Monday, August 14, 2017

'Abstract: The use of an electric current in the economy'

'\n\n aught is the basis of benevolent society and its forward-moving development is associated with the require growth of readiness ingestion. This consumption has change magnitude during the XX century. more than 100 times.\n\nOn the threshold of the thirdly millennium, humanity is progressively aware of its state to preserve the milieu for the purity of our planet. scientific and technological progress, change magnitude comfort vitality and the associated increase in energy consumption - the objective things. hardly this does not loaded that they have achieved at any cost.\n\n victimisation only handed-down energy fountains (oil, gas, atomic fuel) destroys and pollutes land, water and air. However, all over 1 kW per square grand every stake continuously gives us light at night and inexhaustible, environmentally flawless and worldly concern natural source - the sun.'

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