and show me off.† Putting the astounding image of Mrs. Flowers in Shirley Temple curls out of his mind, Stefan poked through the assortment of candles and chose a dark blue one. It seemed right to him somehow. â€Å"We need candles for the others, too,† he said. Careful y, he chose a golden one for Elena and a pink one for Bonnie. â€Å"Are you just going by their hair colors?† asked Meredith. â€Å"You're such a guy.† â€Å"You know these are the right colors for them, though,† Stefan argued. â€Å"Besides, Bonnie's hair is red, not pink.† Meredith nodded grudgingly. â€Å"I guess you're right. White for Matt, though.† â€Å"Real y?† Stefan asked. He didn't know what he would have chosen for Matt. American-flag patterned, maybe, if they had had it. â€Å"He's the purest person I know,† Meredith said softly. Alaric raised an eyebrow at her and she elbowed him. â€Å"Pure in spirit, I mean. What you see is what you get with Matt, and he's good and truehearted al the way through.† â€Å"I suppose so,† said Stefan, and he watched without comment as Meredith chose a dark brown candle for herself. Alaric shuffled through the bag and picked a dark green candle, and Celia selected one of pale lavender. Mrs. Flowers took the bag with the remaining candles and stashed it on a high shelf near the garage doors, between a bag of potting soil and what looked like an old-fashioned kerosene lantern. They al sat down on the garage floor in a semicircle, outside the diagram, facing toward the empty inner circle, holding their unlit candles. The sleepers lay behind them, and Meredith held Bonnie's candle in her lap as wel as her own; Stefan took Elena's, and Alaric Matt's. â€Å"Now we anoint them with our blood,† Alaric said. They al looked at him, and he shrugged defensively. â€Å"It's what the book says.† Meredith removed a smal pocketknife from her bag, cut her finger, and quickly, matter-of-factly, smeared a stripe of blood from the top to the bottom of her brown candle, then passed the knife to Alaric along with a little bottle of disinfectant. One by one, the others fol owed her lead. â€Å"This is real y unsanitary,† Celia said, wincing, but she fol owed through. Stefan was very aware of the smel of human blood in such an enclosed space. Even though he'd just fed, his canines prickled in an automatic response. Meredith picked up the candles and walked to their sleeping friends, crossing from one to the next and raising their hands to make a swift cut and wipe their blood against their candles. Not one of them even flinched. When she had finished, Meredith redistributed the sleepers' candles and returned to her spot. Alaric began to read, in Latin, the first words of the spel . After a few sentences, he hesitated at a word and Stefan silently took the grimoire. Smoothly he picked up where Alaric had left off. The words flowed off his tongue, the feel of the Latin on his lips reminding him of hours spent with his childhood tutor hundreds of years ago, and of a period when he lived in a monastery in England during the early days of his struggle with vampirism. When the time came, he snapped his fingers and, with a touch of Power, his candle lit itself. He handed it to Meredith, who dripped a little of the melted wax onto the garage floor at the edge of the diagram and stuck the candle there. One by one, at the appropriate points in the ritual, he lit a candle and she placed it, until there was a little row of multicolored candles bravely burning between them and the chalk outlines of the diagram. Stefan read on. Suddenly the pages of the book began to flutter. A cold, unnatural wind rose inside the closed garage, and the flames of the candles flickered wildly and then blew out. Two candles fel over. Meredith's long hair whipped around her face. â€Å"This isn't supposed to happen,† Alaric shouted. But Stefan just squinted his eyes against the gale and read on. The pitch-blackness and the unpleasant sensation of fal ing lasted for only a moment, and then Elena landed jarringly on both feet and staggered forward, clutching Matt's and Bonnie's hands. They were in a dim octagonal room lined with doors. A single piece of furniture sat in the center. Behind the lone desk lounged a tanned, beautiful, amazingly muscular, bare-chested vampire with a long, spiraling mane of bronze hair fal ing past his shoulders. Instantly Elena knew where she was. â€Å"We're here.† She gasped. â€Å"The Gatehouse!† Sage leaped to his feet on the other side of the desk, his face almost comical y surprised. â€Å"Elena?† he exclaimed. â€Å"Bonnie? Matt? What's going on? Qu'est-ce qui arrive?† Usual y, Elena would have been relieved to see Sage, who had always been kind and helpful to her, but she had to get to Damon. She knew where he must be. She could almost hear him cal ing to her. She strode across the empty room with barely a glance at the startled gatekeeper, pul ing Matt and Bonnie along with her. â€Å"Sorry, Sage,† she said as she reached the door she wanted. â€Å"We've got to find Damon.† â€Å"Damon?† he said. â€Å"He's back again?† and then they passed through, ignoring Sage's shouts of â€Å"Stop! Arretezvous!† The door closed behind them, and they found themselves in a landscape of ash. Nothing grew here, and there were no landmarks. Harsh winds had blown the fine black ash into shifting hil s and val eys. As they watched, a strong gust caught at the light top layer of ash and sent it flying in a cloud that soon settled into new shapes. Below the lighter ash, they could see swamps of wet, muddy ash. Nearby was an ash-choked pool of stil water. Nothing but ash and mud, except for an occasional scorched and blackened bit of wood. Above them was a twilit sky in which hung a huge planet and two great moons, one a swirling bluish white, the other silvery. â€Å"Where are we?† said Matt, gaping up at the sky. â€Å"Once this was a world – a moon, technical y – that was shaded by a huge tree,† Elena told him, walking steadily forward. â€Å"Until I destroyed it. This is where Damon died.† She felt rather than saw Matt and Bonnie exchange a glance. â€Å"But, uh, then he came back, right? You saw him in Fel ‘s Church the other night, didn't you?† Matt said hesitantly. â€Å"Why are we here now?† â€Å"I know that Damon's close,† Elena said impatiently. â€Å"I can feel him. He's come back here. Maybe this is where he began his search for the phantom.† They kept walking. Soon they were not so much walking as wading through black ash that stuck to their legs in nasty thick clumps. The mud underneath the ash clung to their shoes, releasing them at each step with a wet sucking sound. They were almost there. She could feel it. Elena picked up the pace, and the others, stil linked to her, hurried to keep up. The ash was thicker and deeper here because they were approaching where the trunk had been, the very center of this world. Elena remembered it exploding, shooting up into the sky like a rocket, disintegrating as it went. Damon's body had lain underneath and had been completely buried in the fal ing ash. Elena stopped. There was a thick, drifting pile of ash that looked like it would be at least as high as her waist in places. She thought she could see where Damon had awoken – the ash was disturbed and caved in, as if someone had tunneled out of one of the deeper drifts. But there was no one around except themselves. A cold wind blew up a spray of ash, and Bonnie coughed. Elena, kneedeep in cold, sticky ash, dropped Bonnie's hand and wrapped her arms around herself. â€Å"He's not here,† she said blankly. â€Å"I was so sure he would be here.† â€Å"He must be somewhere else, then,† said Matt logical y. â€Å"I'm sure he's fighting the phantom, like you said he was going to. The Dark Dimension's a big place.† Bonnie shivered and huddled closer to Matt, her brown eyes huge and ful of pathos, like a hungry puppy's. â€Å"Can we go home now? Please? Sage can send us back again, can't he?† â€Å"I just don't understand,† Elena said, staring at the empty space where the great trunk of the tree had once been. â€Å"I just knew he would be here. I could practical y hear him cal ing me.† Just then a low, musical laugh cut through the silence. It was a beautiful sound, but there was something chil y and alien about it, something that made Elena shudder. â€Å"Elena,† Bonnie whispered, her eyes wide. â€Å"That's the thing I heard before the fog took me.† They turned. Behind them stood a woman. A woman-shaped being, anyway, Elena amended quickly. This was no woman. And, like its laugh, this woman-shaped being was beautiful, but frightening. She – it – was huge, more than one and a half times the size of a human, but perfectly proportioned, and it looked like it was made of ice and mist in blues and greens like the purest glacier, its eyes were clear with just a touch of pale green. As they watched, its solid, icytranslucent hips and legs shifted and blurred, changing to a swirl of mist. A long wave of blue-green hair drifted behind it, its shape like a gradual y roiling cloud. It smiled at Elena, and its sharp teeth shone like silvery icicles. There was something in its chest, though, that wasn't ice, something solid and roundish and dark, dark red. Elena saw al of this in an instant before her attention was ful y riveted on what hung from the ice-woman-thing's outstretched hand. â€Å"Damon.† She gasped. The ice-woman was holding him casual y around the neck, ignoring his struggles as he dangled in the air. It held him so easily that he looked like a toy. The black-clad vampire swung out with his leg, kicking at the ice-woman's side, but his foot simply passed through mist. â€Å"Elena,† Damon said in a choked, thin voice. The ice-woman – the phantom – cocked its head to one side and looked at Damon, then squeezed his neck a little tighter. â€Å"I don't need to breathe, you†¦ idiot phantom,† he gasped defiantly. The phantom's smile widened and it said in a sweet, cold voice, like crystals chiming together, â€Å"But your head can pop off, can't it? That'l do just as wel .† It shook him a little, and then transferred its smile to Elena, Bonnie, and Matt. Elena instinctively stepped back as the glacier-cold eyes found her. â€Å"Welcome,† the phantom said to her in a tone of pleasure, as though they were old friends. â€Å"I've found you and your friends so refreshing, al your little jealousies. Each of you with your own special flavor of envy. You've got an awful lot of problems, don't you? I haven't felt so strong or so wel -nourished for mil ennia.† Its face became thoughtful, and it began to shake Damon gently up and down. He was making a guttural choking noise now, and tears of pain ran down his face. â€Å"But you real y should have stayed where I put you,† the phantom continued, its voice a little colder, and it swung Damon casual y in a great arc through the air. He wheezed and pul ed at its huge hand. Was it even true that he didn't need to breathe? Elena didn't know. Damon wasn't above lying about it if he had a reason, or even for no reason except to annoy his opponent. â€Å"Stop it!† Elena shouted. The phantom laughed again, genuinely amused. â€Å"Go ahead and make me, little one.† Its grip tightened around Damon's throat and he shuddered. Then his eyes rol ed back until Elena could see only the ghastly, red-veined whites of his eyes, and he went limp.

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He investigated the case with great care… Essay

This sentence introduces Dr Roylott as a unlawful, therefore he is easily a suspect as his bad history reflects his bad character. It also shows in the story that she did not have a happy life living with her stepfather as he was not a very pleasant man. As a detective he deduces who killed Julia, he works it out by studying all the facts he has got, he asks many questions to uncover more clues and to crack the mystery, â€Å"I believe Mr Holmes you already made up your mind†. This suggests that Sherlock Holmes after gathering the information has decided who is tom blame and knows what to expect, this creates mystery and tension because this again has engaged the reader as if Sherlock has come to a conclusion using the clues and information then they could also solve it, this makes them read on because if they have an answer in mind, they want to read on to find the truth. Helen explains the mysterious death, in such depth; this creates tension because the reader wants to know how all the clues can be linked up to solve the mystery. Sherlock asks questions about the bell rope and the saucer of milk, this creates tensions as it hints to the reader that these clues are somehow have a connection to the mystery as he is interested in these objects for a reason. Doyle builds tensions through Dr Roylott as he is portrayed as the villain from the beginning, as Helen is describing him, â€Å"a series of disgraceful brawls took place†¦ until at last he became the terror of the village†¦ † this sentence creates more tensions as he is represented as the bad character, however the gypsies are also mentioned in the story, there is also a light chance they may be to blame as they are stereotyped as people who are ill mannered and have no respect and also there are many clues linked to the gypsies being the villain, â€Å"Sometimes I have thought that it was merely the wild talk of delirium, sometimes that it may have referred to some band of people. I do not know whether the spotted handkerchiefs which so many of them wear over their heads might have suggested the strange adjectives which she used†. This quote adds mystery as the gypsies also fit the character of the villain, ill mannered, violent and also fit in the clues. Dr Roylott is portrayed also as an unattractive man, â€Å"a large face seared with a thousand wrinkles and marked with every evil passion was turned from one the other of us while his deepset blue eyes and his high thin fleshless nose gave him somewhat the resemblance to a fierce old bird of prey†, this sentence refer to him as ugly, this reflects his behaviour as he has not got the best personality and also is being described to an animal, a prey is associated with fierce and a negative creature. Dr Roylott is shown as such a ferocious person with such bad characteristics, it would be almost as if ‘his character and appearances fitted the crime’, however even if Dr Roylott is the villain, the reader is more engaged to the story as they still have questions unanswered, what is the speckled band? If Dr Roylott killed Julia, what is the reason? , and the most important and infamous question in the story, how was she killed? The resemblance to a fierce old prey is used this makes Dr Roylott look like an evil person as preys are associated and linked with negative feelings and imagery, it also says, â€Å"A thousand wrinkles and marked with every evil passion, burned yellow with the sun†, this description makes him appear old but yet fierce at the same time. It says in the sentence that his face is marked with every evil passion; this may be a hint from Doyle as only as an evil person would carry out such an evil act. The description affects the reader as he is portrayed as a stereotypical villain throughout the story. This creates tension and mystery as he is revealed as such a violent and aggressive man, there is a fear towards him as he has an ‘uncontrollable temper’ which is shown throughout the story, and this causes the reader to be uncomfortable as he is still on the loose and therefore could easily harm Helen. Doyle uses language to create mystery and tension through the story by Sherlock asking questions, which make the reader think how the questions are relevant to the mystery. â€Å"Was your sister dressed? † this creates tension as the readers mind will immediately start wondering how this question will makes Holmes any closer to solving the mystery. Doyle also creates tension in this quote, â€Å"and what conclusion did the coroner come to? † He investigated the case with great care†¦ † this creates mystery as even the coroner found the death as a mystery, this makes the reader have hope in Holmes to find out and succeed, also this quote continues by saying all entrances to Julia’s room was locked or shut therefore her death must have been caused by something or someone in her room, but the mystery still remains, what got in to her room and how it entered the room? In the story gypsies play a part, were there gypsies in the plantation at this time? This quote shows that there is a small possibility the gypsies could be to blame, as they have an infamous character and attitude throughout the Victorian times and the story. Also the title ‘the adventure of the speckled band’ and how could this relate to the mystery. Holmes figured out that Dr Roylott is also violent towards Helen, â€Å"Five little livid spots the marks of four fingers and a thumb were printed upon the white wrist† this shows Helen is trying not to reveal Dr Roylott as a bad person, this may show that maybe in her mind Julia may know inside her that her step father is to blame however does not want to face the facts that he fits the perfect villain. Also the people Dr Roylott gets along with are the gypsies, this may show the reader his personality as he gets along with low class, bad mannered people, this may reflect his character. â€Å"he had no friends at all save the wandering gypsies†, quote shows that he is unpleasant to anyone either, he gets along with gypsies , gypsies re associated with ill mannered and rude behaviour and have got a bad label in society in the Victorian time and in the modern day society. Doyle adds repetition on the clues as it adds emphasis also he may use repetition to give the reader that the clue he is repeating has an importance to the story. He repeats to Helen the importance of how he needs to know the full details. Helen’s speech includes a variety of descriptive writing. â€Å"there burst forth the wild scream of a terrified women,† this quote adds tension as Julia screamed before her death therefore something must have caused her to scream. â€Å"I seemed to hear a low whistle†, this quote adds tension as the reader has no clue what this whistle could be but is definitely linked to the mystery, an also the metal clanging sound causes tension as the reader cannot suspect how the noises intervene with the death. â€Å"Her face blanched with terror, her hands groping for help†, in this sentence it uses a sense of imagery as you can imagine what state Julia is in, and the tension gets built as the reader is eager to find out how did she end up in such a dreadful state. â€Å"She stabbed her finger into the air in the direction of the doctor’s room†, this sentence is a big clue that her death is obviously related to Dr Roylott’s room or she would never have pointed towards his room. When Dr Roylott is inspecting the room, this has a great importance to the story as this part of the story slowly unveils the important clues to solve the mystery. When Holmes is inspecting the room he finds out about the ventilator and wonders if this links with Julia’s death. He works out that Dr Roylott has a cheetah living in his room as there is a saucer of milk and a leash. The part of the story where the reader fears fro Helen is when she returns home after visiting Sherlock Holmes, the reader is informed about Dr Roylott’s anger and are worried what Dr Roylott may do to Helen when she returns home. Towards the end of the story the mystery is solved, Dr Roylott had been training the deadliest snake in India to climb through the ventilator and to return when hearing a whistling noise. The speckled band relates to the snake as the snake had a ‘particular yellow band with brownish speckles’. At the end of the story the reader feels relieved that Dr Roylott has been caught and also that he is dead, so he cannot cause any more trouble to anyone the villagers or any more distress to Helen. This is a typical ending as the villain is caught and is dead, therefore cannot continue to cause any more misery.He investigated the case with great care†¦Thahmeena Miah English Miss Limb Show preview only The above preview is unformatted text This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Arthur Conan Doyle section.

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FA Style Analysis Essay Bayer

That night at the hotel, in our room with the long empty hall outside and our shoes outside the door, a thick carpet on the floor of the room, outside the windows the rain falling and in the room light and pleasant and cheerful, then the light out and it exciting with smooth sheets and the bed comfortable, feeling that we had come home, feeling no longer alone, waking in the night to find the other one there, and not gone away; all other things were unreal.We slept when we were tired and if we woke the other one woke too so one was not alone. Often a man wishes to be alone and a girl wishes to be alone alone against the others. It has only happened to me like that once. I have been alone while I was with many girls and that is the way that you can too and if they love each other they are jealous of that in each other, but I can truly say we never felt that. We could feel alone when we were together, be most lonely.But we were never lonely and never afraid when we were together. I kno w that the night is not the same as the day: that all things are different, that the things of the night cannot be explained in the day, because hey do not then exist, and the night can be a dreadful time for lonely people once their loneliness has started. But with Catherine there was almost no difference in the night except that it was an even better time.If people bring so much courage to the world the world has to kill them to break them, so Of course it kills them. The world breaks every one and afterward many are strong at the broken places. But those that will not break it kills. It kills the very good and the very gentle and the very brave impartially. If you are none of these you can be sure it will kill you too but there will be no special hurry.