Friday, March 8, 2019

Law and Politics Essay

Murphy and selected network and electronic readings Some journal articles will need to be accessed with the UVU Library Journal database. If the below links to internet sources do non work, you should first search Google for alternative links. If you are still unsuccessful, then match Dr. Griffin. ? This schedule is only tentative and subject to change by communicative or written notification stay tuned _________________________________________________________________________________________________ Jan 8, 10 entrance Introduction to course & review of syllabus The Nature and Prominent Theories of Law (M) 3-12 William Blackstone, Commentaries on the Laws of England in Four Books, 2 vols. , pp. 39-62 Introduction, Section II, Of The Nature of Laws in General, pp. 39-47 (scroll down). http//oll. libertyfund. org/? choice=com_staticxt&staticfile=show. php%3Ftitle=2140&chapter=198645&layout=html&Itemid=27 ? ? ?Charles Grove Haines, A Survey of the Development of inwrought law Doc trines, 1930 Chapter 1 Ancient and Medieval Natural Law Theories, http//www. constitution. org/haines/haines_001. htm King, Martin Luther junior Letter from the Birmingham Jail. In Why We Cant Wait, ed. Martin Luther King, Jr. , 1963. http//www. stanford. edu/ mathematical group/King/liberation_curriculum/pdfs/letterfrombirmingham_wwcw. pdf Herbert Spiegelberg, Justice Presupposes Natural Law, pp. 343-348 http//www. jstor. org/sici? sici=0014-1704(193904)49%3A3%3C343%3AJPNL%3E2. 0. CO%3B2-6 Jan 15Origins and Roles of Courts and Judges (M) 13-20, 22-46 Martin Shapiro, The logic of The Triad. (UVU Canvas) John Underwood Lewis, Sir Edward Coke (1552-1564) His Theory of Artificial Reason as a Context for Modern Basic Legal Theory. (UVU Canvas) crowd together Wilson, The whole kit and caboodle of James Wilson, Associate Justice of the Supreme Court , Vol. 2, Chapter IV, Of the Nature of Courts, pp. 287-299. http//books. google. com/books? id=lIs0AAAAMAAJpg=PA1dq=James+Wilson,+The+W orks+of+James+Wilson,+volume+2hl =enei=9bx1TIyKA4W6sQOEqL2hDQsa=Xoi=book_resultct=resultresnum=2ved=0CDAQ6AEwAQv=onepageqf=fa lse

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