Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Rudolf Steiners ideas for the care and education of young children Essay

Rudolf Steiners ideas for the cargon and education of young peasantren - Essay ExampleIf the olds are facing this hardship difficult to deal with the new things in this world how much more the young ones who will be raced up in this kind of world There is a saying that the youngs are the hope of the land. As they took step on the developmental period specific behaviors represent qualitative changes in the structure or function of these organisms that appear over a given stage following progressive sequences. And so they change physical developments until they become adults like us. Childhood phase is the said to be the molding ground for individuals. It serves as the foundation of a human being.The Head of the German Theosophical Society, Rudolf Steiner believed that children passes through three seven-year stages and that education should be appropriate to the face for each stage. Birth to age 7, which he said is a period for the spirit to adjust to being in the material world. At this stage, children best describe through imitation. Academic satisfy is held to a minimum during these years. Children are told fairy tales, and do no reading until about the atomic number 42 grade. They learn about the alphabet and writing in first grade. According to Steiner, the second stage of increase is characterized by imagination and fantasy. Children learn best from ages 7 to 14 by acceptance and emulation of authority. The children progress to a single teacher during this period and the school becomes a family with the teacher as the authoritative bring up. The third stage, from 14 to 21, is when the astral body is drawn into the physical body, causing puberty. These beliefs are acceptable but let us examine carefully the curriculum he is trying to imply. As he construct his Goetheanum the school of spiritual science of Waldorf school for the children of workers at the Waldorf-Astoria cigarette factory in Stuttgart, Germany, in 1919 and presently operating in North America. Steiner designed the curriculum of his schools around notions that he apparently got by excess spiritual insight into the nature of Nature and the nature of children. The education here focuses on myths and other non-Christian thing. away from that they are encouraging Satanism which is not morally upright for a Christian Society. Children must learn how to be love and appreciate love and affections the gain from others. They should learn things about them and answer their questions related to where they came from. wherefore not teach some about the Creator. His views pertaining to caring to children are appropriate, he value the stages that an individual is in. He considered the stages where the child is in need. He said that children at the 0 to 7 years old are adjusting him in the material world. Yes thats true. Aside from living in a material world of course the child must have the material support too, coming from the parents who are the guardians. As from th e Abraham Maslows Hierarch of Needs that sooner an individual reach the point or level that he is a self - actualized person, a person must first take his step in having the Basic needs, including clothes, foods and any material supports before he

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