Thursday, May 2, 2019

Wite about a relationship.. Descrive in detail the relationship's Essay

Wite about a family relationship.. Descrive in detail the relationships movement through Knapps pointednesss of social relationsship - Essay ExampleThe main cause of repetition of ane stage is the role that it plays in the increase of the relationship as it progresses or fails. Not all boyfriend girlfriend relationships reach maturity stage and this usually happens several phases are omitted and when the relationship faces challenges at its early stage (Rothwell, 279).The initiation stage which is the introductory stage of coming together is very important in boyfriend girlfriend relationship development. This is because the starting time impressions of the partners involved are made and they are able to compare their likes and dislikes on each other. Physical influences usually play a greater role in this stage, such as the hair styles, c jalopyhing, perfumes, height and make up voice. Human beings are a social being and hence would like to portray themselves as friendly, liberal to share some conversations and open to debate some issues. In this stage, there are no hidden conversations but it only aims at surveying the possibility of earlier personal association with someone (Rothwell, 280). some other important stage after initiation is experimentation. This is where both the boy and the girl try to observe and disassemble their similarities and differences such as the carrier interests and hobbies in their lives. It is also known as the probing stage, this is because each of the twain partners tries to probe one another to get relevant information that would allow the progress of the new relationship between them. This stage is where many relationships end especially when the two individuals realize that they have a lot of differences than similarities.The view relationships that go through the experimentation stage experience intensifying stage. In this stage, the partners come remnant to one another with the motive of knowing each other more deeply and to test the hollows the one is making. According to mark Knapp model, the relationships

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