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Joseph Stalin Joseph Stalin was born on Dec. 21, 1876 in Gori, Georgia. Joseph Stalins buffer name was Iosef Vissaronovich Ozhungashvili, but he adopted his name to Joseph Stalin which means, man of leaf blade (World news 825). His fathers name was Vissarion Ivanovich Djugashvili. His father was a drunk and had a excogitate being a shoemaker. Since Josephs father didnt make such(prenominal) money Josephs mom, Ekaterina Gleladaz Djugaholi, who became a washerwoman to help support her family. The Stalins lived in a small shack, and Joseph was an only child. When Joseph was a young male child Stalins father left him. In 1888 Stalin was sent to a church rail in Gori (World Book 825).He spent 5 age there and was a brilliant student. Stalin received a scholarship at the religious seminary in Tbilisi. To a surprise, Stalin entered his school to study priesthood in the Georgian Orthodox Church in the year 1984 (World Book 825). In 1898, Stalin linked a secret Marxist revolutionary group (World Book 825). Stalin got expelled from his school for not appearing for an examination. Stalin joined a Marxist movement and when it depart in 1903, he went with more radical Bolsheviks. In 1904 he wed but his married woman died of tuberculosis after 3 years (World Book 825). He married again in 1919, but his 2nd wife killed herself, leaving Stalin with a son and daughter (World Book 825). The son became an dipsomaniac and his daughter defected to the United States During Stalins to a lower placeground career he was arrested at least 6 times and spent time as an transport in Siberia. He engaged in robbery, murder, labor agitation, and served as editor in chief and writer for various newspapers, where he first used the name Stalin (The exit Tsar When the communist come to power in 1922 Stalin got a big position as a Secretary General of Communist society (World Book 826). Before Lenin died he thought that Stalin was too vicious of a man. Lenin w rote a note to Leon Trotsky to succeed him. Stalin had Lenins note suppressed and joined with cardinal other members the Poliboro to defeat Trotsky. Then Stalin turned on the two who helped him defeat Trotsky and by 1928 had made himself the dictator of the Soviet Union (The vehement Tsar With power in his hand Stalin began his five-year plan. The plan was to industrialize the country, a program that went hand-in-hand with a plan to bring all agriculture under state country.

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