Thursday, March 7, 2019

Police Brutality Essay

Philadelphia is located in virgin Jersey on the eastern sea board of the United States. This makes it an rarified location for immigrants from Nigeria to choose as an entry point into the US. This inflows has led to an oer stretch in the social amenities. In so far as Nigerians perform the jobs Americans do not want, the fact that they do not wage taxes means they cannot contribute to the growth of Philadelphia. The police force on their give out is predominantly white.They be not addressed on how to deal with the impudent population. How to be sensitive to their culture and beliefs. Since the arrivals are withal not actually at par with the American culture, this breeds a society that coexists but does not know how to interact and appreciate each other. This has led to an increase in police brutality especially among Nigerian males of ages 15-70. Both sides feel they are mis-understood-the police are onerous to keep the peace, while the Nigerians are trying to make ends me et.While there are more obvious signs of harassments against pack deemed forbidding (African-Americans and Native Americans) as opposed to whites to begin with, xenophobia (undue fear or contempt of that which is foreign, especially of strangers or foreign peoples) is more prominent against those foreigners who also happen to have darker skins which naturally includes Africans, Mexicans, Jamaicans, Carib-Africans, Haitians, Indians (from India), So. Americans, etc. nd other non-Caucasian races. Africans, who naturally fit into the black quota, therefore get a double-whammy should they storm a police officer who has xenophobia, and Nigerians who have encountered harassment incidences have noted this as a prevailing factor in the course of their being harassed. decided accents are a dead give away and a xenophobic officer would have a field day should he encounter one whom he fears and thus portrays hatred towards (www. igeriansinamerica. com). There is need to train the police fo rce on the necessity to overcome Xenophobia amongst its officers. Also, more black offices must be employed and an effort be made to set up them to work in black communities and neighborhoods, to increase the acceptance of the police as a law enforcement agency.

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