Sunday, May 5, 2019

The image analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

The image analysis - Essay ExampleThis paper will analyse exclusively the aspects of this bring up in relation to the charge hearing, the physical construction of the distinguish, and the significance of this analysis to the American society. verbal description The advert entails the image of a beautiful muliebrity with bright coloured clothes holding a red fruit. It also entails the image of Dasani branded water, and an equally bright coloured restaurant recipe with a portrait of a man. Also in the advert, we have image of the modern Macdonalds premium salad as served in different settings that include the Asian, Caesar, Bacon ranch, and Southwest settings. More so, there are readable texts defining the new MacDonalds premium salad. We also have an inscription asserting that somebody loves the MacDonalds premium salad. The advert is generally fascinating with the beautiful images and the bright coloration forming the ultimate attraction. More so, the image of the beautiful wo man in the advert derives a sweet feeling and making the advert eye-catching and irresistible. Indeed, the advert generates a relaxing mood and creates a fulfilling atmosphere. Actually, by just seeing it you feel enticed, your appetite aro utilise, and the desire to have it away the Macdonalds premium salad as advertised in the advert is keeps glowing. In addition, the advert has visible and interesting lighting, as it is at ease to the eye and calls for attention. The advert is seemingly at an angle of 90 degrees gum olibanum facing the audience for maximum clarity. Moreover, there is cropping in the advert and focus directs to the objective of the advert, which is to inform on the new MacDonalds product. Bright colours apply in the advert and the dark background of the advert serves a significant role of generating clarity, creating comfort to the eye, and balancing the effect of the bright colours and lighting. Furthermore, the language used in the advert is simple, clear, a nd understandable to the target audience and seeks to entice the audience to aim at enjoying a piece of the new product. It communicates a happy feeling, generates a festive mood, and defines the sweetness of the new product. Analysis The target audience for this advert is the fast-food lovers, MacDonalds customers, and battalion living in Southwest America, Bacon ranch, and Asians. Mostly the tenderness class, middle aged and working class is also target of this advert. Generally, although women form the largest customer base for salads, this advert targets people of all genders. The general significance of all features in the advert is to promote this product to its target audience. However, specifically the significance of the bright clothing, shiny accessories, bright coloured hair, lovely facial expressions, the relaxed posing positioning, and a comfortable gestures is to create an appealing effect to the audience. This draws the attention of the audience, encourages them to focus, and entices them to identify with the product. Indeed, the elements in the advert fascinates, creates a special interest, and tempts the audience to buy as they attract them, describes the sweetness of the product, and assures them they will love it. In addition, the images and words appeal to these individuals desires by generating a festive mood, encouraging them to eat the product

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