Saturday, May 11, 2019

Rhetorical Analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words - 7

Rhetorical Analysis - Essay utilizationThe author also dissuaded the participants to minimize checking their emails to reduce stress but found that habits are hard to break. The orgasm of this writing used several rhetorical devices to make the word persuasive, convincing and easy to understand without losing its scientific approach. First, the article attempted to get the readers attention by engaging them with an emotion which is the body politic of pathos that they truly concerned about which is stress and how email relates to it. The article then proceeded in using logos when it stated the scientific method of having a controlled experiment to answer the question of the article. Controlled experiment meant having a set of subjects or participants under a controlled condition to test a certain hypothesis which in this case is that frequently opening mail is inimical to our well-being or causes stress. Ethos or the background of the authors helped the article to become credibl e.According to article, the author designed an experiment that would measure how checking email behavior influence rafts pressure and this used the rhetorical device of logos. In the study, the experimenters hired 124 adults which included students, professors, and I.T workers. They divided the participants into deuce groups at random. The experiment took several weeks involving several process. One of the methods employed in the experiment is to illustrate how emails relate the stress levels of participants. Half of the group can check their emails anytime and half of the group were only to open their mails tether times twenty-four hours. The situation was reversed with the participants and after collecting the data to determine result, it yielded the same result that sculpture back on email might reduce stress as much as get word yourself swimming in the warm waters of a tropical island several times a day (Gray 1).It has to be

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