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Project Manager Essay

I do severely believe that the origination of terry was very inappropriate for that bet. Based on the shedn scenario, it clearly states there that the audience of terry cloth is an applied science sort discover and non just any other soulfulnesss which ar more contact on the technical aspect of the leap out that she was presenting in front of the latter. She keeps on discussing things that do non fall infra the role of the engineers on the verbalize cat or on the things that concerns the applied science separate.Why discuss the massiveness of the mold to the engineer group if they care less on that matter since these group works based on the procedures on how a parvenue increase is to be produced and they do not give even a exclusive care or responsibility on the importance of that certain(p) harvesting to the attach to. In other words, terry dwell much on the external qualities of the product and not on the internal qualities of the find which was call for by the engineering group homogeneous the specifics of the product and the procedures that they would have to act up in order to produce the state product line effectively and efficiently.Moreover, she discussed dates and milest cardinals of the products which are not very important of the get down of the engineering group. The said insertion only be scratchs appropriate if terry is presenting the product to the board of directors of the company as a parturiency proposal for a refreshing product since the institution give more emphasis on the benefits and significance of the product to the company and not on the technical aspects of the products as what is being compulsory by the engineering group.It seems that terry cloth did not take into consideration the variety show or type of audience or totaleners when she was preparing for the said presentation with the engineering group. Answer 2 One possible expression through which Terry could improve her presentation is to concentrate more on discussing the specifics of the product like giving the engineering team up archetypal of the birds substance view of the production run away of the product to be produced and then after which a detail explanation of all part of the production flow to guide the engineers what to do when they set their foot on the production line.Moreover, this would give the engineering group skills and tuition on how to deal with certain problems that qualification arise during the production process of the product since they already know how every aspect of the production works for the entire system. Furthermore, it is take up for Terry to familiarise her self with engineering terms and languages, basic term would do, so as to make the transfer of information from her side going to the engineering group easier and faster (Busse & Zettelmeyer, 2007).It is just like knowing what are the effective way of communicating with other lot is, you choose the language or the wordings of the individual/group of people to make the conversation more effective and easier (Foulger, 2004). Moreover, Terry should also familiarize her self with the possible problems or issues that business leader come out along with the commencement of the production of the said sweet product. This was wholeness of the major problems that she meeted when the members of the engineering group started to ask question regarding the possible issues that might arise during the conduct of the production of the said new product.By familiarize the possible problems of producing the new product line of the company, it only tells us that she is active in presenting the new product to the engineering group and she knows every single aspect of the production processes of producing that certain new product. Answer 3 As for the action of Terry, I would be best if she heard first the questions of the engineering group before acting unprofessionally.She may not know the dress to the quest ions being raised by the engineering team but it would be a good source of pointers on how to make a go presentation the next time she would be asked to do the same task again. Moreover, she could have just accommodate that she lack preparation and very involuntary to entertain questions regarding the project just in case she might encounter questions that she can answer. As for those questions that she could really no longer answer, Terry could list them down and make a research for those questions and set a new date another presentation of the new product.Walking out in the middle of the presentation is very unethical in the world of incorporate profession. On every things that one person is about to do, he/she must handle it gracefully or in other words everyone in the corporate world must possess the value of grace under pressure so as to establish rapport with other people on his/her immediate environment. Terry did not have the guts to admit in front of the engineering g roup that she missed the details of the questions that the former are raising.Admitting that she was not prepared is better-off than just walking out of the dwell without even finishing the presentation in front of the important personalities for the supremacy of the new product of the company (DeCenzo, Robbins, Stewart & Stuart-Kotze, 2005). Answer 4 As for the project manager, it is his responsibility to shoulder the mess that Terry had left on the presentation room. Saying sorry to the engineering group must be the first thing that he should do regarding the unprofessional act of Terry.After this, since the project manager has the full knowledge over the project, it would be best of the part of the marketing department if he would be the one to continue the presentation and entertain the questions of the members of the engineering group. I think it is also the responsibility of the project manager to justify the action of Terry and inform them that she was just new to the depa rtment and ask for the sympathy of the member of the engineering group and hoped that it would not affect the decision of the latter to buy-in the said project.With this way, there is a happening that the member of the engineering group might understand the situation of Terry and give the project manager another chance of setting one more meeting for the said project. Furthermore, after the meeting, it is also the responsibility of the project manager to have a talk with Terry and find out what happened on the presentation. After which, the project manager must give Terry with some pointers on how to handle such kind of situation and not to go along with her emotions (Bolpatra. gov, 2007).I think on this part the project manager committed a mistake as far as his responsibility to his subordinates is concerned. He should be the first one to check if his subordinates are ready enough for such kind of presentation by checking the slides of the presentation of Terry or conduct a dry-ru n of the presentation of Terry so as to check if her slides are appropriate for the said meeting considering that Terry was just new to the marketing department. Answer 5 One of the best ways to get the engineering group to go with the buy-in is to offer them with great incentives and privileges if the latter would accept the said project.High salary and additional benefits, dictate health benefits, are really hard to resist and this might be a good tactic to get the nod of the engineering group. another(prenominal) way to get the engineerings group buy-in would be I would be the one to present the project after the engineering team gave us another chance to present the project and giving them the bureau that by then all of their questions will be answered clearly and smoothly since as the project manager I have all the information and knowledge needed to answer their questions and any queries regarding the specifications of the new product of the company.I think, after having th e said two strategies to get the engineering groups buy-in, there is a big possibility that we have the nod of the engineering group for the said project.ReferencesBolpatra. gov. (2007). Roles and Responsibilities of the Project Manager and Key Staff. Retrieved December 9, 2007, from http//www. bolpatra. gov. np/admin/information_upl/1089883861YV. pdf Busse, M. & Zettelmeyer, F. (2007).Some Pointers For Preparing Presentations. Retrieved December 9, 2007, from http//faculty. haas. berkeley. edu/meghan/300/On_presentations. pdf DeCenzo, Robbins, Stewart & Stuart-Kotze. (2005). Managerial Ethics. Retrieved December 9, 2007, from foba. lakeheadu. ca/mirabelli/1511/ch02. ppt Foulger, D. (2004). Models of the chat Process. Retrieved December 9, 2007, from http//foulger. info/davis/research/unifiedModelOfCommunication. htm

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