Saturday, May 4, 2019

Drug testing on welfare Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Drug testing on eudaemonia - Essay ExampleMost of the states, which passed this legislation, did so because of the belief that those who received welfare used it to get off drugs (Davidson). The legislation was therefore, introduced to deny them the means of getting drugs, something that was thought to be commendable at the time. However, this assumption was appoint to be untrue, because of all the welfare applicants tested for drugs, only two percent of them tested positive. This automatically confirm that this law was ineffective, due to the fact that its intended targets were found to be innocent of what they hadbeenaccused. It has now been confirmed that welfare recipients are not the majority drug users in the United States, and this makes the drug testing for welfare indemnity unconstitutional.The drug-testing program is an extremely expensive process for those states, which have instituted it into their welfare system. The welfare applicants are required to buy off for th eir own tests, and if they are found to be negative, then the state has the obligation to refund them. This procedure has off out to be extremely expensive because the majority of applicants have tested negative. The states, therefore, end up disbursal more than they normally would have if the program had not been put in place. Moreover, this program also has administrative be, such as paying the staff that run it as well as for the facilities. All these costs are footed by the states, an unnecessary expense the money would have been put in fall in use expanding the welfare program to cater for people who need it. These added costs to the state governments with little terminus have gibed ineffectiveness of this program.Thedrugtestingforwelfareprogramwasputinplacetoensurethedeterrence of peoplewhohaveappliedforwelfare. It was estimated that a large number of people who applied for welfare

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