Thursday, January 31, 2019

A Cry In The Night :: essays research papers

BOOK TALKMary Higgins Clark-     A let out In The NightFirst impressions of book-     I wish I was jenny ass at the beginningKo     She had the perfect boyfriend.o     It described him as good looking, kind, and very gentlemen handle.o     He would find out her to fancy restaurants.-     The beginning of the book was pleasant and made me wonder what was premature because it seemed so perfect.Plot-     Summary-     It foreshadowed a little bit. o     Erichs mother was an artist that painted. Erich was a painter also. Erich put his name on her work and got credit for it.- I was able to follow along easy in this book.Predictions -     Right predictionso     Something has to be improper with Erich, hes too perfect.o     I was right because he w as killing people.-      vituperate predictions o     Jenny was hallucinating.o     I was wrong because it was really happening.Relating to textbook -     Self o      Jenny was pregnant. Im pregnant. She got involved with the wrong guy. And well I got involved with the wrong guy also.o     Jenny and Erich lived in a small town. I live in a small town. Gossip was always going around Stratton is just like that.-     World o     Erich put his name on someone elses work. People today do it all the time. -     Text o      heaps of murders happen in Marys books. o     Also at that place are movies that are sort of like it. Secret Window.Figurative spoken language-     incarnationo     Wind whispered through the trees, stirring the cutting branches into the restless movement.X     Wind was given the human-like characteristic of whispering.-     Metaphorical Personificationo     That red is perfect against your hair. Dark could on scarlet. Like fateful secrets in a scarlet women.X     Red was given a human-like characteristic with a comparison.

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