Friday, July 19, 2019

The effect gases derived from fossil fuel combustion have on the Biosph

The year is 2985; we begin with the life of Elizabeth Ferguson. Elizabeth wakes up and begins her day; she took off her stationary nighttime breathing apparatus and attached her portable apparatus and fills a spare tank to hold her oxygen ration for the day. She begins her morning jog, marveling in the ambrosial sight of the vivid, swirling yellow sky, the sky was miraculously clear today and she could fathom the faint blue haze that she had once seen in her childhood â€Å"a classic sign of pollution† these words rang out in her mind as clearly as bells chime, she immediately reminisced upon her many professors who had drilled this fact into her mind ever since she could remember. Her mother’s tales were leagues apart from the professor’s lessons, her mother often conveyed the blue skies of her childhood, the lack of swarms of flying matter too small to be distinguished by the human eye but dense enough to be seen as a thick mist, she also spoke of the time in w hich the breathing apparatuses that were issued to us were unneeded as you could breathe the air without a mask without adverse effects. Elizabeth often shared her mother’s stories with her fellow peers in class. These stories were swiftly recanted by her professors as simply old wives tales. Later, she returned home after the jog and began the sanitation process, removing the particulate matter that had created a fine covering of dust over her skin, she knows that this is one of the most important processes and that if it is not completed swiftly she will be bedridden with many melanomas from the toxic film. After her sanitization she adorns herself in the coverings that will protect her from the rain that is forecasted for today. Rain is one of the most dangerous substances ... ...hat will take the Earth millions of years to filter. These gases, all released through natural tectonic and chemical reactions within and on the surface of the Earth Carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide both released through volcanoes and particulate matter through the burning of matter. These gases, while necessary to sustain the biospheres homeostatic state are being released into the biosphere at a far greater rate than the earth can sustain the symbiotic recycling methods that have been built up since the earth’s formation 4.7 ±.1 billion years ago via the combustion of fossil fuels. If our behavior as energy consumers on Earth, our only home, the only home for not only us but the entire animal kingdom will become a desolate, uninhabitable rock floating drearily throughout space a shadow of its past glory. Would you want your children to live in Elizabeth’s world?

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