Tuesday, April 23, 2019

The strong value of the Australian dollar and its impact on Assignment - 1

The strong regard as of the Australian vaulting horse mark and its impact on Australias exports about touristry - Assignment Example102). The variations in the dollar usually come alongside different impacts on the general economy of the country. Depending on the prevailing take of elasticity, some firms are usually affected by the value of the dollar, while others benefit immensely from it (Carson, Richards & Tremblay 2005, p. ascorbic acid Gary 2006, p. 1). The export markets for various goods and services in Australia seem to be exceptional, but this is not always the subject in the face of the changing value of the Australian dollar. According to the a recent survey that was do on the impact of the dollar, the value of the export markets fell down to ten places because of the appreciating value of the Australian dollar. This is accord to the world ranking of export markets from Australia.It has been noted that the value of the Australian dollar has been on a plastered up ward since 2008 (Australian Capital Tourism Corporation 2004, p. 87). This is attributed to the prevailing economic boom as a end of the mining activities going in the country. In this respect, investigations conducted about the mining boom in other countries standardized China and countries in the East cannot be ignored (Nicole 2013, p.1 Robert 2013, p. 2). The increase in value of the Australian dollar has had a direct multiplier effect, meaning that other industries have equally felt it. These industries include the plain sector, service industry among many others. The impact of this rising value of the dollar has critically affected the tourism sector, which largely depends on people expenditure while visiting various places in the country (Tourism enquiry Australia. 2005, p.1 ).In general, it is a common observation that the elasticity of peoples expenditure in the abut of touring various places in the country is large. For instance, foreigners income elasticity is directly related to the elasticity of

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