Sunday, March 17, 2019

Commerce and the Internet :: Internet E-Commerce Business Essays

Commerce and the InternetIntroduction The company I work with wants to get on the web. Few of the staff are experienced computing device users, hardly they know how to make the machines spit out invoices, purchase orders, reports, letter and pretty packaging designs. They know that everyone is on the web nowadays, they want to do it, exclusively theyre tardy in undertaking the project, and the subject has ignited a serial publication of internal power struggles among the staff. This opus is a broad exploration of dialogue issues related to a small businesss desire to utilize the internet . As a speech communications major, I am interested in studying all facets of communication. What I have learned in tetrad short weeks is that the subject of commerce on the internet is complex and widely misunderstood -- even feared -- by many members of our community. Thomas Sebeok, in his paper Communication pronounces that because the concept of communication is so central to ou r contemporary civilization, and because of the intensifier social shaping of technology by governments and commercial interests, our age has progressively come to be characterized as the information society. (11). I posit that this intensive social shaping of technology, and the multiplicity of information communicated therein, is straining our human efficiency to accurately decode messages due to entropy (the measure of disorder in the system) created by a blind rush for profits. Yet, if the power of money does not inhabit in the coin, nor that of justice in the buildings that house our courts or the people that carry the system, (Plotkin) where do they lie? This presentation will tell my story, humbly state an opinion, and possibly raise further questions for readers. Fear and Loathing in Canoga put My employers company has experienced meteoric growth over the past year. In the scramble to keep up with the demands of a burgeoning business, I was employed as an administra tive assistant and given the task of researching for, designing and purchasing a sophisticated infranet and automated voice mail system for the workers to use. The telephones and computers had to be compatible, to harmonize a planned telemarketing department. The system was designed with security in legal opinion -- a simple DOS based accounting package was provided via diskless workstations to the gross sales staff, while the administrative staff received WIN 95 executive workstations, but could drop into the DOS loop when necessary.

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