Monday, February 4, 2019

Thoughts on a Possible Rational Reconstruction of the Method of Essay

Thoughts on a Possible Rational reconstructive memory of the Method of Rational ReconstructionABSTRACT Rational reconstructions standardly operate so as to transform a given enigmaatic philosophical scientific account-particularly of a terminological, regularityological or theoretical entity-into a similar, but much precise, consistent interpretation. This method occupies a central position in the practice session of analytic school of thought. Nevertheless, we encounter-even if only in a very few peculiar(prenominal) publications-a vague image of it. This is due on the one slip away to the problem of the intentions of application, i.e., of the normativity of keen-sighted reconstruction (descriptive/prescriptive-ambivalence). It is also due on the other hand to the problem of the significance of the method in the field of history of philosophy (systematic/historical-dichotomy). The varied usage within analytic philosophy, as well as the increasingly inflationary and interfer ing usage outside, contribute to make rational number reconstruction somehow appear a Proteus in modern philosophical methodology. This paper attempts to administer first aid and to close a bit of the theoretical gap and thus to reach a more(prenominal) exact image for the interests of analytic philosophy. Self-application of the method appears to be the right remedy. A graduating rational reconstruction of a standard concept of rational reconstruction will be suggested, differentiating the concept of rational reconstruction according to normativity, and explicating the method of rational reconstruction into two such variants. IntroductionThe method of rational reconstruction occupies a central position in the practice of analytical Philosophy. Andreas Kamlah once has dealt with it in an article under ... ...85), pp.71-82Poser, Hans 1971 Philosophiegeschichte und rationale Rekonstruktion. Wert und Grenze einer Methode. In Studia Leibnitiana 3 (1971), pp. 67-76 ________ 1980 Reko nstruktion, rationale. In Speck, Josef (ed.) Handbuch wissenschaftstheoretischer Begriffe. anchor ring. 3, Gttingen 1980, pp. 555-556 Stegmller, Wolfgang 1967 Gedanken ber eine mgliche rationale Rekonstruktion von Kants Metaphysik der Erfahrung. Teil I. Kants Rtsel der Erfahrungserkenntnis. In Ratio 9 (1967), pp. 1-30 ________ 1973 Probleme und Resultate der Wissenschaftstheorie und Analytischen Philosophie. Band IV. Personelle und Statistische Wahrscheinlichkeit. Studienausgabe Teil A, Berlin 1973________ 1985 Probleme und Resultate der Wissenschaftstheorie und Analytischen Philosophie. Band II. Theorie und Erfahrung. Studienausgabe Teil E, 2nd ed., Berlin 1985.

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