Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Career and Philanthropic Work of Magic Johnson

Earvin fast one Johnson is not only amongst the incomparable greatest basketball symbolizeers, but he is also a well-respected philanthropist. This endeavor discusses his early career, major career achievements, being diagnosed with support, and philanthropic work. deceit Johnsons glorious basketball career began as a student at the Michigan State University. He led the team up to a topic Championship title in 1979. Johnsons skill qualified him to play at the National Basketball Association (NBA). While playing with the Lakers, the team won five NBA championships and participated in nine NBA finals. He was honored by being named the NBA Most Valuable Player three times. Johnson also vie on the U. S. A.Olympic team that won the gold medal in the year 1992. In 2002, he was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame. He was oddly known for his excellent passing skills. Johnsons match winning carrying into action in the 1980 NBA finals is an integral part of basketball report. He received some(prenominal) honors including being selected as a member of the All-Time team for NBAs 50th anniversary in 1997 (NBA Encyclopedia).On October 25, 1991, his doctors told Johnson that he had the human immunodeficiency virus virus. Says Johnson, That was the hardest solar day of my life. After I got myself off the ground, I decided to have a positive attitude (NBA Legend). Two weeks later, on November 7, 1991, Johnson announced to the world at a press conference organized by the Lakers about his affliction.At the conference, he said that he would not give up to the ailment easily and would battle it. He announced that he would become a spokesman about HIV. As the doctors had advised him not to play basketball any(prenominal) longer, Johnson announced his retirement from basketball. Johnson decided that he would use his fame and his status as an icon for millions of people to educate the youth about HIV. One calendar month afterwards his diagnosis, he started the c onjuring Johnson Foundation.According to a research conducted by Pollock (426), the revelation of Magic Johnson had changed the attitude of people about aid and influenced them to alter their behavior in order to avoid the virus. The alkali has embossed millions of dollars to build four modern clinics for people afflicted with AIDS. Free HIV/AIDS testing has been provided to approximately 38,000 people across America through the I Stand with Magic program. The foundation has helped nearly 280,000 people find out the risk factors of contacting HIV.The foundation also provides educational and medical help to children and materialisation adults. The foundation has opened 20 Community Empowerment Centers in underserved communities (Magic Johnson Foundations). When Hurricane Katrina occurred, the foundation partnered with various grocery and drugstores, provided prescriptions and groceries to victims. The renowned basketball player also express that he would find ways to generate jobs to those who have been displaced by Katrina (Tucker 1).Magic Johnson received the USA Todays National sub allot for his contribution to the society through the Magic Johnson Foundation. Magic Johnson is also an nimble businessman. He runs a corporation called Magic Johnson Enterprises (MJE). MJE has several businesses in its portfolio, which embroil Canyon-Johnson Urban Fund, SodexhoMagic, Aetna, and BestBuy, 30 Burger King restaurants, Magic Johnson Theaters, and a dozen sports centers. The company aims to provide products and services to ethnically diverse communities and minorities (Earvin Magic Johnson Biography).Even after 17 years of being diagnosed with HIV, he has not developed AIDS. Magic Johnson can be called a self-made success story and a great sportsman and social worker who has selflessly used his iconic status to help countless people lead a advance life.Work CitedAbout the Foundation. Magic Johnson Foundation. 10 May 2008 http// m/index.php?/foundation/aboutthefoundation/accomplishments/.Earvin Magic Johnson Biography. Magic Johnson Foundation. 12 May 2008 http// Encyclopedia. NBA Media Ventures. 9 May 2008 http// legend Magic Johnson delights CU crowd. (February 1998). Cornell Chronicle. 12 May 2008 http// III, Philip H. Issues, values, and critical moments Did Magic Johnson transform public opinion on AIDS? American Journal of Political Science 38 (1994) 426.Tucker, Laura. Business Hero Magic Johnson. 5 May 2008http//

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