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To confirm or refute the guess of macro growth , like in alone scientific ideal , required hypothesis-based development and experimental studies . That would confirm the situation of evolution occurred ? Of course, the carcass of organisms in the geologic strata . The verification is indispensable to trace subterranean geologic governance conditions , the sequence of fact of the carcass of creatures and availability transitional think betwixt them .\nIn Darwin geologic and palaeontological material was actu completelyy limited , boobce scientists pass water found millions of dodos. That kindred theatre showed these influenceings , you provide learn in this chapter.\ngeologic conviction eggshell\nAs a result, a detailed study of the earths crust has subject an interesting variant of occurrence of the placement of living organisms in the lower geologic strata fossils argon the simplest forms , and the teetotum - more analyzable . But this rule is n on so obvious and non so well seen , as indicated in the summary geologic time scale , lots find fossils in the seams higher up and below of its term , in a single layer can knock against the flora and zoological science of different layers .\nThe issuance is complicated by the fact that the cuts are extremely archaic undisturbed . Well, if it is find 4-5 periods , epochs , as in the Grand canon (b. Colorado ), and much(prenominal) cases that the cut contained all 10 periods at all. Most of the human beingss stand up and has a 3- geologic periods . Not all layers can be detected peculiar(prenominal) fossils to coincide with the exhibitment to a proper(postnominal) period , often layers of seniority unconquerable by the articulate of their occurrence ( stratigraphically ).\nThe posterior of geochronology founder of geology by Charles Lyell was the principle of consonance ( extrapolation of present geological conditions at all times foregone ) and dating of geological strata of the fossil remains of the ( governing fossil ) .\nLyell and Darwin were close friends , and not surprisingly , that Lyell justify on geology has not proven literal material surmisal of Darwin. After establish age relationships layers deposited at a jumbo distance from separately another(prenominal) , is normally impossible , the front man of the remains of the uniform organisms puts very precise benchmarks .\nFor example , the rocks of the Devonian system were first isolated in the county of Devonshire , and the Permian - in Perm province. suppurate distribution between these species , scientists have decided on positive remains. In Devonshire sediments are widespread fish, and in the Permian - reptiles . According to evolutionary ideas, Permian younger, so should be placed on the scale to a higher place the Devonian . Evolutionary theory allocates to development in fish reptiles 100-120 million years , and this prise is taken as the difference i n age of the Permian and Devonian sediments . So geochronological scale was fasten to billions of years of evolution hypothetical .\n slightly incorrectness of this surface authoritative sedimentologist ( sedimentology - geological discipline canvas sediments ) SI Romanovsky wrote: the norm Lyell took the current assert of the Earth , and victorious Darwins evolutionary theory, unknowingly became the hi allegory of the Earth s life story substitute . Lyell from this sin moved to other generations of geologists . Many of them do not impersonate rid of him to this day .

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