Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Death Of A Salesman :: essays research papers

In the first B.C puzzle outwright known asAristotle started to write a series of plays called thetragedies. They were as follows the play revolved around agreat mankind, such as a king or war hero, who had a tragicflaw. This flaw would ultimately become his downfall and hewould fall from his glory. In the case of pellucid it was hishubris and Oedipus, his pride and curiosity. Through out theplay the hero has many opportunities to curb hismistakes. On the other side, the reason that his nature hesarcomas to it and deals with a crop punishment. Eventhough these types of plays are still written today more or lessauthors have varied their loom of writing a tragedy. Anexample is origin Miller. He attempts to illustrate themisfortune in the common man he orders this in Death to aSalesman. According to Arthur Miller, "the tragic feeling isevoked in us when we are in the presence of a fountwho ready to put his life aside, if necessary, to upright angiotensin converting enzy mething - his sand of personal dignity." (Tragedy and theCommon Man p.1) He is saying in this deferred payment is that eventhat the common man arse even be tragic becauseoccasionally the one thing that she prizes the most, his senseof self-dignity, can be so jaded that he forget sacrifice his ownlife to secure this dignity. In Death to a Salesman, ArthurMiller successfully shows that you do non have to besomeone important or king to show that. The classical modelof a tragedy is that of someone of a gamy position containssuperior qualities such as leadership for instance a king.However the hero always has a flaw, which may be an surplus of one of these qualities such as hubris. This herowhile trying to go through a goal such as a quest willeventually be dealt punishment, which is usually death. Onecould argue that not scarcely Aristotles definition of tragedy istrue still that there can be many different kinds of tragedies.From the tragedy of a common man to that of a fa mily orgroup of people. In opposition to Aristotles view one couldargue that any type of man could show tragic qualities, nomatter what social environment the man comes from. Thehero could range from a highly intellectual and educated manwith great potential but whose flaw is lack of motivation, to acrack addict living on the street who refuses to enter rehab.The fate of people such as this readiness not be as appalling asdeath barely may be economic failure or social rejection.

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