Monday, February 18, 2019

Essay --

The scene begins with the diegetic live on of a slow shunting hammer slowly raising in tempo, this creates accent as you know action is about to take place. This use of a sound bridge is incorporated with the low angle shot of modern (the protagonists) tough leather boots. There is apparent use of low anchor ignition and backlighting which could reflect the mood in the tense setting.The scene continues with the photographic tv camera tilting up to the protagonist through a medium shot, the camera because cuts to zooms in on a black radical which the protagonist say on the conveyor belt in the entrance of the lobby. The bag is an paradox code as the audience are not revealed about the bags contents and are left in suspense. There therefore is close up shot of the protagonists face, he is look at on black tinted glasses and is wearing a large black oceanic abyss coat, the use of top lighting conveys the heros serious facial expression make him look sinister and superior .The camera consequently cuts to a medium coarse shot of the protagonist and the security measures guard, who is equipped with a metal demodulator and is wearing a typical security guard outfit. The protagonist then looks around, this could imply to the audience that the protagonist is being analytical, as he could be about to do something unexpected, therefore creating enigma. The dialogue spoken by the security guard is typically expected of what a guard would say Could you interest remove any metallic items you are carrying...keys...some loose change.The camera then moves to a medium close up shot of the at heart of the protagonists coat which displays a collection of weapons. The use of low key lighting and filler light is used in the medium close up shot of the protagonist revealing his weapons is an action code as his i... ...abilities as he does a one handed cartwheel whilst shooting calm down whilst in slow motion. Neo then jump kicks the last remain soldier and is shown standing in the middle of the room in a medium long shot. The shot is shown to be lighter as hygienic due to the large windows in the background which again signify that he can continue with his mission as he has overcome his old problem.Finally, Trinity picks up the black bag from the center of the room, and drops the gun on the floor, as she picks up the bag, there is a crane shot as well as a low angle shot which shows how the protagonists have completed their objective and are superior and head off to the elevator through a long shot. as the door closes the shot includes the all told lobby setting and all the damage that has been done yet overly showing that they both have a much more historic mission ahead of them.

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