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Parody Through Counter Examples Essay

Counter causes argon used through with(predicate) off this summercater, and is a key role in the charade of the bump. On both male and female sides of the dynamics in the play the first one is right from the start. the streets be absolutely clogged with h arbrained females banging on tambourines. No urging for an orgy (727) In the mere Age of capital of Greece upperclass wo workforce assumed the role of a housewife, where their duties were to either make clean up the house or organize the slaves of the house to do it for them. It was un taked of for women to be out in the streets like this period much little at night. The women of Athens formed to she-bopher to plot against the men to become them home from the war. As the women were gathering to plan against the men, Lysistrata said, Im on fire right down to the bone. Im positively repentant to be a womana member of a get off which rottert even live up to male slanders To hear our husbands talk, were sly deceitful, alwa ys plotting, monsters of intrigue(728) this abduce makes me laugh, because while she is aphorism this her and multiple women are plotting a way to get back at the men.This quote plays off the stereo token that a woman is always out to make a mans life miserable in allthing they do, but this is just now the thing they are trying to do. While the women are out in the streets they continue to show how ridiculous they are when they are complaining on how much they do for their men. This quote by Kleonike is a prime example, Theyll be here. You know a womans way is hard chiefly the way out of the house fuss over hubby, wake the wet-nurse up, put the baby down, bathe him, feed him (728) Kleonike goes on and on closely how much work they have to do, but she mentions that she gets up the maid, which does the work for her. This quote plays of the stereotype that women do a lot of house work, but in the play they have maids so obviously they are not doing as well much.Counter examples are a huge part of the parody that is at heart the play, all of my previous quotes had stereotypes in them, but they all counter themselves. jeerings are still very popular to twenty-four hour period, for example the motion picture Space Balls which is a parody of Star Wars. Space Balls makes fun of everything that is interpreted very seriously in Star Wars, which gives the movie that comedy tint a parody comes with.Throughout the play, parody is gulln in both the men and the women. The stereotype that men are strong and tough is presented towards the beginning of the play at the gates of the treasury. Never been confronted with such backtalk. Cant cater it. Somebody pick up a log and pulverize that brass. (740) straightway following this the men are easily silence by cypher more than a bunch of women carrying water. These rough and tough men seen in the previous quote were defeated by nothing more than water. Shivering, the emit OF MEN retreats in utter defeat (742)After t he mens defeat they run away to the Commissioner, and he is sent home boxing after several attempts to out man Lysistrata. Gross ineptitude. A gentle day for the Force.(745) This also relates to a parody in our modern day times with our own military. I here people complain astir(predicate) so many things our military does and stands for, yet the majority of the people criticizing are too afraid to join the military to begin with. So this male stereotype applies to modern times as well, men are busy to jump up to fight someone, but do they go through with it about of time, no.This quick battle also shows how brutal these Athenian women are, when women of the classical age were to only be seen not heard. Women were used as trophies most of the time, to be seen only and never heard. In this quote you get a typical stereotype of the women of this time, Glamor is our only talent. All we can do is sit, primped and painted made up and dressed up, (729). Women were never cognize to be violent, but in this quick battle with the men and the commissioner we see how brutal these women are, INTO THE FRAY Show them no mercy Push work Shove Call them nasty names Dont be lady like(745) In no way, form, or fashion are these ladies being lady like in this scene, which is another perfect example of parody runs wild throughout this play making it out to be the comedy it was made to be.All of these counter examples play favor to my hint argument which is the fact that the women in this play use parody the most through abstinence by withholding sex. This is the biggest parody of them all. This play revolves slightly sex, but the whole goal of the womens tactics is to refrain from it. Its easy to see with my following examples that this play uses parody around every turn. The parody in this play does not come without a type of counter example of a stereotype that is either assumed or given throughout the play. In this time frame, women would have never been allowed to do th is. If you can put your mindset in the classical age of Athens its easy to see how funny and how much parody is in truth used.

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