Sunday, June 2, 2019

Hearing the Voice of God :: essays research papers

Do you like to talk out your problems with a adorer? Do you like to hear other peoples problems? Why do we always need to shargon our problems with individual? The truth is, humans ar weak. Weve always known that we cant live by ourselves. So, its not a question that we need to share our burdens with some adept else. We want someone to feel what were going through. And were hoping that that friend of ours has a way out of it, right? Whatever it takes, we want our problems to be solved. Unfortunately, its not all time can we find someone who wants to hear our problems L. Well, thats the way humans are. Were not perfect. But our Father in heaven is. He will faithfully listen to everything weve got on our minds. He is the only one who has the way, the truth, and the life. Of course, He knows how to solve our problems and He will help us with them. Now, doesnt that belong good? Well, dont you want to learn to hear Gods enunciate? The question ishow does He talk to us? Here are a f ew ways1.)He talks to us in audible voice. Wouldnt that be totally cool? Can you imagine what His voice would sound like? Would it be deep like in the movies? Although not everybody could hear His audible voice like Paul and Samuel, there are more other ways for us to be able to hear Him.2.)He could speak to us through our surroundings. How? Well, lets just say were going to go somewhere, but on the way there, theres so many things that stands on our way. There could be an accident or avocation jam, or something. At a time like that we should probably ask God again if we should continue or not because we never know whats going to happen there. 3.)God also speaks to us through the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit usually talks to us from our hearts. Have you ever see that? Like, sometimes, just out of the blue, you get this little voice or urge in your heart telling you to pray or read the bible? Thats the voice of the Holy Spirit and you shouldnt ignore it. Or you could also be in th e middle of a test and youre stuck on one problem. You know youve seen the problem before, but you just cant remember the right answer although youve prayed right before taking that test and all of a sudden the answer just came to you?

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