Saturday, March 23, 2019

The Highwayman by Alfred Noyes and Lord Tennyson’s The Lady of Shalott

The highwayman by Alfred Noyes and Lord Tennysons The Lady of ShalottIn this essay, I intend to examine the storylines, themes and languageof The Highwayman and The Lady of Shalott and therefore explain why Ithink that one of the metrical compositions is more mesomorphic than the other one.The Highwayman is a love story full of romanticism and adventure. The hero is the rakish highwayman of the title who dies for the love ofhis mistress the darkly beautiful innkeepers daughter, Bess.The Lady of Shalott is a mysterious poem set in the mythical time oflegend Camelot. It is also a tragic love story in which the Lady ofShalott, who is cursed to bridle in her tower and not look divulge of thewindow, dies for her love because she looks out of the window at SirLancelot.The highwayman himself is a romantic hero of the eighteenth century. He isvery well dressed, with a French cocked-hat on his os frontale andlace at his chin. His breeches of brown doe-skin fit with never awrinkle. He is a thief the highwayman tells Bess that he will be patronage with the yellow gold. In addition, he is very daring. He couldbe caught but still steals things and comes to visit Bess. This showsthat he is passionate about Bess. He loves Bess and promises her thathe will be back though Hell should bar the way.Sir Lancelot is also a hero and a very brave and religious man as heis a redcross knight. He is also cheerful because as he was ridingby the river he was singing Tirra Lirra. The writer does not fall upon how Sir Lancelot looks in great detail except that he hascoal-black curls and a broad clear brow. Sir Lancelot is a typicalromantic, Victorian hero.Bess, the landlords daughter, has enormous black hair and ... ...d.After examining both of the poems, I prefer The Highwayman to TheLady of Shalott.Firstly, the main reason is because The Highwayman is much morespectacular and the storyline is much easier to follow than that of TheLady of Shallot.Secondly, I resembling Noyes us e of language. He has used lots of similes,alliterative phrases, personification and examples of onomatopoeia to realize the ballad to life and give the reader a vivid take care of what ishappening all the way through the poem. Although The Lady of Shalotthas many coarse images, much of the description of the surroundingsis left out which makes it harder to get a clear picture of what isgoing on.Finally, I think that The Highwayman is a more powerful poem becausethe pace is quicker than that of The Lady of Shalott, which has amuch slower and gentler, less dramatic pace.

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