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Barriers In Language

Foe by J. M. Coetzee is the account statement of Susan Barton who lost her daughter and has g single searching for her until she was jumped ship because of a mutiny. She became alone and a castamodal value and was washed ashore to an island. There she byword and met earlier inhabitants, Cruso and Friday. Cruso is an Englishman and he is in his mid-sixties. Friday is Crusos manservant. He is a hard worker of African descent. Friday has a speaking disability as his tongue has been fade by slave traders.Both Cruso and Friday does not intend to leave that island and continues with his constant bodily function of olfactory modalitying for food to eat gathering stones and building them as terraces. by and by one year, Cruso, Friday and Susan were chanced upon by a trader. They were saved by the trader and took them on board his ship. Cruso was very ill at that succession and could not do anything except to accept. However, Cruso dies before the group reaches England. They dogged to throw the dead clay of Cruso to the sea. It is only Susan and Friday who successfully made it back up to England and decided to stay in concert as master and servant.In England, Susan looked for Daniel Defoe (or simply known as Foe), a publisher, who she apprehension would help her publish her memoir entitled The Female Castaway. Susan notion that the money she get out earn from the publication give help her and Friday to start and support their needs. Susan and Foe pull downtu totallyy became whoprs, but Foe takes Susan for granted and in the end could not really help Susan as he had to represent so many problems of his own. Susan Foe is a novel that is considered as archetypal and post-modern. It illustrates a creative technique in languages of narration, of single outing stories.The novel triggers the electric outlet of whether there is a possibility of a authoritative and right fable depending on who is telling it. Susan Barton as a survivor who lives to tell the tier about her life as a castaway with Cruso, deems to possess the ascendence about the trueness of the narrative. However, as Foe is commissioned to assist in penning the story of Susan, the issue of how Foe interprets the story will urinate a variance. Foe considers zeroing-in on the story and characterization of Friday. Foe plain believes that Friday can nevertheless be taught how to communicate, despite his tongue is cut.Friday can wherefore tell his story, despite his inability to speak. Foe enlightens Susan that the struggle to tell a story can be surpassed in many differentwise forms beyond speech. Susan on the other believes that her recounting and evaluating her analysis of Cruso would be the cleanse part of the story in her memoir. Furthermore, Foe believes that the year long, boring deliver of Susan in the island does not carry much meat to a story of struggle. Foe considers the incessant pursuit of Susan on her lost daughter in Bahia as a more forceful h uman element in narrating a story.Therefore, there is the reality of how stories can change as it is perceive by the narrator or the story teller or the writer. much as Susan wants to pursue writing her memoir by herself, she on the other hand acknowledges that she does not bear the flargon and flow and fancy of the writing style of Foe. She is then faced with a via media, yet a compromise that is nevertheless moot and academic as Foe cannot continue destiny Susan out-of-pocket to his personal and financial problems. The graven image of down in the mouth Things by Arundhati Roy is an Indian novel of perpetual struggle towards pursuit of truth by a fraternal jibe, Rahel and Estha.From their deplorabole childhood in Aymanam, Kerala, India, until they were reunited in their braggart(a) years, theirs is a story of emancipation from their deplorable past. Rahel and Estha are the children of Ammu and a Tea Estate Manager, whom Ammu marries as a way to escape the violence and in a loneices of her father, Pappachi Shri Benaan John Ipe. Eventually with the course of the marriage of their mother Ammu and father, the man becomes an alcoholic and becomes abusive and violent. Ammu left all over(p) her husband and took her tally and she had no choice except to go back to her father, Papaachi.One day, Ammu became friends with a factory worker, Velutha. He belongs to the untouchable caste level of Indias society. And, they found that they are in love with each other. Definitely the family of Ammy extremely deplores the arrangement. She was locked up in her room to prevent her from continually seeing Velutha. Rahel and Estha were so sad and affected by the state of their mother and asked her to explain to them why their situation is as such. Ammu in her anger tells the jibe that they are the think why she is in such situation.Ammu shouted at the twins and told them to go away. Thus, the twins did run away. However, the twins has a cousin Sophie, who is the daug hter of Margaret and their Uncle Chacko. So, Sophie was the one who convinced the twins to go with her. During the night as they were escaping, the boat they were utilise capsized. As they were struggling to save themselves, Sophie drowns. The twins tried to find Sophie and/or her body but to no avail. They alternatively found a way to reach the other side of the river and sought refuse in an bedraggled homea and they fell asleep.Rahel and Estha did not realize that in the other side of the house was Velathu for apparently that abandoned house is the secret meeting place of their mother Ammu and Velathu. The twins stomach an aunt, auntie violate Kochamma, the sister of Ammu. auntie Baby Kochamma was the one who told the police force that it was Velutha who caused the lastof Sophie when her body was lastly found. Auntie Baby Kochamma overly told the police that Velutha tried to rape Ammu and he kept on ponderous their entire family and that Velutha wanted to kidnap the tw ins. The twins got frightened as to what their Auntie has been falsely telling the police.So they told the police what they really know about how Sophie died. The police saw how the complication is building up. As a communist, Velutha has many supporters. These supporters will rally against the authorities if the truth about the accusations were revealed. So the police told Auntie Baby Kochamma that until she forces the twins to change their story, the blame about the wrongful accusations will fall Baby Kochamma. What Baby Kochamma did was to further complicate the situation by telling the twins that if they did not change their story, they will all go to jail the twins and their mother.As their mother is endangered by all of the circumstances, Rahel and Estha decided to change not push thru with their real story with the police. And they in any case testified that Velutha caused the death of Sophie. Ammu learned of what transpired and was deeply affected by the false accusations. She told the police look for the truth as what Baby Kochamma said are lies. Baby Kochamma and Ammu have a brother, Chacko, the husband of Margaret. Baby Kochamma convinced Chacko that Ammu and the twins are instead the real cause of the death of Sophie.Chacko got so mad at Ammu and sends her and her twins away from their house. Ammu sent Estha to her Tea Estate Manager father and Rahel stayed with her. Ammu eventually dies in poverty. Rahel as a grown up adult goes to the get together States and gets married. When she likewise ended up in divorce she returns to Ayamman and she gets reunited with Estha. The idol of puny Things is glaringly expose the magnanimous possibilities of abuse and corruption of children. There are things that adults sometime take for granted that leaves an indelible mark on children.Indeed as the story is a first person narration from the young look of Rahel, one of the twins the events and the reaction of the twins are truly palpable. What they went f inished how one lie leads to another lie until everything that is happening to them becomes a perceived truth i. e. , all because of the consistency of lies. And considering that the only thing the twins were hoping for is the base hit of their mother that they can eventually be safe with her and enjoy her love and that they can work towards a bright future.In one simple truth of a story to be twisted and turned and aggravated without them crafty why, they all of a sudden saw the bleakness and the defeat of all possibilities in their lives. Dwelling so laboriously on human nature, The God of Small Things illustrate the basic need of love and respect and the commit for basic happiness. Yet, the simplicity of such seemingly small things can be brutally ruined by malice and manipulations. Foe and The God of Small Things are definitely about struggles.The common thread that the two stories component part is about the challenges and tests of time that Susan Barton and even Friday (as a slave being traded) and the twins Rahel and Estha encountered in their lives. Both stories excruciatingly illustrate the desire of the characters to survive. To win over their challenging circumstances which in the first place, especially in the look of the children are so undefinable and unexplainable as to why they were happening. The difference becomes distant because the approach and the effect of the struggles of Susan and Friday who are already in their adult age, becomes manageable.As Susan encounters the twist on her opportunity to have her memoir written, could figure a way out to achieve her goal. On the other hand in the case of the twins in The God of Small Things, they encountered their most unholy circumstances at such tender age of innocence. Everything that transpired let only scattered them. Unknowingly and beyond their comprehensive and control, the twins were surrounded by utter Dysfunction a country and a government struggling amidst democracy and comm unism abusive and violent elders immoral relationships among levels of society due process of law that can be corrupted.Therefore, the glaring difference surrounded by the struggles of Susan and the twins is the very profound, palpable and heartwrenching sadness that the experience of the twins went through. The God of Small Things is a very sad story that can even linger with the reader for sometime. There is always the tendency to deeply see with the struggles of children. However, both Foe and Small things are stories that bear very profound and strong lessons on humanism and sensitivity towards the truth. Part of winning or being victorious about any struggle is to achieve the truth.When Susan was deterred from having her true story told because Foe could not help her, she still stays inviolable and determined to find a way for her truth to be told. The extreme dire case of the twins kept them at bay with their truth. The twins do not even eventually get to conclude and insu re what the truth is. It can therefore be gleaned that stories are not just events and words. Choosing the right words to be said at the right time contribute to the betterment of narration and eventually the achievement of truth.Stories are likewise characters of conviction. It is the ability to tell the story with dignity, with strength, with determination. The composite feature of the story is how the story teller, the narrator, the writer would stand by with all his strength and all his trust about the story. The role of language therefore rests on the structure of words that befit the sentiment of the story should be put to its proper place. between Foe and The God of Small Things, the determination for the stories of the characters to be told is firm and powerful.

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