Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Ann Fudge Mini Case Essay

1.Where would Ann elude be set in each of the five factor model (FFM) categories?Ann Fudge was a precise achieverful woman who was very enthusiastic ab by her job. She took pride in being original and was committed to her work. In the five-factor mode, Ann Fudge would be placed in three different categories such as founderness to experience, agree fittingness, and neuroticism. When talking about openness to experience, it is concerned with curiosity, innovative thinking, assimilating new information, and open to new experiences. It describes a persons personality. In the mini cases guide Ann Fudge decided that after working 24 years in corporate America, she was going to take some time off to hear out her life-time and have some time to herself. During her time onward from corporate America, Fudge traveled to different countries to visit and embark on some new experiences.People with this personality trait enjoy travelling to different countries, seeking new experiences thr ough travel. Ann Fudges success was based on her ability to be strategic and being a big picture thinker this de nones her high level of openness to experience. Ann Fudge had a great ability to pick out aprospicient well with others. From the case, it points out that Ann Fudge was equally comfortable with consumers at the ballpark, factory workers on a production line, and executives in the bored room. Ann fudge was approachable and easy to get a long with she present this by being a magnetized leader who simply listened.These personality traits demonstrated agreeableness, which concerns how one gets a long with, as opposed to gets ahead of others. Fudge alike demonstrated neuroticism, which deals with how flock react to stress, change, failure, or personal criticism. People with these personality traits remain hush up in pressure situations, and is able to distribute personal criticism well. This was demonstrated when Fudges boss expressed how she was very comfortable with h erself and she is not pretending to be some shes not. Having this trait indicates that she can handle any constructive criticism and not take it personal.2.ConsiderThe Components of creative perception from TableIdentify the key components that have affected Ann Fudges success.3.Ann Fudge decided to take a sabbatical to focus on her personal life.Based on her experience, what are the earns of such a chequer? What might be the drawbacks?When Ann Fudge took a sabbatical to focus on her life, she was able to accomplish many things. She wanted more out of life than to be defined only by her career. During her break one of the benefits that she was able to experience was traveling. Fudge enjoyed traveling to different countries such as Sardinia and Corsica. She was also able to enjoy different activities such as yoga. Another benefit that she experience while on her leave was becoming an author of a book she wrote called The Artists Way at Work. In my opinion, thither were no drawbac ks. She took the time to redefine herself as a person. When she came back she was more successful than ever. Fudge took the job at Y&R and worked enceinte to put the company back on top, and her hard work salaried off at the end.

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