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Sherlock Holmes and The Speckled Band Essay Example for Free

intelligence officer Holmes and The Speckled solidifying EssayWatson takes notes for Holmes as well as accompanying him to dangerous situations and even tales a gun with him. Watson is never busy as a doctor but has medical knowledge. He sh bes the uniform code of honour as Holmess rights and wrong. The villains are less realistic than the characters of Holmes and Watson, using more exaggeration. Dr. Grimsby Roylott has a affiliation with gypsies and went to India with them and brought back dangerous exotic animals with are a red herring in the story. He is a doctor like Dr. Watson with specialist knowledge. He is a brutal bully who insults private detective Holmes.John system is the least developed of the three characters and a little like Moriatry with a sense of mystery, bright and intelligent. Moriarty is private investigator Holmess equal adversary and a criminal genius (good gone wrong). Once he has lost intimately of his power he becomes even more dangerous on a pr ofessional level for Sherlock Holmes himself. Moriarty will devote his whole energies to revenging himself upon Holmes. He tracks Holmes down very(prenominal) effectively and seemingly, takes him to his death. The Sherlock Holmes stories abide a very unique setting and use of descriptive atmosphere. When Sherlock Holmes and Dr.Watson get to Reichenbach falls you get a very distinct sense of mystery, dangerous and dramatic like we as the reader kind of possibility whats going to happen. There is lots of detail to London, Baker Street, country house with varied settings to give marvellous atmosphere and mystery. This comes into effect in the Red Headed League and The Final Point especially. The style and structure is very simple, its written in first person narrator by Dr. Watson. Direct speech brings alive unalike charters and personalities. Descriptions of charters and settings are a reason to the plot.The Speckled Band is a muscular mystery, the Red Headed League is to do with the values of property and money, The Final Point is politics and crime put together and they all have a moral code at the heart of the stories which is to bring bad people to justice. The Speckled Band and Red Headed League has a straight forward structure with the problem introduced and eventually solved by Holmes. However in The Final Point Dr. Watson is forced to use detective powers demonstrated to him by his sponsor Holmes in realising both Holmes and Moriatry are dead.Between 1887 and 1927, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle wrote sixty Sherlock Holmes stories, and his great Canon has become the around praised, most studied, and best-known chapter in the history of detective fiction. Over twenty thousand publications pertaining to the Sherlock Holmes phenomenon are known to have been published, most of them historical and critical studies. In addition, however, almost since the first stories appeared, such was their singularity and extraordinary attraction that other authors began wr iting stories based on or derived from them.A new musical genre had appeared pastiches parodies burlesques and stories that attempted to copy or rival the great detective himself. This is why Sherlock Holmes is the most popular, socialise and strong examples of popular crime writing which is still read a century later. Show see only The above preview is unformatted text This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Arthur Conan Doyle section.

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