Monday, June 10, 2019

Self-Reflection and Self-Allocation of Grade Essay

Self-Reflection and Self-Allocation of Grade - Essay ExampleThis piece includes personal reflection and precise analysis of the submissions in this course. 2. Best Effort among the Submissions I believe that abstract composition and peer reviews can be considered as the best reflections of my look into and composing capabilities. These writing tasks bore great outcomes and came up to my personal benchmarks of quality writing. I have written abstracts before but this challenge was met with the personal inclination to search about the techniques that can be used to write comprehensive abstracts. As a result, I was able to organize my abstract into three main split introduction, problem statement and solution of the seek problem. The abstract also included few lines discussing the purpose of the news subject publisher that makes the reader understand the relevance and theme of the research study. Due to the adoption of an organized process, I was able to focus on the quality of the writing rather than worrying about the type of content that required to be included. Conducting a peer review was a commendable experience since I learned the art of performing critical analysis of academic writing and got the opportunity to study the work of researchers in the respective domain at a detailed level. The first paper included useful information regarding the murder of information incident management program the steps for the program were explained and critically analyzed for the strengths and weaknesses of the content. The techniques to conduct a peer review were studied for the process that reflected in the paper and gave it a professional look. Similarly, the second peer review was also conducted on the same lines that proved to refine the practice of critical analysis. The second paper was based on the challenges that are faced during the implementation of information security management. Both the peer reviews were concluded with useful recommendations that can facilitate improvement of the paper such recommendations bear great relevance in the process of conducting peer reviews. However, one factor that has been missed out from the peer reviews is that of the mention of the authors details and the vagabond where this paper was presented. 3. Most Challenging Submission The article writing proved to be the most challenging and difficult submission in the course. The topic of my research was The Relation between IM, Information Security and HRM all the three aspects of this chosen domain involve extensive research since numerous papers and literature are available for each one of them. The excessive nature of the available literature make me lose focus at few instances during the research process and made me include information that could not prove to be highly relevant for the research topic. The inclusion of too much information proved to make the paper generic in nature to a certain extent rather than focusing on the link of informa tion systems, information security management practices and humane resource management practices. Meeting the word limit (i.e. 3000 words) of the paper also proved to be a challenge that led to the compromise of the quality of the content. Referencing is an essential part of any academic writing process. The article lacked effect usage of in-text referencing at some places. I failed to adopt a critical analytical climax during some steps of the research study, instead ended up producing descriptive details about

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