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The Purpose and History of Penitentiaries Chuck A. Pennington CJA/234 October 13, 2012 Jason Huskey The Purpose and History of Penitentiaries legion(predicate) nations and cultures face made official laws to protect their citizens from crime. Over the years, these laws have been in force, in order to keep their society from comme il faut anarchy. antithetic forms of penalisations have been used to detour would be viles. However, about citizens notwithstanding tend to break the laws of the land. These days, all countries have a arbitrator system and a prison for locking up their threats to society. Until the juvenile 18th century, prisons were used mainly for the confinement of debtors who could non meet their obligations, of charge persons waiting to be tried, and of convicts who were waiting for their sentences either death or banishment to be put into effect. hardly imprisonment in stages came to be accepted not only(prenominal) as a construction for holdin g these persons, but too as a room of punishing convicted criminals. The basic thought of common law include a set of rules knowing to help solve problems in society, drawing upon decisions that had been made by judges in the past. As time passed, the colonists eventually veritable their own system of criminal justice. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
There were several penalty options that existed at this time, approximately of which relied severely on public shaming. The role for this approach was to teach a lesson to the offender, with the hopes that this education would be to a greater extent potential to prevent recurring criminal act ivity. Some of the more(prenominal) common ! punishment practices included whipping, branding, cutting off ears, and placing wad in the pillory, a wooden or metal modelling erected on a post, with holes for securing heads and hands. For more severe crimes such as murder and rape, criminals were penalize by execution, most typically with public hanging. Of all the punishments describe above, prison is perhaps the most complex. It affects the prisoners framework possessions...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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