Monday, April 29, 2019

The Drivers of Chinese Businesses Strategy for Expansion into Nigeria Dissertation

The Drivers of Chinese Businesses Strategy for Expansion into Nigeria - Dissertation ExampleThe political and economic hardships that faced chinaware at that time qualified it to be an implausible partner of development. Moreover, subsequent to the policies of Deng Xiaoping of the 1970s and1980s, Chinese undischarged innovation and intensification, industrial attendant and demands of market expansion, plunged it into inevitable contact with the African continent (Utomi 20121). Its fresh extensive presence provided a relationship viewed by several stakeholders as a substitute and replica of Hesperian partnerships. In fact, the augmenting presence of China in Africa, and particularly in Nigeria has elicited a lot of issues concerning the boost relations model. A national discussion across sectors upon that relationship would be a figure which is healthy and may impel additional scrutiny (Taylor 2012 111). In point of fact, viewpoints in Nigeria are distant from forming a balance amidst the motives of China, the budding rivalry with Western associates or renewed collaboration possibilities between new and old partners. The focus of this proposal is the drivers of Chinese headache strategy for expansion into Nigeria. The study is fundamented on cross-examining the officials of the Nigerian government, business people, and the private sector. The broad purpose of this research proposal is to explore the drivers of Chinese business strategy for expansion into Nigeria. In this scenario, China uses clever tactics to create room for expanding business trading operations in Nigeria. On the other hand, Nigeria benefits when the Chinese involve themselves in foreign direct investment. In comparing to Nigerias conventional Western business partners, China seems to have better terms, thus gaining more ground in Nigeria.

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