Wednesday, August 7, 2019

American Popular Culture Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

American Popular Culture - Essay Example 2. How have popular culture trends and electronic media formulated your views regarding the following topics: social responsibility and civility; family obligations; the human body; justice, law, and order; sexual identity; friendship and love Popular (pop) culture is literally defined as the vernacular culture that prevails on any given society. â€Å"The content of popular culture is determined by the daily interactions, needs and desires, and cultural ‘moments’ that make up the everyday lives of the mainstream.† (â€Å"Wikipedia†, 2006). Culture is a way of defining oneself, and is accepted or regarded by each person in their own way, and yet mass media and mass culture also lets people define themselves in relation to everyone else in mass society. How Have Popular Culture Trends and Electronic Media Formulated Your Views Regarding the Following Topics: Social Responsibility and Civility; Family Obligations; The Human Body; Justice, law and Order; Sexual Identity; Friendship and Love? Popular culture trends are a significant part of all of our lives, and greatly affect the way we feel about ourselves, and about each other, on a daily basis. Whether or regardless of if we recognize it or not, popular culture reflects on us all in way or another. In regards to social responsibility and civility, I believe that due to the heightened propaganda status, or in other words the fact that the media is such a huge part of all of our day to day lives, our assumption and beliefs of what our personal social responsibilities should be have dropped somewhat. In the past, there was a certain aura of politeness and classiness if you will; characteristics which do not seem to be as evident in today’s world. When discussing how pop culture trends have formulated my views regarding family obligations; this is another subject that I would say relates highly to social responsibility and civility in a way. If we take

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