Monday, August 12, 2019

Management Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words - 3

Management - Research Paper Example Several technological advancements have been made in the field of manufacturing affecting the supply chain in different ways. Current application of manufacturing technology in supply chain management and how best the technology can be utilized to improve the supply chain is analyzed in the below discussion. Logistic management is the management of the flow of goods, services and information from source to the desired destination at the lowest possible cost. Through the various stages of transmission, goods and information are faced with various challenges that are a threat to the process. Mismanagement of the logistics can lead to disruption of the supply chain both in the short and the long run. Safety measures in the logistic system determine the effectiveness of the logistic system for a successful supply chain. Among the threats to logistics are increasing with the developments in the market. Risk factors include the unpredictable change in transport and energy costs, higher cost of financing, insolvency of a basic logistic provider, changes in local and international legal requirement and insufficient number of skilled employees in the necessary field (Bielecki & Szymonik 2011) Management of the centralized supply chain is receiving much attention from firms. Firms use customer service measure based on frequency to measure efficiency in the supply chain. The actual measures conducted are the fill rate and stock out rate. These measures indicate the efficiency of the centralized supply chain system. The assumption is that suppliers are able to meet all customer needs and supply the orders as to when required. Advance production is the case with a centralized supply chain to meet customer demand with supply. However, the changes in the market are posing a threat to this system. Given the changes in technology, the supply chain

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