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Example of Business Report Essay

Executive SummaryThe intent of this report was to investigate a pupil club at a clannish university in Jakarta, which is c exclusivelyed BNEC (Bina Nusantara incline Club) at BINUS University. BNEC is a non-profit incline arranging for undergraduate educatees of some(prenominal) major studying at BINUS University. Its important dissolve is to develop its members position skills by providing TOEFL, Debate, Scrabble, recite Bee, Public Speaking, and Performing classes. BNEC has actively participated in various theme and world-wide competitions. The strengths of this organization can be seen from many national and international achievements that this unit of measurement has achieved. The important reason for its success was due to its good leading sustainability, which allowed the changing leaders and committees of the unit always manage to accomplish the erect targets and goals.Moreover, its tight selection process for the newly members has resulted in highly skilled English participants, readily supporting the arranged activities. Lastly, the high-quality tuition programs for sale have contributed to a austere and intensive practice of using English for public performances. However, the unit has some beas for improvement. For example, the communion styles amid supervisors and subordinates were sometimes problematic, as all participants underwent the learning process of police squadwork communication.The unit has as well developed a certain compass point of arrogance and pride, which even widened the gap between the unit with other lower proficient students studying in the university, and thus growing and strengthening its exclusivity. afterwards taking both(prenominal) strengths and weaknesses into pictureation, it is recommended that BNEC should begin to develop more brotherly programs, carefully designed to help their curse students outside their organization in the university, or even to other marginal members of the purchase order living near the university, to improve their English proficiency and establish BINUS University and its surrounding areas as the English as a entropy Language (ESL) area.1. Introduction1.1 PurposeThe purpose of this report was to investigate a student club at BINUS University, namely BNEC (Bina Nusantara English Club), and recommend a suitable upshot to its problems and some suggestions for its future study.1.2 ScopeWhen look into BNEC, it was important to consider its current conditions in frontiers of its organizational structure, management/leadership style, materials development, marketing/ promotional material, programs and training.1.3 MethodThe information utilize in this report was collected by having some inter envisions with personnel in BNEC, including the chairman, secretary, treasurer, promotion team, program coordinators, and some members.1.4 LimitationsPICs and members were sometimes problematical to meetImportant information is tall(prenominal ) to collect.1.5 AssumptionsIt has been fictitious that BNEC has not be effective and efficient in rail the organization. As the members actively participate in its programs and activities, it has been assumed that the implementation of its training programs shows flyspeck contribution to improving their proficiency levels. As most BNEC programs have generated many awards and prizes, it is assumed that there are still programs that do not result in strong achievements.1.6 BackgroundBNEC was established in 1992. It is the totally English-based student unit at BINUS University. Its main purpose is to develop the members English skill by providing TOEFL, Debates, Scrabble, Spelling Bee, Public Speaking, and Performing classes. BNEC overly actively participates in a variety of national and international competitions. It has achieved many achievements. Besides these, it is also widely acknowledged for its event organizing. BNEC was awarded The vanquish Student Organization in 201 0, 2011, and 2012 by BINUS University.2. Findings2.1 StrengthsStrong communication channels among membersA variety of programs offeredActive and supporting team members.2.2 WeaknessesLess involved in CSR (Corporate affectionate Responsibility) programs Focused only on cardinal main headquarters, no branchesLimited resources for programs development.3. Discussions3.1 (Organization Structure) this is just an example Generally, BNEC consists of three capacious departments, which are Information and Development, result and Achievement, and Marketing and Communication. Each department has its own unit. In total, BNEC has 12 units, which are managed by the Board of Management. In the designers perspectives, the way the organization is structure brings out some problems. For example, ..3.2(Management and Leadership Style) completely Board Management at BNEC are carefully selected, and each of them plays an important part in running the organization. .3.3 (Resource Development).3. 4 (Marketing and Promotion).3.5 (Programs and Training)4. ConclusionAfter investigating BNEC, it was found that .It is important to consider the long term benefits to the organization when considering which programs or events were best conducted. . The management style had to be easily adaptable for new opportunities such as . .5. Recommendations and ImplementationThe findings and conclusion in this report support the following recommendationsThe poster of management conveys to adapt to Programs need to be developed based on ..Members must have email or online access on their electronic gadgets to enable them to be in contact with the organization at all times each(prenominal) marketing and promotion team should do price and ongoing service agreements with external parties To reduce the organization long term expensesThe organization could investigate the viability of ..Training programs available for members should have the maximum duration of 1.5 months (6 weeks)6. Reference shttp//

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